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					         Limousine Association
             PO Box 472451 / Aurora, CO 80047-2451

          July, 2005 Newsletter

       Monthly meeting held at the

          Park Hill Golf Course

    4141 East 35th Ave / Denver, CO.

                July 20th 2005

6:30 PM – 7:00 PM Educational / Information Forum
      7:30 PM – 9:00 PM Business Meeting
                   Limousine Association of Colorado

Vacant Position
                                   Limousine Association of Colorado
                                          Mission Statement
Mike Geissler
Colorado Corporate Coach, Inc   The Limousine Association of Colorado (LAOC) is an organization
PO Box 606                      established to unite and educate Colorado’s independently owned
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033           limousine operators, transportation service providers, and affiliated
303.940.2757                 industry members on national and local legislative issues that affect
                                the transportation industry, offer educational seminars on various
Vice-President                  topics, and provide a platform for discussion, both formally and
Franci Ouzounis                 informally, between its members and affiliates in an environment
White Dove Limousine
3825 Grape Street
                                that encourages integrity and openness while respecting everyone’s
Denver, CO 80207                individuality.
(303) 399-3683               The LAOC’s goals are to:
Adam Paul                             Promote the existing association through positive interaction
Colorado Corporate Car                 between its current members
1837 S. Cole Court                    Ensure, through positive discussion, that the purpose of the
Lakewood, CO 80228                     LAOC is consistent with its adopted bylaws
(303) 986-7855                  Educate members on issues that directly affect the
                                       limousine industry and its affiliates
Secretary                             Challenge the existing laws and regulations to be applied
Marilyn Wright
Colorado Car & Limousine
                                       fairly to the entire transportation industry
PO Box 29187
Denver, CO 80229                To fulfill these goals, the LAOC will:
(303) 480-3625               Facilitate discussion, debate, and dialogue in a warm,
Sergeant at Arms                       friendly, and open atmosphere that encourages individuals
John Hafer                             to feel free to speak their personal views, regardless of
A Custom Coach                         predisposition
5105 E. Missouri Avenue               Host lectures, conferences, and other events for
Denver, CO 80246
(303) 759-1376                         transportation providers, educators, vendors, and others                  interested
                                      Help establish and maintain the LAOC code of ethics
Associate Board Member                Earn a widespread reputation as a positive entity in the
John Opeka
1580 Logan Street                      transportation industry that assists any of its members in
OL 1 Room 101                          helping their business, regardless of the size of the company
Denver, CO 80203
303-894-2009                    As the LAOC diligently works to achieve these goals, its members
                                will not only establish valuable networks and affiliated industry
                                relationships, but Colorado will benefit by having reputable
                                transportation providers that are well informed and better educated.

                 Limousine Association of Colorado
     Agenda for the July 20, 2005 / Park Hill Golf Course / 4141 E 35 Ave / Denver
                      6:30 PM Educational & Information Forum
                             7:30 PM Business Meeting
Educational Forum
        6:30 PM – 7:30 PM –      Speaker or vendor TBD
        Introduction of active members, associate members and guests
        Fund raiser drawing
Call to Order

President’ s Report
        Mike Geissler
                Absent - Excused
Vice President’s Report
        Franci Ouzounis
                Review and approval of June meeting
                Cell phone protocol
                Introduction of new members
                Membership Incentives
Treasurer’ s Report
        Adam Paul
                Treas urers Report
Legislative Report
        Rule Making - Hous e Bills
DIA Report
        Reports on airports throughout the State
NLA Report
        Barb Curtis – NLA Report
Other Committee
        Ethics Committee
        IT Committee
Old Busine ss
        LAOC Website
        Parade of Lights – Application sent in for review
        Meeting in mountain region for Western Slope companies – set for August 10 2005 in Vail???
        LAOC dinner – Vendor appreciation night in October
New Busine ss
        Insuranc e coverage for executive board members
        Next meeting to be held on August 17th 2005
Next months educational / training
        August Educational / Training Seminar – Benefits of being a Safety Association - Speak er

Issues considered for vote
Motion to accept the June minut es
Motion to approve the expenses incurred by the LAOC
Review and adoption of proposed budget – Adam Paul

I will not be at the July meeting and have asked the remaining B oard members to run the show in my

Although things appear to slow down for the summer months, the Board has been active in setting up a
meeting with the limousine c ompanies in t he mount ain region. This is tentatively scheduled for August
10 in the Vail Valley region. We are committed to rec ruiting these outlying companies to the LAOC and
to determine the issues that are concerning them.
We are also scheduling a speaker to educate us at the August 17 meeting on how restructuring the
existing LAOC into a recogniz ed Safety Association could benefit us. I briefly touched on this at last
month’s meeting. In a nut shell, it would require our current bylaws to be amended and for us to develop
a formal training program outlining safety issues which relate directly to our industry. If your company
meets the minimum training requirements then you would be eligible to receive an insurance prem ium
discount. (Typically 10% or more) The reduced premiums are calculated differently for each state and
are recognized by all commercial insurance underwriters. This is something you don’t hear of and is a
well kept secret of the insuranc e industry.

