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    Industry Intelligence, Insight, and Info
                                                                             PR E MI ER E      R E P OR T:   V OL   1

Industry Intelligence, Insight, and Info

              MusicMoguls Mid
              90’s – Early 2000’s
THE GRAY MATTER II3 REPORT: Industry Intelligence, Insight, and Info - Quarterly - Sept 2009
                                                                                PR E MI ER E    R E P OR T:   V OL   1


            B A D - B OY | R OC - A - F E L L A | N O - L IM I T | C A S H M ON E Y | M U R D A , I N C .

         Music Moguls: Mid 90’s – Early 2000’s

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Call or email us to request copies of The Gray Matter II3 REPORT or to receive a quote for a
customized report created specifically for your corporate, entertainment, business, or community
organization’s needs.

 THE GRAY MATTER II3 REPORT: Industry Intelligence, Insight, and Info - Quarterly - Sept 2009
                                                                            PR E MI ER E   R E P OR T:   V OL   1

The TTV Entertainment Group (TTVEG) is an extension of Through The Vine and consists of the
following and ever-expanding family of firms: The Whole 9 Entertainment, Prospect Hill Productions,
Alex English Entertainment, Glass House Communications, and UnSung Diva! Productions, to name a
few. TTVEG is also home to Gritty Minded Records and other independent labels, production companies,
artist development and management, branded entertainment marketing and promotions, public and media
relations, event planning and production and event services and private security entities.

Our principals are industry experts and pioneers with over 60 years collective experience. We’re ava ilable
to work with your label executives, A&R, artists, promoters, tour management and support staff and other
individuals with a vested interest in the success of your existing and/or next project. Entertainment Project
Development and Consulting is what we do best! From conception, planning, production, implementation
to final execution and evaluation, our service is second to none!

 THE GRAY MATTER II3 REPORT: Industry Intelligence, Insight, and Info - Quarterly - Sept 2009
                                                                           PR E MI ER E   R E P OR T:   V OL   1

Table of Contents

Forward by: Etienne L. Carter         ii and iii

History & Background Check

by: Aubrey T. Gray                    iv and v

Gray Matter II3 Report Key                   vi


ARTICLE 1: The Music Moguls                   1

Bad-Boy, Roca-Fella, No-Limit,

Cash Money, Murda, Inc.                       2

The Illest Music Moguls of the 90’s           2

Background Check Section 2                    3

Industry & Branded Entertainment

Integrated Partnership

Through The Vine (TTV):

Letter From The Chairman & Founder            4


Music Industry Statistics: Various Sources:

Wikipedia                         Appendix A

RIAA Year-End

Shipping Statistics (’96 – ’06)   Appendix B

Billboard 2002:

Top 25 Hot Rap Singles            Appendix C

Billboard 2004:

Top 25 Hot Rap Singles            Appendix D

Billboard 2006:

Top 25 Hot Rap Songs              Appendix E

 THE GRAY MATTER II3 REPORT: Industry Intelligence, Insight, and Info - Sept 2009
                                                                          PR E MI ER E   R E P OR T:   V OL   1


By: Etienne L. Carter

                 ’m Etienne L. Carter, Chairman & Founder/CEO of Through The Vine

            I    (TTV) and the TTV Entertainment Group – TTV is
                 ―The Industry’s Premiere Emerging Artist Network‖ helping talent from
            every segment of the business to create relationships to take their careers to the
            next level. I’m counted as the pioneer of the ―Performance Network‖ and
            creating the right exposure opportunities. I’m a seasoned veteran within the music
            and entertainment industry with over 20 years experience as a singer / songwriter
            / producer / manager / businessman / entrepreneur / educator / consultant. I also
            have ten years experience in the areas of international press, media and public
            relations, which gives me the unique qualification to hold the position as Editor &
            Chief and Co-CEO of The Gray Matter II3 REPORT.

            T    o understand the Gray Matter II3 Report, one must first know a little about
                 the Founder and Co-CEO, Aubrey ―Alex English‖ Gray. His perspective is
            founded on extensive research in the business of music and entertainment, its
            trends, its movers-n-shakers and its ups-n-downs. He is a true student of the game
            as his personal experiences cover a wide spectrum of disciplines within the
            industry: artist, writer, producer, management, project development and
            consulting, to name but a few. Also regarded as a sports aficionado, he can tell
            you the hometown, high school, college recruitment and draft eligibility of any
            player that is worth their salt. It is a distinct honor to work alongside an individual
            who takes pride in everything that he does. He can be described as someone
            whose passion about the business of music and entertainment is only equaled by
            his quest for knowledge.

