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Sheltercare_pet_insurance by liuqingyan


									                     SHELTERCARE PET INSURANCE PROGRAM
As a free gift to you for adopting a pet from the North Richland Hills Animal Adoption and Rescue
Center, will sponsor your first (30) thirty days of ShelterCare Pet Insurance. This policy
covers illnesses and injuries only. Routine pet care is not covered under this policy.


•      $50 DEDUCTIBLE per incident
•      $500 coverage amount per incident – Reimbursable minus the $50 deductible


You will be automatically signed up for the gift of (30) thirty days ShelterCare Pet Insurance.

Within the first two weeks after adoption – if the pet comes down with an illness you need to notify
your Veterinarian. You, the pet owner, are soley responsible for the health and well being of your
new pet. Once you have the paid receipt from the Veterinarian, submit your claim(s) to ShelterCare.

Your insurance policy will be effective 48 hours after activation (the day you adopted your pet).

PLEASE NOTE: Your Policy takes effect one minute past the second midnight after it has been
activated. Conditions that are noted or diagnosed prior to the effective date of the policy cannot be
covered by the ShelterCare policy. ShelterCare will not sell nor provide your information to any other

Please fill in the following information needed to complete your registration:

Email address: ____________________________________________________

In Case Of Emergency (if you the pet owner cannot be reached)
Contact Name ___________________________________ Phone Number ___________________

____Yes _____ No – I am interested in the EmergencyCare Program – Please have a ShelterCare
Representative call me.

I allow ShelterCare 24PETWATCH to release my information to anyone who finds my pet:
____ YES ____ NO, I prefer to have 24PETWATCH contact me only

For additional information you can contact ShelterCare at 1 -866-375-7387 or at

                                                               INITIAL: ________
                                                               Date: __________

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