Additionally, we are organizing a LAOC special event for our October meeting. We will offer our vendors
an opportunity to sponsor this event and t o display their product and services. We are also offering
admission to non-members to participate in this event. We hope to have more detailed information on
this by the August meeting.

Lastly, we have changed our meeting times to 6:30 PM to accommodate our members.

Mike Geissler
President LAOC

Vice President
I thought I would take this opportunity to comment on membership; associate membership in particular.
First of all, I want to thank and commend those associate members that take the time to attend our
monthly meetings and get involved wit h the Association. We get to know you and put a face to a name.
There are some vendor Associate Members I would like to use or buy from, but if I never see them at a
meeting, they are just as much of a stranger to me as a name in the yellow pages . Just because they
happen to be in our directory, doesn’t mean they now have a connection to me. Perhaps I look at it
differently than others, but I want to know who I am doing business with. I like having a connection with
the other person, it makes me feel secure and that perhaps they are looking out for me as their
customer. If I have not used some of your services or products, it is most likely due to the simple fact I
haven't needed to, but if you have not attended the meetings, then I might not have even known you were
a member and could have gone to a non-member or a competitor of yours. We are all looking for benefits
to being a member of LAOC. If a vendor has a service or product that isn't obvious; they need to promote
that to our membership. We are all busy and need to be reminded from time to time who you are and
what y ou offer. We want your experience with the LA OC to be rewarding for your business, we want it to
be a win, win situation for everyone, so keep coming to the meetings if you have been, and start coming if
you haven't.

Franci Ouzounis
Vice President LAOC

Adam A. Paul
Treas urer LAOC

Sergeant at Arms
There are no DIA meetings scheduled for June or July 2005.

John Hafer
Sergeant at Arms

Minutes from the June 15, 2005, Limousine Association of Colorado meeting held at Pa rk Hill Golf
Course, 4141 East 35 A venue, Denver, Colorado: Submitted by Marilyn Wright, Secretary

Educational & Information Forum:
At 6:00 pm Bob Cresenzo of Lancer Insurance spoke on insurance and claims. He stated that most
accident claims are rear-end accidents and that if the unemployment rate goes down, rear-end accidents
go up along with driver issues. He furt her discussed claim frequencies and statistics and good versus
irresponsible drivers. He stated that where you go, how you go, and when you go are all high risk factors.

Diane Mc Namara of Prepaid Legal S ervices explained their services and spoke on identity theft

Jane Marsh of People Resourc es International ex plained their corporate reward and vacation packages.

Call to Order:
President Mike Geissler called the meeting to order at 7:50 pm. All members and guests introduced
themselves. It was not ed that a quorum of 25 percent is present. All were reminded to purchase tickets
for the fundraiser drawing.

Members in attendance:
A&A Dream Limo – Mariano Lopez
A Custom Coach – John Hafer
Colorado Car & Limousine – Marilyn Wright
Colorado Corporate Car – A dam Paul
Colorado Corporate Coach – Mike & Sharon Geissler
Denver Lincoln Limousine – Andy Poppenberg, Kim Black
E vergreen Limousine – John Kenyon
Presidential Limousine – Gene Cookenboo
Ride on Time Limousine – Mike Jorstad
Stage Coach Limousine – Raoul Pietri, Jr.
Town & Country – Robert Danko
Two Step Limousine – Barb Curtis
White Dove Limousine – Franci Ouzounis

Associate Members in attendance:
Banks Insurance Agency – Dawn Sullivan
PDA, Inc. – Pete Howard
Public Utilities Commission – John Opeka

Guests in attendance:
Ben Gilmore & Brian White

Review of Minutes:
Upon review of the April and May minut es, it was moved by Adam Paul and seconded by Barb Curtis that
the April and May minut es be approved as written; upon vote, the motion passed unanimously.

President’s Report by Mike Geissler:
Mike noted that we have no new members at this time, although we have the followi ng new applicants:
Prepaid Legal, Coach Industries and Amena Auto Repair.