            T     his affinity comes from a family legacy rooted in business, entrepreneurship,
                  teaching and education. His grandfather Gilbert ―Gil‖ Gray, from Tatum,
            Texas, moved his family to California as the first African American family to
            settle in Santa Rosa. As a respected Civil Rights pioneer and leader in the
            community, he established the first Black Church as well as the NAACP.

THE GRAY MATTER II3 REPORT: Industry Intelligence, Insight, and Info - Sept 2009
                                                                           PR E MI ER E   R E P OR T:   V OL   1

Forward continued…

                     he young Gray speaks in reverence of his grandfather’s pioneering spirit

             T       as the driving force behind his own endeavors. His mother, Harriet Gray,
                     now a middle school principal, has spent 35 years working with students
             in the Santa Rosa City Schools as an English teacher. Also after 38 years in the
             school district, as a History teacher, a basketball and a tennis coach, his father,
             Aubrey Gray, just recently retired. His uncle Jim Gray is a retired Santa Rosa
             Junior College and Sonoma State University professor in the field of
             Anthropology. In fact, ―Uncle Jim‖ is the first person that I worked with in the
             Gray family over 10 years ago during ―The Dot.Com Era.‖ It was Jim’s influence,
             coupled with an extensive background in the accounting and consulting industry
             that reshaped the way I do business. He is the reason why I’m counted as a close
             business colleague and friend of the family.

                ’ve worked with Aubrey for close to six years now and never has a day gone by
             I  where we’re not pushing one another to reach the ―Apex of Excellence‖ in our
             business, professional, and personal lives. He is counted as a younger brother, a
             respected colleague, and a true Best Friend.

             E   xperience first hand, the commitment that goes into the countless hours of
                 research that it takes to bring you the definitive Industry Intelligence, Insight,
             and Info contained within the pages of each issue of The Gray Matter II3
             REPORT. Feel the fire that burns within the soul of the man behind it all.

 THE GRAY MATTER II3 REPORT: Industry Intelligence, Insight, and Info - Sept 2009
                                                                            PR E MI ER E   R E P OR T:   V OL   1

History & Background Check

By: Aubrey T. Gray

                       ver the last 30 plus years urban music/ hip-hop influence has driven popular
                       culture in America. The ever-changing landscape of the music industry has
                       evolved from major label driven business to an independent artist/label
             controlling his or her music, career and publishing. After the urban market exploded in
             the late 90’s/early 2000’s with labels such as Death Row, Bad Boy, Roca-Fella, Ruff
             Riders, No Limit and Murder Inc, sales of albums have come to a screeching halt.
             Why? Were the successful labels run by Suge Knight, Irv Gotti, Sean Combs, Master
             P and Damon Dash not looking towards any of the various future changes that online
             file-sharing and digital sales on the Internet (including the advent of Digital Rights
             Management: DRM) that would completely transform the music industry? Was it the
             level of success from the music they were producing and the brash bravado that it
             could never be slowed, stopped or silenced? All these topics and mystery questions
             about the industry will be explored within.

             Ten years later we can see the changes in the industry pertaining to developing talent,
             regional/national radio support, marketing dollars allotted to specific projects, touring
             and co-branding strategies. Since the early eighties writer, producer, MC and
             President of TTVEG, Aubrey "Alex English‖ Gray understood the magnitude and
             social significance of the culture and music of which was not expected to last well into
             the 21st century. In the fashion of historical music executives Andre Harrell, Steve
             Stoute and Sean Combs, comes:

             The Gray Matter II3 REPORT: Industry Intelligence, Insight, and Info (The A&R's
             Guide Inside Today's Urban/Hip-Hop Music Industry), published quarterly by TTV
             Entertainment Media.

 THE GRAY MATTER II3 REPORT: Industry Intelligence, Insight, and Info - Sept 2009
                                                                            PR E MI ER E    R E P OR T:   V OL   1



             19    88 - developed as writer, producer, DJ and MC. Mentored by the only urban artist
                   from Marin/Santa Rosa to receive a gold record Ray Luv (Priority) of Strictly
             Dope. Ray Luv's partner Tupac was influential yet unknown at the time eventually the
             group would sign with Shock-G and Digital Underground in 1991. Musical selections
             from the times include: Kwame, NWA, Kool G Rap, Curtis Mayfield, Ron Isley, Big
             Daddy Kane, Rakim, Ice-T, Falco, LL cool J, Public Enemy and Ice Cube.

