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        Vote Missouri!
        E l e c t                       Y o u r                        R e p r e s e n t a t i v e s

                                Representatives—                                     Representative Fun F
                                 The Great                                                                   acts:
                                  Compromise 1.                                       There are 163 M
                                                                                    are 435 U.S.                  representa
                                                                                                        representatives becatives. There
                             What if every time someone
                          thought Missouri needed a new law,
                                                                                    number of chairs                         use that is
                                                                                   U.S. Capitol. that will fit into the room in ththe
                       the person had to go to Jefferson City to
    see the governor? Likewise, what if someone had to go to
    Washington, D.C., to have a voice in the United States                    2. Originally, th                                          e
    government? Not very practical, is it?
                                                                                  representative wouldramers had hoped each
   The men who wrote our U.S. Constitution in 1787
   decided that the best way for people to have a voice in                       people. Based on represent at most 50,000
   their government was to have them elect representatives                       mean there would today ’s population, that would
   who would make the laws for them. They called this
                                                                                representatives! Ea be almost 6,000 U.S.
                                                                                about 700,00 ch U.S. representative represents
   lawmaking body Congress.
   The Framers decided there would be two parts to
   Congress—a House of Representatives and a Senate.                           representative repre 0 people. Each Missouri
   But there was a disagreement between the big and small                   3. California ha sents about 37,000 peop
                                                                                              s                                   le.
   states about how many representatives a state could
   have. They came up with the Great Compromise—
                                                                               Missouri has 9.the most representatives–53.
   the number of representatives in the House of
   Representatives would be based on population, but every
   state, regardless of size, would have two Senators.                                LEARNING EXTENSIONS
                                                         When Missouri                b Find out who your Missouri and United States representatives
                                                                                                  are. For Missouri, visit Find the House
                                                         became a state in
                                                         1821, the men who                        Members link and then the Who is my Representative link and
                                                         wrote our state                          type in your zip code. E-mail your representative and ask what
        Representative for th                             constitution                            he or she thinks is the most important thing about being a
        State of Missouri                                 adopted this same                       state representative. Do the same thing for your United States
                                                                                                  representative at
                                                          system. They
         He or she must be:                                called Missouri’s          c ACTIVITY #1. As a class or in groups, read through a
                           s of age
         b at least 24 year                                lawmaking body
                                                           the General
                                                                                                  newspaper and look for stories that would be of interest or
                                                                                                  concern to your state representative or your U.S. represen-
         c a qualified Mis s before
                                                            Assembly.                             tative. Is there coverage about your representatives in the
            voter for 2 ye                                                                        newspaper?
                                                            The 2008 U.S.
                             e district
                                                            representative            d ACTIVITY #2. Invite your state and United States represen-
          d a resident of th esentation                     candidates are:                       tatives to visit your school and talk about their jobs.
             chosen for repr                                                          e ACTIVITY #3. Discuss the qualifications for being either a
             for 1 year before el                                                                 Missouri or United States representative. Are these reason-
                                                                                                  able? Should there be more, for example a requirement that a
                                                                                                  representative be a high school graduate? Why or why not?
   DISTRICT 4                    DISTRICT 7                     DISTRICT 9
   Jeff Parnell (Republican)     Roy Blunt (Republican)         Blaine Luetkemeyer
   Ike Skelton (Democrat)        Richard Monroe (Democrat)      (Republican)
                                 Kevin Craig (Libertarian)      Judy Baker
   Jacob Turk (Republican)
                                 Travis Maddox (Constitution)   (Democrat)                        AL
                                                                                                     STUDENT /
                                                                                                                                Kids Vote Oct. 30


                                                                Tamara A. Millay

   Emanuel II Cleaver (Democrat) D I S T R I C T 8
                                                                (Libertarian)                                             in the Missouri Mock Election!


                                 Jo Ann Emerson (Republican)                                  OC


                                                                                                   K E LECTIO
                                 Joe Allen (Democrat                                                                      Visit for details
   Sam Graves (Republican)
                                 Branden C. McCullough (Libertarian)                   MISSOURI
   Kay Barnes (Democrat)
                                 Richard L. Smith (Constitution)
   Dave Browning (Libertarian)                                                       Brought to you by this newspaper, The Missouri Bar and the Missouri Press Association

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