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									Rifle or Michigan Pistol:
The FEDERAL definition of a rifle states that:
It needs a minimum 16" barrel, and be a minimum of 26" in length.

Michigan says a rifle has a 16" minimum barrel, and a 30" minimum length.
With a stock. Barrel can be any length as long as the fire arm doesn't accept a stock.

Thus, those guns defined by federal law as rifles, that have a 16" minimum barrel, and a length between 26" and
30" are considered pistols in Michigan. Michigan is the only state that strays from the Federal definition.

Thus, if you were to make a rifle that is defined as a pistol under Michigan law it would be LEGAL for you to
carry that rifle loaded in your car, just as you can a handgun (with CPL of course), but would NOT be
applicable to any reciprocity in other states, since it is considered a rifle, and not a handgun outside of

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