             19     94 - As a high school-er began recording mix tapes and producing original music.
                    Mentored by Grady Wilkins of the Whispers in studio sessions in San Francisco.
             Wilkins was recording live instrumentation and vocals for various projects. Wilkins
             prowess set a bar for Gray to mimic an example of a true music man never
             compromising ethic or integrity in regards to musical production. Musical selections from
             the times include: NAS, Naughty By Nature, B.I.G., UNLV, Wu-Tang, Snoop Dogg,
             DR. Dre, Mac Dre, BBD, Bill Withers, Commodores and James Brown.

             19     98 - Entering college to play basketball at Dominican University, (San Rafael, CA),
                    Gray continued creating mixtapes of major artists under the name "Conclusion,"
             developed independent production company: Prospect Hill Productions IE, Neptunes,
             Cool and Dre and the Runners, with business partner Jordan "J-Prospect" Cross to
             produce original music and shop artists for major label/production deals. While in
             college, Gray managed the rap/urban sections at Warehouse Music in Corte Madera, CA.
             Music Buyer Wendy Day frequently visited the store location and discussed sales
             strategies for her artists. These discussions with Wendy Day gave Gray a true
             understanding of how industry actually worked in regards to radio/in-store promo,
             merchandising, touring, BDS and Sound Scan. Musical selections from the times include:
             DMX, Jay-Z, AZ, 50 Cent, Puff, E-40, UGK, LOX, 112, Made Men, The Hot Boyz, Big
             Tymers, Mariah Carey, Brandy, Dru Hill (continued on page 3).

 THE GRAY MATTER II3 REPORT: Industry Intelligence, Insight, and Info - Sept 2009
                                                                                                      PR E MI ER E          R E P OR T:           V OL   1

Gray Matter II3 Report Key
                                                GR A Y      MA TT ER         I I 3   R E P O R T

                                                                      K EY

    Insider Information: The Music Moguls; The Numbers Speak Volumes (See Appendices)
    Did You Know: Through The Vine (TTV) – “The Industry’s Premiere Emerging Artist Network” is the first…??? (See Page 4: Letter from … )
    Contributors: Aubrey T. Gray A.K.A. “Alex English” and Etienne L. Carter A.K.A. “EnLightened Child”
    Industry Partners: TTV Entertainment Group; Prospect Hill Productions; The Whole 9 Entertainment; Alex English Entertainment; Glass House
      Communications; Fashion On The Square; On The Spot; V & G Event Services


THE GRAY MATTER II3 REPORT: Industry Intelligence, Insight, and Info - Sept 2009
                                                                              PR E MI ER E    R E P OR T:   V OL   1

                                                  Article 1

The Music Moguls

By: Aubrey T. Gray


             As we entered 1996, a large number of labels, major and indep endent began to see
             the viability of investing in hip-hop artists and culture. Labels such as Bad Boy,
             Cash Money, and No Limit displayed endless talent who all seemed to understand
             their own qualities in respect to music, marketing and promoting/releasing
             projects. Either that or the direction from Sean Combs, Brian Williams and
             Master P was just that good. These music moguls drove the industry from 95-06',
             understanding not only the principle of what makes a hit record but also how to
             market and package that record for consumption. Currently Bad Boys, Sean
             Combs and Cash Money's Brian "Baby" Williams are actively pushing records to
             market. Although not with the ferocity of the late 90's, these labels have
             foundational artists, some of which who can compete in the market.

             Conversely, Damon Dash, Master P, and Irv Gotti have drastically withdrawn from the
             music industry. All of these labels have gone through a significant amount of change but
             no one could anticipate these huge larger than life labels being extinct. In today's digital
             music industry, the advent of the distribution deal has basically vanished into thin air.
             Today, you only need digital distribution to reach a major demographic. Major labels
             aren’t willing to invest that much money up front (i.e.: Cash Money signs with Universal
             for 60mil 1998). Majors also are reluctant to relinquish control of publishing and budgets
             to a company that doesn't have a good financial track record (mismanaged deals i.e.:
             Young Black Brutha - YBB). Today we see production or vanity label deals for artists and
             production teams that want major label support but don't necessarily run their own labels
             and business dealings like: Roc-A-Fella or Murda, INC did in the late 90's.

