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					                                             Pets Barn Veterinary Group
                                                  “Simply Pets Barn” ®
                                         Competing on price and quality!

                                                                             Pets Barn                 Local
                                                                                Price                 Average

Puppy Vaccinations – Course of two                                           42.00           43.00 to 48.00
Dog Vaccination Booster                                                      29.00                    37.50
Kennel Cough Vaccination                                                     23.50                    35.00
Kitten Vaccinations – Course of two                                          49.00                    66.25
Cat Vaccination Booster incl Leukaemia                                       29.00                    48.50
Rabbit Myxomatosis Vaccination                                               21.00                    25.00
Rabbit VHD Vaccination                                                       21.00                    25.00

Bitch spay                       Under 20kg                                  160.00                      170.00
Bitch spay                       20 to 40kg                                  170.00                      182.00

Dog castration                   Medium Size                                 90.00                       125.00
Cat spay                                                                     60.00                        65.00
Cat castration                                                               30.00                        43.05

Microchip                                                                    12.50           25.00 to 38.00

            Prices include advanced pain control and treatment with experienced
                      knowledgeable surgeons and include post-neutering
                             assessments and removal of sutures

                     We offer a FREE healthcare assessment for all new pets

Youth Club For Puppies & Kittens (up to 9 months)                            Free of charge
Dental Assessments & Oral Hygiene Checks                                     Free of charge
Weight & Body Score Assessment                                               Free of charge

            We supply a range of veterinary approved Worming and Flea Products
                                 for Dogs Cats and Rabbits

  We have a wide range of beds, toys, leads and other pet accessories always in stock

          We can also advise on Pet Insurance and Pet Nutrition for all life stages

                      Our professional, friendly and experienced staff
                         really care and we aim to give you the
                                 best treatment for your pet
          Prices correct at time of submission but may be subject to change at any time without prior notice

Pets Barn Longhope                    Pets Barn Hartpury                      Pets Barn Forest of Dean
Harts Barn Farm                       Hartpury College                        Heywood Road
Longhope                              Hartpury                                Cinderford
Gloucestershire                       Gloucestershire                         Gloucestershire
GL17 0QD                              GL19 3BE                                GL14 2PL
01452 830086                          01452 700086                            01594 826688

                             Dedicated Small Animal Veterinary Practices


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