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					FHS Girls Volleyball Summer Conditioning Program - "3-2-1 Squared"
Guidelines Dynamic Warm up
2 minute Dynamic Warm-up Perform each exercise for 8 count -Jog in place (or not) with arm crosses -Skipping Cherry Picker -Windmills -Trunk Twist -Hip Rolls -Knee Rolls -Lateral Shuffle with Bent Over Arm Swing -Walking Lunge to reverse toe touch to knee pull -Lateral shift lounge -Figure 4 sit walks

Cool Down
Take as much time as you would like to cool down. Perform each stretch for a minimum of 8 seconds -Sitting straddle, touch left toe, right toe, middle -Stay in straddle, pull arm across chest -Pull elbow back above , stretch tricep -Arms behind back, lock fingers, pull arms out, repeat with palms out -Lateral lunge, leg straight, elbows and chest to the ground -Back roll -Quad Pull

Everyday Train hard give 100% effort every time you strength train!

-At a minimum workout 3 days a week, for maximum results 5-6 days a week -Always use the correct form. -Dumbbells are required for all circuits and a mat if you are on a hard floor. -This is an intense 18 minute workout. Keep your rest intervals to a minimum to elicit an overall conditioning effect -Complete all 3x the strength, then 2x the cardio, then 1x the core, in Circuit 1, then repeat for Circuit 2 and Circuit 3 -Increase the weight once the desired reps have been achieved to ensure progression. -Maintain excercise times of 30 secs each Exercise Push Ups Dumbbell Squat to Overhead Press Knee Tucks Compass Jumps Reverse Crunch Side Touch

Weeks 1,4,7 Circuit 1 Quantity
Strength (3x Each) Cardio/Plyo (2x Each) Core (1x Each)

Circuit 2
Quantity Exercise Chest Fly Lateral Lunge with Ant Raise Mountain Climbers Jump Rope (don't actually need rope) Cobra - 3 sec hold Alternating V Up - 3 sec hold

Circuit 3
Quantity Exercise Split Lunge with Bent over 2 arm Row 1 leg squat with Iso Overhead Squat Punches Jumping Jacks Bicycle with Full Extension Hold

Weeks 2,5,8 Circuit 1
Quantity Strength (3x Each) Cardio/Plyo (2x Each) Core (1x Each)

Circuit 2
Exercise Reverse Push Up Squat with Shoulder Press Knee Slammers Lateral Line Jumps Crunch Bent Knee Tuck Exercise Dumbbell Clean High Pull Split Lunge Iso with Reverse Fly Squat Jumps Mountain Climbers Cross Over Crunch (elbow to knee) Straight Leg Toe Touch Quantity Exercise Dumbbell Bench Press Wall Squat with Side Lateral Raise Burpees Jumping Jacks Oblique Leg Lift Crunch

Circuit 3
Quantity Exercise Toe out squat with Bicep curl Lunge with Back Leg Raise Butt Kicks Split Jumps Leg Circles

Weeks 3,6,9 Circuit 1
Quantity Strength (3x Each) Cardio/Plyo (2x Each) Core (1x Each)

Circuit 2
Quantity Exercise Dumbbell Tricep Press Push Up with Dumbell Row Punch and Kick Alternate Jump Rope (don't actually need rope) Reverse Crunch Scissors Kicks Dumbbell Sitting Rotations

Circuit 3
Quantity Exercise Plank with Alternating Leg Lift Reverse Lunge with Bicep Curl-Press Lateral Line Hops (band optional) Jumping Jacks Side Bridge

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