 THE GRAY MATTER II3 REPORT: Industry Intelligence, Insight, and Info - Sept 2009
                                                                              PR E MI ER E    R E P OR T:   V OL   1

             Today labels give the artist or producers support to attract other artist to their imprints,
             (AKON/KONVICT ENT/SRC/UNIVERSAL). If the major likes the artist, they can
             give them a budget or the artist imprint can shop that artist for distribution with another
             company (i.e.: RED CAFE/SHAKE DOWN/KONVICT ENT/BAD BOY). Today
             this is how artist can leverage relationships and receive tangible investment into their
             projects whether independent or major level. The more support and push from top
             executives/companies in the industry the better the overall reception/ anticipation the
             artist project will have at market. Music Moguls have not disappeared yet have had to
             evolve into more well-rounded businessmen. Today, Dame Dash, Irv Gotti, and Master
             P deal not only in music but TV, film, fashion, real estate, and security. Never again will
             we see the number of successful African American moguls in the hip-hop industry (96-
             04). I can guarantee that there will be more successful people to enter the music industry
             because of these maverick individuals and the music & knowledge they spread infinitely.

             THE ILLEST MUSIC MOGULS OF the 90's

                         Mark Pitts                                       Kevin Liles
                         Jay-Z                                            Suge Knight
                         Steve Stoute                                     Andre Harrell
                         Puffy                                            Russell Simmons
                         Irv Gotti                                        Chris Lighty
                         Swizz Beats                                      Benny Medina
                         Damon Dash                                       Dr. Dre
                         Master P                                         Quincy Jones
                         Dallas Austin                                    Ray Benzino
                         Rodney Jerkins                                   Rick Ruben
                         Slim (Cash Money)                                Clive Davis
                         Timbaland                                        Steve Rifkind
                         Missy Elliott                                    Lyor Cohen
                         Baby Face                                        Lou Pearlman
                         LA Reid                                          Sylvia Rhone

 THE GRAY MATTER II3 REPORT: Industry Intelligence, Insight, and Info - Sept 2009
                                                                           PR E MI ER E   R E P OR T:   V OL   1

BACKGROUND CHECK Section 2: History In Music continued…

             2  003/2004 - Produced and distributed independent mixtape entitled: "The
                Finals" (Prospect Hill Productions). The mixtape featured Prospect Hill artists:
             Tre Jones, J-Prospect and Conclusion. The critically acclaimed mixtape lead to
             working with promotional Manager, George Renfrow. Prospect Hill also
             preformed on various shows throughout the Bay Area and beyond. That same
             year, Gray received certification in the Music Industry from San Francisco State
             University CEL’s Music Recording Industry (MRI) Program. Now Gray
             possessed the knowledge of the business of the industry with classes focusing in
             law of music industry, publishing, marketing, studio production and distribution.
             Musical selections from the times include: Jadakiss, Cormega, Mobb Deep, Mario
             Winans, DJ Clue, Alicia Keys, India Ire, Fabolous, Camron, Littles, Keak DA
             Sneak, Messy Marv, Goapele

             2   005/2006 - After catching eye of Through The Vine (TTV) Chairman &
                 Founder/CEO Etienne Carter, with "The Finals" mixtape and the overall
             promotion of the project, Gray became appointed President of Through The Vine
             Entertainment Group (TTVEG). TTV, ―The Industry’s Premier Emerging Artist
             Network,‖ was expanding its reach as the 1 st Emerging Artist Network to do a
             national college tour with Coca-Cola partner sponsorship, which gave birth to
             Fashion On The Square (FOTS) on Union Square, SF and various artist
             showcases at the Collings West Sacramento Teen Center (HOT Urban Nights,
             The DMC DJ Competition and Artist Fest 2006). Gray would be in c harge of
             music supervision and artist relations for TTV at fashion and showcase events. At
             this time, Gray developed Alex English Entertainment to consult and develop
             artists that TTVEG was working with. These artists include: Young Bari, Thugzy,
             Tre Jones, Monotone of MLS. In '06, Gray released the first artist off of Prospect
             Hill Productions, ―Tre Jones‖ "Heart Problems" (Longevity/PHP/TTV). The
             overall project had its moments but it signified the end of the road for flag-ship
             artist Tre Jones, who left to pursue a career in the HYPHY sub-genre. Musical
             selections from the times include: Kayne West, Sean Paul, Dip Set, Maino,
             Gravey, Akon, Common, Red Café, Mistah FAB, Doey Rock, Jimmie Reign,
             Keyshia Cole, Rick Ross, Purple City

             2   007/2008 - As President of TTVEG, Gray pushed forth the third release, "The
                 Verdict" (Prospect Hill Productions/Alex English Ent/TTVEG) by Writing
             Team/Urban Variety Group: ―Supreme Court Justice.‖ Comprised of TTV CEO,
             Etienne "EnLightened Child" Carter, Jordan "J-Prospect" Cross, and Aubrey
             "Alex English" Gray. The project included: "Eye of The Storm" Directed by
             Gray, which details the lives of family members who lost everything in the storms
             of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans 2005. In beginning of '08, Gray opened his
             own branch of V & G Event Services, Sacramento and began working with 103.5
             DA Bomb, Sacramento to provide private security/event services. Provided
             services for events with: Game, Jadakiss, Frankie J, Common, E-40, Pretty Ricky
             and many others.