Vice-President’s Report by Franci Ouzounis:
Regarding membership, Franci stated that t he vacation packages would be a good tool and that the
association could purchase packages for members who could then purchase as many trips individually as
they desired.

Mike Geissler suggested that we move the meeting time to 6: 30 pm and stated that it did help to call each
member in advance this month. John K enyon suggested that we continue the advance notice of
education in order to bring in more members.

Franci moved that we move the meeting time to 6:30 pm; the motion was seconded by Adam Paul and
upon unanimous vot e, the motion was approved.

Treas urer’s Report by Adam Paul:
Adam stated that there is pres ently $7,855.49 in our bank account and discussed our proposed budget,
which would leave $2,000 in our bank account for next year. Sharon Geissler suggested that we donate
a certain percentage to charity, and Barb Curtis suggested that we also mak e some political contributions
to things such as the gas guzzler tax and that we need to start a pact.

Adam noted that we have 34 regular members now.          He further stated that the $2,000 is set aside for
special events such as the September meeting.

It was moved by Barb Curtis and seconded by John K enyon that we accept the May and June
Treas urer’s Reports; upon a unanimous vote, the motion was approved. Adam added that PDA
submitted a $75 check this month.

Legislative Report by John Hafer:
John stated t hat CMC is contacting people regarding the ―opt out‖ issue for Workman’s Comp and that
Brad Whittle is the contact who is putting this all toget her.

DIA (Denver International Airport) Report by John Hafer:
John stated that DIA canceled their meetin g this month, but that they are working on holding lot issues.

NLA Report by Barb Curtis:
Barb stated that she just returned from Washington, D.C. with the NLA group where they were lobbying
for the restoration of the exemption for limousines from the ―gas guzzler‖ tax. She stated this bill is
attached to the highway bill and that they are hoping we can pass through as we are such a little part of it.
Barb stated that all should call Bob Beauprez and Wayne Allard.

Barb stated that they are trying to restructure unions and warned all to watch for the blue cards that are
being given out at businesses.

Barb stated that another issue is school districts who say they cannot have limousines on t heir school
property and still another issue is overtime payment to employees for any time over 8 hours a day.

She further stated that the Limousine S how next year is February 26-28 at the Venetian; the Connecticut
Show is S eptember 11-13, 2005; and the Limo Digest Show is October 23 -26, 2005. The New Jersey
captive insurance program goes into effect July 1 .

Barb suggested a fundraiser this year for Roy Blunt and stated that all NLA members need to belong to
the local limousine group and vice versa.

President Mike read a revision to our By-Laws regarding members of the Board of Directors in order that
we are consistent with t he NLA; after discussion, John Kenyon moved that we accept this revision; the
motion was seconded by Barb Curtis; and upon unanimous vote, the motion was approved.

Other Committees:
No report from either the Ethics Committee or IT Committee at this time.

Old Business:
President Mike stated that the classifieds are resubmitted every month.

Regarding the P arade of Lights, Mike stated that we are waiting for approval; the submission cost was
Mike stated that July 13 is the proposed dat e for our meeting in t he mountain region for Western Slope
companies; this date may have to be moved to August and will probably be held in Vail.

New Business:
Discussion was had regarding insurance coverage for t he ex ecutive B oard members. Dawn Sullivan
submitted an ins urance form, and after discussion, it was decided that we would submit an application.

The next regular meeting of the LAOC will be held on July 20 at 6:30 pm.
President Mike stated that in lieu of the Board meeting, which is held every 2 Wednesday of the mont h,
the Board would like to have a vendor s how in September and maybe have Tom Mazza as a speaker.
We would have food and maybe golf and only non-members would pay. Barb suggested that we have
Barry Leftowitz as a speaker; she will contact him.

Barb stated that everyone should list the LAOC on their insurance; discussion regarding Wild West Limo
who was removed for lack of insuranc e. Call John at PUC if you see a company operating illegally.

Next month’s educational/training:
Mike stated that the associate members would speak next month.

He further stated that if your company is a member of LAOC and is training on issues such as insurance,
etc. regularly (at least 8 meetings a year), we can be registered with the Stat e of Colorado as a safety
association; then your company would be eligible for at least a 10 percent discount on your insurance.
We can become member for $200. The speak er for this will be here in August.

The raffle was won by Franci, who gave the $21 back to the association. Barb won the free meal.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:01 p.m.

