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                    Power your office. Empower yourself.
ArchiOffice is powerful, indispensable software made just for architectural firms to help you handle the
 crush of day-to-day activity, manage people and jobs and most important, to grow and be profitable.

                                             Keep track of all
                                              financial data
                                            for your projects.

                                           Keep track of all your
                                         contacts and documents.

                                           Keep track of every
                                            employeeʼs time
                                             and expenses.

                                       Keep track of your budget,
                                        time and performance.

                                        Easily create invoices and
                                          generate easy to read
                                              billing reports.

                                           Quality control,
                                       budgeting and scheduling
                                              at a glance.

                                            Understand your
                                    profit centers at both the Project
                                         and Employee levels.

                                            Quick entry for
                                          employee timecards.

  Created by architects, for architects, ArchiOffice is the only software solution that integrates all the
 elements of office and project management into one very user-friendly application for Macs and PCs.

BQE Software Inc.    2601 Airport Road, Suite 380, Torrance, CA 90505   (800) 371-0130
                              Frequently Asked Questions
✓ How do I evaluate ArchiOffice?                             ✓ How does ArchiOffice manage documents?
    Our website provides product feature details, video         ArchiOffice can manage any file on your computer
    presentations and a tutorial manual. We would also          regardless of the application that created it. Every
    be happy to arrange a private on-line demonstration         project is organized into Notebooks and Tabs
    for you and your team to see specifically how                (customizable by you). Templates can be defined to
    ArchiOffice can work for the needs of your firm.              automatically store themselves in their appropriate
                                                                location eliminating any possibility of misfiling
                                                                documents into wrong folders on your file server.
✓ Does ArchiOffice run on both Macs and PCs?
    Yes, a great advantage ArchiOffice has over other
    project management solutions, is that we are multi-     ✓ Does ArchiOffice show project profitability?
    platform. Whether your office is exclusively PC or           Yes. You can instantly see the costs and profitability
    Mac, or a blend of both, we will work for you.              down to the phase level. You can also print reports
                                                                comparing profit by project type or principal.

✓ Does each employee need an individual license?
    No. Licenses are based on concurrent users. You         ✓ Can ArchiOffice work with Outlook or Entourage?
    can have 12 employees but may need only 10                  You can sync your contacts and calendar in
    licenses. This means that only 10 employees can             ArchiOffice with Outlook, Entourage, Address Book
    login simultaneously. You will have maximum                 and iCal. ArchiOffice imports email (and attachments)
    efficiency if each employee has their own license.           found inside project folders in Outlook, Entourage
                                                                and Apple Mail.

✓ Can I start with one (or a few) licenses and
  purchase additional ones later?                           ✓ Can I import data into ArchiOffice?
    Yes. Adding additional licenses is simple and can be        Yes. We provide the ability for you to import your
    done at any time. We send you a new license code            contacts. You can also import historical timecard data
    which unlocks the software for the new users.               which populates the project database automatically
                                                                adding phases, codes and the team.
✓ How many A/E firms use ArchiOffice?                              Our staff can also provide services which will allow
    More than 4,000 users in 800 firms in 40 countries.           you to import nearly anything from any application,
                                                                 including Sema4, Wind2, QuickBooks, Deltek
                                                                 Advantage, etc. Typical information we can import
✓ Do you provide installation and training services?             includes past invoices, payments, checklists.
    Yes. We strongly recommend using our installation,
    migration and training services to ensure a smooth
    transition into ArchiOffice. These services are          ✓ Is there a limit to the number of contacts or
    designed according to your needs, and can be              projects I can create?
    provided on-site or remotely. Our worldwide users            No. There is no limit to the amount of information that
    find these services to be extremely beneficial.                can be entered into ArchiOffice.

✓ Does ArchiOffice provide submittal tracking?               ✓ Does ArchiOffice including an accounting
    Yes. We provide submittal,RFI and drawing logs. You       module?
    can customize what types of submittals (shop                ArchiOffice does not include itʼs own general ledger
    drawings, material samples, etc). You can link              accounting module. Project related accounting is
    documents and contacts to submittals and assign             managed in ArchiOffice including budgeting, time and
    them to an employee and generate a To-Do.                   expense tracking, invoicing and payments. This
                                                                information is exported for use with the most popular
     As the status of a submittal changes, we keep track        off-the-shelf accounting software programs such as
     of the date and who made the change. You can also          QuickBooks, Peachtree and AccountEdge.
     run reports of your submittal logs.