 THE GRAY MATTER II3 REPORT: Industry Intelligence, Insight, and Info - Sept 2009
                                                                                      PR E MI ER E      R E P OR T:     V OL   1



                          Through The Vine Network Research and Development
   For the past 10 years, Through The Vine (TTV) has been operating as a membership based interactive research and
   development portal for the entertainment industry and the emerg ing artist. It has done so under the premise of
   creating a network where providing access to relationships and exposure opportunities are foundational to the career
   success of talent. Across every segment of the industry: music, telev ision, film, radio, fashion, sports, literary arts,
   visual arts, etc., TTV has taken a pro-interactive approach to discovering the needs of this pool of talent.

    TTV has successfully produced the industry’s only Emerging Artist National College Campus Tour . The
   launch of the Tour happened on October 12, 2002 at UC Berkeley, the second stop was on April 25,2003 at USC in
   Los Angeles, Californ ia and our most recent stop was October 23, 2003 at SFSU’s McKenna Hall. Since then, we
   have been producing some of the industry’s hottest events including ―Hot Urban Nights Emerging Artist Showcase,‖
   ―Artist Fest 2006‖ and ―Fashion On The Square (FOTS)‖ – (The Largest Outdoor
   Runway Fashion Show on the West Coast: 2004 - 2009) to name a few.

   What makes the TTV network better than everyone else?” The answer is simple! Our d ifferentiator is that we
   take a pro-interactive approach to working with the artists in our network, effectively helping them to create the
   right industry relationships and exposure opportunities to take their careers to the next level! It’s all about
   relationshi ps and exposure opportuni ties and we g ot plenty of them!


   Our past successes, including the distinction as ―The Industry’s Premiere Emerging Art ist Network‖ and
   establishing ourselves as a respected International Press, Media and Public Relations outfit, sets us above the
   competition. Th rough a platform creat ion ―work the network‖ approach: network & relationship de velopment,
   performance & exposure opportunities, etc., TTV has defined a new services oriented business model, where pro ject
   development and consulting is cornerstone. Our new entertainment services practice is: The Whole 9 Entertain ment
   (TW9) ―Everything Fro m A-Z, We Got It Covered!‖

   Through The Vine’s executive team is made up of creative & business career development experts/specialists with
   over 60 years of entertain ment industry experience. Through integrated strategic partnerships and alliances with
   various professional services firms (Legal & Accounting) in key market cities: Los Angeles, New York, Ch icago,
   and San Francisco, TTV is poised to provide a full range of entertain ment industry project development and
   consulting services. This will be done wh ile still operating as a pro-interactive portal for the virtual marketing and
   promotional needs of the emerging art ist.

   We’re here to serve your creative, career, and business development needs.

   Sin cerely,

   Etienne L. Carter
   Chairman and Founder

THE GRAY MATTER II3 REPORT: Industry Intelligence, Insight, and Info - Sept 2009
                                                                           PR E MI ER E   R E P OR T:   V OL   1


MUSI C     I ND U STR Y   STA TI S TI C S  :

                                              Source: Wikipedia

   US music market shares, according to Nielsen SoundScan (2005)

   Nielsen SoundScan reported that the big four accounted for 81.87% of the US music market in 2005:

           Universal Music Group (USA/France based) — 31.71%
           Sony Music Entertainment (Japan based) — 25.61%
           Warner Music Group (USA based) — 15%
           EMI Group (UK based) — 9.55%
           Independent labels — 18.13%

   and in 2004, 82.64%:

           Universal Music Group — 29.59%
           Sony Music Entertainment — 28.46% (13.26% Sony, 15.20% BMG)
           Warner Music Group — 14.68%
           EMI Group — 9.91%
           independent labels — 17.36%

 THE GRAY MATTER II3 REPORT: Industry Intelligence, Insight, and Info - Sept 2009
                                                                             PR E MI ER E   R E P OR T:   V OL   1

      APPENDIX: A cont.       MUSI C     I ND USTR Y      S T A T I S T I C S  :

  World music market sales shares, according to IFPI (2005)

  The global market was estimated at $30–40 billion in 2004. Total annual unit sales (CDs, music
  videos, MP3s) in 2004 were 3 billion.

