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									                                                                                        Arizona Health Care Association
                                                                                             Friday, June 22, 2007                                                                       Approved 09/21/2007
Present:   Michelle Donahue, President; Cindy Leach, Assisted Living VP; George Jacobson, Independent Owner VP; Janet Laswell, Business Affiliate Representative; Todd Corless, Multi-Facility VP;
           Paul Friedlan, Secretary/Treasurer; Michael Oliver, Maricopa County VP; Mike Morris, First VP; John Ford, Board Appointed Representative; Kathleen Collins Pagels, Executive Director
Absent: Robert Frechette, Immediate Past President; Dr. Luis Gonzales, Medical Director Representative; Kathie Langford, Rural VP; Ellen Cote, Pima County VP;
Guests:    Julie Allen, Director of Client Services of JacksonWhite; Karla Averill AHCA Director of Assisted Living & Business Development
             Agenda Item                                                                      Discussion                                                                  Action                          Attachments
Establish Quorum                                                                                                                                      Quorum Established                           # 1 – Sign In Sheet
Call to Order                                                                                                                                         President Michelle Donahue called the
                                                                                                                                                      meeting to order at 9:15am.
Approval of Agenda                                                                                                                                    Friedlan moved, Morris seconded to approve   # 2 – 06/22/07 Agenda
                                                                                                                                                      the agenda. Motion carried.
Approval of Minutes                                                                                                                                   Friedlan moved, Morris seconded to approve   # 3 – 04/20/07 Minutes
                                                                                                                                                      the 04/20/07 minutes. Motion carried.
Introduction of New AHCA Staff              Michelle introduced Karla Averill who is the new Director of Assisted Living and Business Development
                                            for AHCA; Karla presented her background and experience to the board and spoke of her expectations for
                                            her future at AHCA.
Action Item                                                                                                                                           The following membership applications were
                                                                                                                                                      Lancaster Pollard – BA
                                                                                                                                                      Bryan Vincent Assoc Inc – BA
                                                                                                                                                      Synertx – BA
                                                                                                                                                      Renaud Cook Drury - BA
Officers/Committee Reports
                        Robert Frechette Absent – Kathleen reported that at the recent public policy committee meeting several issues were
Immediate Past President / Nominating discussed, including future legislative initiatives and the gap between Medicaid, state funding and cost per
                         / Public Policy patient day. The committee also discussed the new DHS on-line posting of deficiencies. Currently plans of
                                            correction are not listed on line. Kathleen has been meeting with DHS requesting that POC’s be posted on-
                                            line. She has also been meeting with DHS on behavioral issues, pharmacy issues, and regulatory issues.
                         Michael Morris Mike reported on his participation in the AHCA National Congressional Briefing in Washington DC
                 First VP/ Ad Hoc GPO which was held in May. He and two other AHCA representatives visited several Arizona representatives
                                            and all felt it was an extremely valuable experience. The AHCA contingency invited Arizona
                                            representatives to work a shift in a long term care facility in AZ. He encouraged the board to attend in

                                        Mike updated the board on the group purchasing meeting which was held just prior to the board meeting.
                                        The committee reviewed RFP’s that were submitted and met with four companies after the review. At this
                                        point there are some viable options for moving forward with a group purchasing program. An AHCA
                                        Service Corp board meeting will be scheduled to further discuss options.
                        Paul Friedlan   Paul presented the financial reports for the period ending May 31, 2007. Presently expectations for new                                                   # 4 – Financial Reports
       Secretary-Treasurer / Budget &   SNF members have exceeded budget requirements and progress is being made on increasing AL
                 Finance / Foundation   members. Mike Oliver asked if there were any SNF’s multi-facility owners, where only one of the
                                        facilities is a member. The response was no. In discussing the financial report, Paul noted that cash flow
                                        projections for the year should not require using investment funds.

                                        Change for Change banks – Paul noted that the Foundation received more than 30 scholarship
                                        applications. He asked each board member to take banks back to facilities as a fundraising tool for the
                                        Foundation. Additionally, a letter will be sent to all facilities asking them to raise $250 each for the
                                        Foundation. Discussion followed.

                                        Paul reported that he has been trying to set up meetings with program contractors as was requested by
                                        AHCCCS. To date he has not successful and asked the board if they are experiencing similar problems.
                                        Discussion followed
                          John Ford     John Ford reported on the issue of orange DNR forms for EMS providers. John and representatives from
                Board Appointed Rep     JacksonWhite will be presenting in-service programs in facilities on DNR regulations. He will also attend
                                        the next AHCA AL constituency meeting and present information on the regulation. Discussion followed.
                       Michael Oliver   Mike reported that Mercy Care Plan had scheduled three meetings on their new billing system that were                                                     # 5 – Bylaw Committee
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                                                                                   Arizona Health Care Association
                                                                                        Friday, June 22, 2007                                    Approved 09/21/2007
 Maricopa County VP / Bylaws        subsequently cancelled. George Jacobson asked if anyone had information on physicians in facilities               minutes and proposed
                                    being denied payment for services. Lengthy discussion followed.                                                   bylaw changes.