                                                            ✓ What reports does ArchiOffice provide?
✓ What kind of invoices can ArchiOffice produce?                 We provide over 50 reports which can be filtered
    Our invoices can be generated based on hourly,              based on multiple criteria to provide different
    fixed-fee, percent of construction, unit cost or a           information.
    multiple of direct salary or personnel expense. We
    provide the ability to invoice for basic services,
    additional services, hourly services and reimbursable   ✓ Do you offer a payment plan?
    expenses all on a single invoice.                           Yes. Contact sales for specific information.
                                      Customer Testimonials
ArchiOffice is so well targeted to the workflow in an                    Introducing ArchiOffice to my firm saw my billing increase
architectural office that we have found it extremely easy               300% in one month! It is an extremely effective tool for
to set up and use. We feel we are dealing with friendly,               managing time and ensuring expenses are recouped.
smart people who actually use the program themselves,                                        James Osborne, Landscape Architect
and are committed to making it better and better as time                                         Material Landscape Architecture
goes on.                                                                                               Surrey Hills, NSW, Australia
                                         Robert Dean, AIA
                                   Robert Dean Architects              ArchiOffice addresses all of the aspects of my practice.
                              New Canaan, CT, United States            As a principal, I appreciate the ease of creating invoices
                                                                       and seeing the activity of each staff member.
ArchiOffice is a powerful tool that leverages our ability to                                                  Steven Spurlock, AIA
track all aspects of our projects. The power of ArchiOffice                                            Wnuk Spurlock Architecture
to bring together all the elements of practice is evident.                                            Washington, DC, United States
                                   Shedrick Coleman, AIA
                               Cowart Coleman Group, LLC               Nothing except ArchiOffice caters to the way a typical
                            Savannah, Georgia, United States           Architect works. Itʼs a really fantastic management tool
                                                                       that can suit any size of architectural practice.
ArchiOffice is that rare thing in software - it not only looks                                                     Simon Cuttle, RIBA
great but it is a pleasure to use. You can tell professionals                                                Cresswell, Cuttle & Dyke
who rely on this software themselves put it together.                                        St. Peter Port, Guernsey United Kingdom
Support is outstanding - fast, friendly and enthusiastic. I
enthuse about ArchiOffice to every fellow Architect I meet              ArchiOffice provides so much information in seconds. It
- that's the effect it has on you.                                     creates discipline. We write contracts more promptly and
                                  William Sutherland, RIBA             we stay within the phase budgets better than before.
                                      WS Architecture Ltd..                                                        Marsha Klawiter
                         Ambleside, Cambria, United Kingdom                                           Klawiter and Associates, Inc.
                                                                                                      Los Angeles, CA, United States
ArchiOffice is very much integrated into the essential
operations of our practice. We have been able to analyze               ArchiOffice is a pleasure to use. By bringing timesheet
our firm's use of time in detail over the last years and                and billing into one program, we have had a massive
make adjustments to improve profitability for the firm. It is            increase in invoicing with the same workload, The real-
time architects get organized in the delivery of services to           time information on profitability of projects is unparalleled.
their clients, and ArchiOffice helps us to do just that.                ArchiOffice has made our practice far more profitable.
                                              Brian Lewis, AIA                                                        Jake Edgley
                                                  ACLA:works                                                        Edgley Design
                            Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago                                     Hackney, London, United Kingdom

 My Firm Produces Invoices                      ArchiOffice Increased                              My Firmʼs Favorite
Faster Because Of ArchiOffice                   My Firmʼs Profitability By                          ArchiOffice Feature

           20%                                                                                        18%        25%

                                                 1% - 9%

                                                                        20% - 29%

                                                           10% - 19%

           Faster                                                                                     Timecard

           No change                                                                                  Reporting
                                                                                                      Doc. Mgmt.
                                                                                                      Contact Mgmt.
                                                                                                      Project Finance
  Results from a comprehensive customer survey in 2008                                                Invoicing
 Comprehensive Reports                                                 Key Features
                                                           ✓ Customizable and secure dashboards for all
                                                         Document Management
                                                           ✓ Link any electronic file to one project and
                                                             multiple contacts
                                                           ✓ Sync with Outlook, Entourage, AddressBook,
                                                             AppleMail and iCal
                                                         Time and Expenses
                                                           ✓ Employees only see projects, phases and
                                                             codes that are active and which they are
                                                             authorized to see
                                                         Project Management
                                                           ✓ Budget projects from top down or bottom up
                                                           ✓ Submittal logs: assign to employees to-doʼs
                                                             and run reports
                                                           ✓ See live project profitability and budget vs.
                                                           ✓ Invoice options built specifically for architects:
                                                             Stipulated Sum, Percentage of Construction,
                                                             Hourly, Unit Cost or Multiple of DPE/DSE.
                                                           ✓ Designate Phases or Codes to bill hourly or
                                                             have a cap
                                                           ✓ Save report searches
                                                           ✓ Export info to many other applications
                                                           ✓ Security privileges can be assigned by
                                                             workgroup and customized for each

                                                            Upcoming New Features
                                                           ✓ Web enabled
                                                           ✓ Create Sub Phases for improved budgeting
                                                             and Consultant tracking
                                                           ✓ Document templates from any application
                                                             that reads/writes RTF file formats (including
                                                             Microsoft Office, Open Office, Apple
                                                             Pages, etc.)
                                                           ✓ Sync document folders with the OS for easier
                                                           ✓ Seamless integration with QuickBooks
                                                           ✓ Dynamic, customizable charting capabilities
                                                           ✓ Timecard records linked to employee tasks
                                                           ✓ Robust calendar with drag and drop
                                                           ✓ Users can create custom invoice templates
                                                             and reports

BQE Software Inc.   2601 Airport Road, Suite 380, Torrance, CA 90505   (800) 371-0130

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