  According to an IFPI report published in August 2005, the big four accounted for 71.7% of retail music

         Sony Music Entertainment — 32.8%
         Universal Music Group — 25.5%
         EMI Group — 13.4%
         independent labels — 28.4%

  Prior to December 1998, the industry was dominated by the "Big Six": Sony Music and BMG had not
  yet merged, and PolyGram had not yet been absorbed into Universal Music Group. After the
  PolyGram- Universal merger, the 1998 market shares reflected a "Big Five", commanding 77.4% of the
  market, as follows, according to MEI World Report 2000:

         Sony Music Entertainment — 28.8%
         Universal Music Group including PolyGram — 21.1%
         EMI — 14.1%
         Warner Music Group — 13.4%
         Independent labels — 22.6%

  Note: the IFPI and Nielsen Soundscan use different methodologies, which makes their figures difficult
  to compare casually, and impossible to compare scientifically.
      Source: Wikipedia

THE GRAY MATTER II3 REPORT: Industry Intelligence, Insight, and Info - Sept 2009
                                                                                                           PR E MI ER E          R E P OR T:    V OL   1

           APPENDIX: B

MUSI C        I ND U STR Y           Y EA R       END       SHI PM ENT             STA TI ST I C S           ( 1 9 9 6     – 2 0 06 )     :

SOURCE: RECORDING INDUST RY ASSOCIAT ION OF AMERICA (RIAA) Year-End Shipment Statistics Database  . This content is Used by Expressed
Permission of the RIAA. Any unauthorized duplication, distribution or other use, is prohibited by proprietary laws and copyrights.

  THE GRAY MATTER II3 REPORT: Industry Intelligence, Insight, and Info - Sept 2009
                                                                                                    PR E MI ER E      R E P OR T:   V OL   1

          APPENDIX: C 
SOUR C E:        B I L L B OA R D

Issue Date: December 28, 2002

#               Title                                       Artist                                                    Labels
1    HOT IN HERRE                 Nelly                                                         Fo' Reel/Universal/UMRG
2    ALWAYS ON T IM E             Ja Rule Featuring Ashanti                                     Murder Inc./Def Jam /IDJMG
3    DILEMMA                      Nelly Featur ing Kelly Row land                               Fo' Reel/Universal/UMRG
4    WHAT'S LUV?                  Fat Joe Featuring Ashanti                                     Terror Squad/Atlantic
     I NEED A GIRL (PART          P. Diddy & Ginuw ine Featuring Loon, Mario Winans
5                                                                                               Bad Boy/Arista
     TWO)                         & Tam m y Ruggeri
6    OH BOY                       Cam 'ron Featuring Juelz Santana                              Roc-A- Fella/Def Jam /IDJMG
7    NOTHIN'                      N.O.R.E.                                                      Def Jam/IDJMG
8                                 P. Diddy Featuring Usher & Loon                               Bad Boy/Arista
9    GA NGSTA LOVIN'              Ev e Featuring Alic ia Keys                                   Ruff Ryders/Interscope
10 MOV E B***H                    Ludacris Featuring Mystikal & Infamous 2.0                    Disturbing Tha Peace/Def Jam South/IDJMG
11 STILL FLY                      Big T ym ers                                                  Cash Money/Universal/UMRG
12                        Busta Rhy mes Featuring P. Diddy & Pharrell                           J
13                                Mr. Cheeks                                                    Universal/UMRG
                                  Irv Gotti Presents The Inc. Featuring Ja Rule,
14 DOWN 4 U                                                                                     Murder Inc./Def Jam /IDJMG
                                  Ashanti, Charli Baltim ore & Vita
15 WE THUGGIN'                    Fat Joe Featuring R. Kelly                                    Terror Squad/Atlantic
                                                                                                So So Def/Disturbing Tha Peace/Def Jam
16 WELCOME TO ATLA NTA            Jer maine Dupri & Ludacris
17 WORK IT                        Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott                                   The Gold Mind/Elektra/EEG
18 LUV U BETTER                   LL Cool J                                                     Def Jam/IDJMG
     ROLL OUT ( MY
19                                Ludacris                                                      Disturbing Tha Peace/Def Jam South/IDJMG
                                  Cam 'ron Featuring Juelz Santana, Freekey Zekey &
20 HEY MA                                                                                       Roc-A- Fella/Def Jam /IDJMG
21 THE WHOLE WORLD                OutKast Featuring Killer Mike                                 Arista
22 GIMME THE LIGHT                Sean Paul                                                     2 Hard/V P/Atlantic
23 GOOD TIMES                     Styles                                                        Ruff Ryders/Interscope
24 BREAK YA NECK                  Busta Rhy mes                                                 J
25 DOWN A** CHIC K                Ja Rule Featuring Charli "Chuck" Baltim ore                   Murder Inc./Def Jam /IDJMG
Source: (Billboar d.BIZ)