Congratulations to our new Members

New Applicants
6/20/05 - Prepaid Legal / 5937 Highway 86 Elizabeth CO 80107 / 303-646-9770
6/20/05 - Coach Industries / 123330 SW 53rd ST Suit e 703 Cooper City FL 33330 / 954-602-1400
6/20/05 - Amena Auto Repair / Mohamed Mouaddine / 7945 E Colfax A ve Denver / 303-549-4283

Classified – Information

► 2-2000 Lincoln Town car 70" 6 Passenger Stretches built by Executive Black on Black $18,500.00
Call Gene @ 303-286-1114 LE TS MAKE A DEAL

► 1997 Lincoln 120" 10 pax by DaBryan Black on Black 133,000 mi. $12,500.00 / Please call Dave @

► 2000 Black/Gray Cartier L series Town Car / 2001 Black/Black Executive L series Town Car / 2000
Black/Tan 4x 4 Lincoln Navigator / CarFax available for any vehicle! Please call Andy @ Denver Linc oln
Limousine, Inc. (303) 741-LIMO (5466) (303) 861-LIMO (FA X)

► 2003 Lincoln Towncar Signature Series, Blue with every option including sunroof & cloth top. 85,000
Miles $18,500.00 Call Don (303) 466 -5241

► Looking for a Black Lincoln Towncar 2000 or newer (Sedan). Please call Pat @ 303-946-9800 / A Last
Minute Limousine

                                  st           th
An email blitz will go out on the 1 and the 15 of each month. Only LAOC members will be permitted to
advertise in t his section, however, the email will go out to every limousine company in Colorado whose
email address is in our database.

If you wish to advertise in t his section, please email your information including your company name to Upper case or capitalized text will not be permitted. Additionally you must identify
which company you are advertising for.

LCT Leadership Summit & LCT Ea stern Conference
September 11 2005 – Summit
September 12 – 13 2005 – Conference
Mohegan Sun Resort & Casino, Connecticut

2005 Limo Digest Show:
October 23 – 26 at the Trump Taj Mahal Casino & Resort in Atlantic City

LCT magazine article of interest

  Wichita Considers Limousine Lots to Relieve Downtown Congestion
  WICHITA, KAN. — In an effort to cut drunken driving and smooth the traffic flow in the
  downtown bar district, especially on busy weekend nights, the city of Wichita is planning to
  establish three limousine loading zones on First and Second streets and Douglas A venue.

  The fine for motorists who park in thos e zones is proposed to be $100 – the highest penalty
  Wichita has for illegal parking and previously reserved only for those who violate handicapped
  parking spaces.

  Wichita development assistance director Terry Cassady said city officials are proposing the high
  fine "to put some teeth in this and ensure compliance."

  The City Council is scheduled to vote on the plan soon. Most expressed support for the plan
  during a recent workshop. Some, in fact, wanted it to be even tougher, suggesting that towing
  might be the appropriat e remedy for those who violate the limousine zone.

  But that idea died after police Lt. Steve Kenney said he would only tow in extreme circumstances,

 for example, "a blizzard and I needed to get snow removal through there." After the council votes,
 it would take about two weeks to put up signs and re -stripe the streets, Cassady said. She said
 she hopes to have the zones in place around the beginning of July.

 The council will have to decide when to actually begin levying fines. Cassady had suggested a
 two-week grace period. But council members Paul Gray and Bob Martz said they thought it might
 need to be longer.

 "People will need some time to get used to it," Gray said. Jim Moore, general manager of Artistic
 Limousines, welcomed the change. He said making a drop-off in Old Town isn't too much of a
 problem because it can be accomplished quickly. But he said his drivers often have to wait 10-to-
 15 minut es for customers to straggle in for pickup after a night of hearty partying.

 "Besides holding up traffic, it was the fact that we were being threatened with tickets," he said.

 He said his company makes six-to-eight trips to Old Town each week, carrying 50 -to-75 people.
 He estimated that in total, all the local limo companies and a party bus trans port 300 -to-400 Old
 Town patrons a week.

 Under the city's proposal, the limousine zone woul d be restricted for commercial vehicles seating
 eight or more passengers. The parking restrictions would be in force from 9 p.m. to 3 a.m., when
 most of the drop-offs and pickups occur, Cassady said.

 The zones on First and Sec ond streets would be on the n orthwest corner of their intersection with
 Washington. The parking zone on Douglas would be between Rock Island and Santa Fe. Each
 zone will take up about 150 feet of curb space, she said.

 LCT Magazine Jun 15, 2005

Associate Members
Please support our Associate members by purchasing their service or product

Autoworks International
Classique, LLC
Colorado Hotel and Lodging Association
Grease Monkey
International Ent ertainment Consults
Luxury Transportation Limousine Sales
Majest International
People's Choice
Shotgun Willie's
Xtreme Clean
Yellow Cab