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					      Veterinary Pet Insurance is now available to you through CHG Companies!

Every member of your family is important, and you want all of them to be protected —
including your pets. That’s why we are pleased to offer you a special opportunity to save
on your pets’ medical bills with Veterinary Pet Insurance.

With today’s advances in veterinary medicine, your pet has the opportunity to live a
longer, more rewarding life. Yet, no matter how well you plan, an illness or injury can
mean a late-night trip to the emergency room or ongoing treatments for an ailment such
as arthritis. In these instances, the cost to treat your cherished pet can run into the
hundreds, even thousands, of dollars. A Veterinary
Pet Insurance policy gives you peace of mind                  A Veterinary Pet Insurance policy
knowing you will receive financial assistance for the         covers thousands of medical
unexpected.                                                   problems and conditions related
                                                                                  to accidental injuries, poisonings
                                                                                  and illnesses (including cancer).
With Veterinary Pet Insurance you can:                                            Coverage helps pay for:
    • Visit any licensed veterinarian worldwide                                            Diagnostic tests
    • Include Pet Wellcare Protection Coverage to                                          Office visits
      maintain your pet’s good health                                                      Treatments
    • Enjoy quick claims turnaround time                                                   X-rays
    • Save money with a 5% discount off the base                                           Lab fees
      premium of either a Superior Plan or                                                 Hospitalization
      Standard Plan policy.

Veterinary Pet Insurance is the nation’s oldest, largest and #1 licensed pet medical
insurance provider, with more than one million policies sold. To learn more about this
important benefit and to enroll, call toll free or visit the Website.

                                              1 800 GET-MET 8

Veterinary Pet Insurance policies are underwritten by Veterinary Pet Insurance Company (in California), Anaheim, CA and National
Casualty Company (in all other states), Madison, WI. These companies are not affiliated with Metropolitan Life Insurance Company.