    THE GRAY MATTER II3 REPORT: Industry Intelligence, Insight, and Info - Sept 2009
                                                                                                PR E MI ER E         R E P OR T:   V OL   1

          APPENDIX: D

SOUR C E:          B I L L B OA R D

Issue Date: December 25, 2004

#                  Title                                      Artist                                                 Labels
1    LEA N BA CK                    Terror Squad                                                SRC/Universal/UMRG
2    SLOW MOT ION                   Juvenile Featuring Soulja Slim                              Cash Money/UM RG
3    FREEK-A-LEEK                   Petey Pablo                                                 Jive/Z omba
4    TIPSY                          J-Kw on                                                     So So Def/Zomba
5    SLOW JA MZ                     Tw ista Featuring Kanye West & Jamie Foxx                   Atlantic
6    OV ERNIGHT CELEBRITY           Tw ista                                                     Atlantic
7                                   Jay-Z                                                       Roc-A- Fella/Def Jam /IDJMG
                                                                                                Disturbing Tha Peace/Def Jam
8    SPLA SH WATERFA LLS            Ludacris
9    SUNSHINE                       Lil' Flip Featuring Lea                                     Sucka Free/Columbia/SUM
10 THE WAY YOU MOV E                OutKast Featuring Sleepy Brow n                             LaFace/Zomba
11 JESUS WAL KS                     Kan ye West                                                 Roc-A- Fella/Def Jam /IDJMG
                                    Ying Yang Tw ins Featur ing Lil Jon & The East Side
12 SALT SHAKER                                                                                  ColliPark/TV T
13 ONE CALL A WAY                   Chingy Featur ing J. Weav                                   Disturbing Tha Peace/Capitol
14 HOTEL                            Cassidy Featur ing R. Kelly                                 Full Surface/J/RMG
15 ALL FALL S DOWN                  Kan ye West Featuring Syleena Johnson                       Roc-A- Fella/Def Jam /IDJMG
16 MY PLA CE                        Nelly Featur ing Jaheim                                     Derrty/Fo' Reel/UMRG
17 ON FIRE                          Lloyd Banks                                                 G- Unit/Interscope
18 WHY?                             Jadakiss Featur ing Anthony Hamilton                        Ruff Ryders/Interscope
19 THROUGH T HE WIRE                Kan ye West                                                 Roc-A- Fella/Def Jam /IDJMG
20 GA ME OV ER ( FLIP)              Lil' Flip                                                   Sucka Free/Columbia/SUM
21 DA MN!                           YoungBloodZ Featuring Lil Jon                               So So Def/Zomba
22 HEA DSPRUNG                      LL Cool J                                                   Def Jam/IDJMG
                                                                                                Disturbing Tha Peace/Def Jam
23 STA ND UP                        Ludacris Featuring Shaw nna
24 DROP IT LIKE IT'S HOT            Snoop Dogg Featuring Pharrell                               Doggystyle/Geffen/Interscope
25                                  Sean Paul Featur ing Sasha                                  VP/Atlantic
Source: (Billboar d.BIZ)

    THE GRAY MATTER II3 REPORT: Industry Intelligence, Insight, and Info - Sept 2009
                                                                                        PR E MI ER E       R E P OR T:       V OL   1