                                    Mike reported that the bylaws committee has met and reviewed the current bylaws. A copy of the current
                                    bylaws with revision mark-up, a copy of the proposed bylaws with the revisions incorporated, and a copy
                                    of the minutes were included in the board packets. The committee has completed it’s initial review of the
                                    bylaws, and will also be developing a policy manual for the Association, which will be used in conjunction
                                    with the bylaws for the day to day operations of the Association. Mike asked the board for their feedback.
                                    The committee will review the proposed bylaws for consistency, make sure that all issues recommended
                                    by Gust Rosenfeld have been addressed, and confirm that the Articles of Incorporation and bylaws are not
                                    in conflict. Once that process is completed, another review of the proposed bylaws will be done by Gust
                                    Rosenfeld. The proposed timeline is early 2008 for presentation to the board, first reading at the 2008
                                    AHCA Spring Conference, and a second reading at 2008 Annual Conference. Lengthy discussion
               Kathie Langford      Absent
 Rural County VP / Convention-

                    Janet Laswell   Janet introduced Julie Allen who will be replacing Janet at JacksonWhite. Julie will serve in her place on
Business Affiliate Representative   the Convention/Education Committee and the Foundation. She has a strong background in marketing and
                                    public relations. Janet will be moving to New Mexico at the end of July. Grand Canyon University is
                                    interested in pursuing a sponsorship program with the AHCA Foundation. She will be meeting with their
                                    representative to discuss future sponsorship. Todd Corless was contacted last week by small nursing
                                    college who may be interested in working with the Association. John Linda & Janet met with an events
                                    firm who will assist in making events more dynamic. The BA luncheon will be held on July 17, 2007 at
                                    Chevy’s on Camelback. AHCA board members are encouraged to attend.
                   Todd Corless     Todd discussed on-going survey problems in Pima county which include being put on bed hold for non
   Multi-Facility Representative    medical issues. Buildings in substantial compliance are still being put on bed hold by Pima county.
                                    Discussion followed.
             Dr. Luis Gonzalez      Absent
Medical Director Representative
              George Jacobson       George asked for an update on pharmacy issues. At this point the Association is still collecting data and
        Independent Owner VP        compiling it. Facilities are spending large sums of money to ensure that they have meds on hand for
                                    residents. Michelle reported that discussion was held at the Public Policy committee meeting and the issue
                                    is high on AHCA’s priority list. The survey data should provide concise information on the problems.
                                    AHCA members are encouraged to include wording in PC contract regarding their financial responsibility
                                    for funds paid for pharmacy. Discussion followed.
                  Cindy Leach       Cindy reported that the Regulatory/Quality committee had met. She has received comments on the
 Assisted Living VP / Quality &     newspaper articles on nursing homes and assisted living centers and asked if the Association would be
                    Regulatory      responding to the articles. Kathleen noted that public feedback has been minimal.

                                    There will be an AL constituency meeting on June 29.

                                    An NCAL leadership meeting was held in June. There was a review of the first draft of dementia
                                    guidelines which will be sent from NCAL in the fall. The Department of Labor is drafting LTC guidelines
                                    which are anticipated to be available in the fall.
                      Ellen Cote    Absent
                Pima County VP
              Michelle Donahue      Michelle was in Little Rock, Arkansas for the NCAL Board of Directors meeting and announced that she
         President / Membership     will run again to serve on the NCAL board. NCAL is considering producing benchmarking data for quality
                                    of care at AL facilities. My InnerView is currently being utilized by AHCA National but the NCAL board
                                    voted against such a partnership.
         Kathleen Collins Pagels    Kathleen is pleased that Karla has joined the AHCA staff and is looking forward to a great working
             Executive Director     relationship. The office lease is still in limbo. There are problems with the landlord complying with some
                                    of new lease terms. The Association is on month to month lease. The Advancing Excellence Campaign is

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                                                                   Arizona Health Care Association
                                                                        Friday, June 22, 2007                                                                                Approved 09/21/2007
                   progressing well with 50 out of the 65 facilities AHCA members. Residents First has been very involved
                   in encouraging facilities to join. The Association will be offering an “E” series training program to be held
                   at the AHCA offices, and will be researching more AL educational programs. More sponsorship for the
                   Annual Conference is need and each board member was encouraged to secure $500 in sponsorship. A new
                   AHCA member directory is being planned. There are two AzMDA dinner programs in July. Board
                   members were encouraged to send their medical directors.
Strategic Plan     None
Discussion Items   None
Information Item   None
Old Business       None
New Business       None
Adjournment        There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 11:30 am
                   The next board meeting will be held on July 20, 2007 at the AHCA office.                                        Respectfully submitted by Paul Friedlan

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