          APPENDIX: E

SOUR C E:        B I L L B OA R D

Issue Date: 2006

#                   Title                                               Artist                                     Label
1    IT'S GOIN' DOWN                     Yung Joc                                                    Blo ck/Bad Boy South/Atlantic
2    SNA P YO FINGERS                    Lil Jon Featuring E- 40 & Sean Paul Of The YoungBloodZ      BME/TVT
3    LEA N WIT IT, ROCK WIT IT           Dem Franchize Boyz Featur ing Lil Peanut & Charlay          So So Def/Virgin
                                                                                                     Derrty/Fo' Reel/Universal
4    GRILLZ                              Nelly Featur ing Pa ul Wall, Ali & Gipp
                                                                                                     Motow n
5    WHAT YOU KNOW                       T.I.                                                        Grand Hustle/Atlantic
6    PULLIN' ME BACK                     Chingy Featur ing Tyrese                                    Slot-A-Lot/Capitol
7    SO WHA T                            Field Mob Featuring Ciara                                   DTP/Geffen/Interscope
8    TEMPERA TURE                        Sean Paul                                                   VP/Atlantic
9    SHOULDER LEA N                      Young Dro Featur ing T.I.                                   Grand Hustle/Atlantic
10 RIDIN'                                Chamillionaire Featuring Krayzie Bone                       Universal Motow n
11 U A ND DA T                           E- 40 Featuring T- Pain & Kandi Girl                        Sick Wid' It/BME/Warner Br os.
12 MS. NEW BOOTY                         Bubba Sparxxx Featuring Ying Yang Tw ins & Mr. ColliPar k   New South/Pur ple Ribbon/Virgin
13 MONEY MAKER                           Ludacris Featuring Pharrell                                 DTP/Def Jam/IDJMG
14                                       Sean Paul Featur ing Keyshia Cole                           VP/Atlantic
     TO ME
15 WHY YOU WA NNA                        T.I.                                                        Grand Hustle/Atlantic
16 I KNOW YOU SEE IT                     Yung Joc Featuring Brandy 'Ms. B.' Ham brick                Blo ck/Bad Boy South/Atlantic
17 TOUCH IT                              Busta Rhy mes                                               Aftermath/Interscope
                                         Dem Franchize Boyz Featur ing Jer maine Dupri, Da Brat &
18 I THINK THEY LIKE ME                                                                              So So Def/Virgin
                                         Bow Wow
19                                       Juelz Santana                                               Diplomats/Def Jam/IDJMG
20 GETTIN' SOME                          Shaw nna                                                    DTP/Def Jam/IDJMG
21 STAY FLY                              Three 6 Mafia Featuring Young Buck & Eightball & MJG        Hypnotize Minds/Columbia/SUM
                                                                                                     Cor porate Thugz/Def
22 SOUL SURV IVOR                        Young Jeezy Featuring Akon
23 FRESH AZIMIZ                          Bow Wow Featuring J- Kw on & Jer maine Dupri                Columbia/SUM
24 LAFFY TA FFY                          D4L                                                         DeeMoney/Asylum/Atlantic
25 KRY PTONITE ( I'M ON IT)              Purple Ribbon All-Stars                                     Purple Ribbon/Virgin
Source: &g=Year -end+Singles

    THE GRAY MATTER II3 REPORT: Industry Intelligence, Insight, and Info - Sept 2009
                                                                                         PR E MI ER E      R E P OR T:     V OL   1


   Through The Vine (TTV):, founded in 1999 was launched in Feb 2002 as the Entertain ment
Industry’s first Emerg ing Artist Performance Network, helping talent across every segment of the business: music, radio,
film/tv, fashion, djs, dance, spoken word, v isual arts and more to create next level relationships through Branded Entertain ment
Showcases and other exposure opportunities.
  Coca-Cola was a partner sponsor of TTV’s very first Emerging Art ist Showcase and other local network events and
eventually the industry’s very first National Co llege Tour for Emerg ing Artists: Tours Stops included: UC Berkeley, USC, and
SFSU (2002– 2003). The TTV network is best known for being a founding co -producer of Fashion On The Square (FOTS): – ―The Largest Outdoor Runway Fashion Show on the West Coast‖ (2004 – 2009).

Chart 1 : US music market shares, according to Nielsen SoundScan (2005)
  Music Industry Statistics Source: : The Free Encyclopedia:

Chart 2 : World music market sales shares, according to IFPI (2005)
  Music Industry Statistics Source: : The Free Encycloped ia:
  The Ship ment Statistics Database is a Proprietary software p latform created by the Recording Industry Association of America
(RIAA) that allo ws distributors, record labels, publishers, and other industry p rofessionals to track year-end data. By subscribing
to the RIAA's new shipment statistics database, users gain access to an interactive database of year-end statistics. There, users
can view, co mpare, and export historical year-end U.S. ship ment statistics , including expanded access to historical data going
back to 1973.
  Appendices: C, D, & E, are co mp iled using info fro m Billboard Magazine and www.Billboard.BIZ (2002, 2004, and 2006
respectively), highlighting the most popular albums (Top 25) in a part icular music genre: Hip-Hop/Rap. Billboard is the flagship
property for the Billboard Information Group, wh ich also consists of, m, Billboard Chart Alert,
Billboard Information Net work (BIN), Billboard Directories, Billboard Licens ing & Events and Radio & Records. Billboard's
many strategic partners include Fo x-TV, M icrosoft, Reuters, Sirius Satellite Radio, Telemundo, Univ ision Radio, ABC Rad io
Networks, Azteca A merica and Billboard sister companies Nielsen SoundScan, Nielsen Broad cast Data Systems and Radio and


    THE GRAY MATTER II3 REPORT: Industry Intelligence, Insight, and Info - Sept 2009

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