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									Thursday 3rd October 2003

                   The Matrix System
If Australian company MiTek Australia Ltd has its way, the word
Matrix will not just be synonymous with Keanu Reeves’
blockbuster movie, but will come to signify one of the most
important revolutions in the building industry this century.

The MATRIX® system, the latest building system from MiTek, is
being billed as one of the most important initiatives in the way
houses are constructed since the launch of MiTek’s Gang-Nail
multi-toothed connector plates for prefabricated roof trusses four
decades ago.

Prefabrication dominates the way we build today. The MATRIX®
System is the next revolution.

The MATRIX® System is a composite truss system that utilises
both timber and steel. A patented galvanised tubular steel web
section is fixed to timber chords by special MATRIX® self-drilling

OneSteel’s BTM® Galvabond® tubing has been electric resistance
welded to provide extra strength, rigidity and consistent quality.
These steel webs are galvanised inside and out, offering the same
level of corrosion resistance as the Gang-Nail plate.

MiTek has always placed much importance on research and
development, with the company aiming to create new building
solutions that make prefabrication more efficient, both in terms of
man-hours and cost-savings during manufacturing.

John Tadich, manager Technical Services, MiTek Australia, is one
of those responsible for the creation and on-going development of
this revolutionary system. According to John, the challenge was to
create a system that would deliver the versatility of timber with the
strength of steel.

“We wanted a system that provided the total solution. It has to be
economically viable while being simple to construct. The
MATRIX® System meets all these demands, and it’s so simple, it’s

Melbourne’s Monash University was contracted by MiTek to assist
in the testing of the MATRIX® System and confirm what MiTek
already knew. According to John, the Timber Engineering section
of the university embraced the opportunity to be part of such an
exciting venture.

“The MATRIX® web exceeds the current building codes of
practice in all regards, and the data we received from Monash
University confirms our findings about this revolutionary system.”

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“This is a totally new system we’re introducing to the Australian
building industry and we want the industry to be assured that it
more than meets Australian standards.”

The advantages the MATRIX® System offers to the building
industry include:

          ♣ Very strong and lightweight truss (10% to 15% lighter
            than conventional timber)
          ♣ Easy and quick to manufacture
          ♣ Delivers better price stability
          ♣ Reduces raw timber storage dramatically
          ♣ Exceeds standards set by AS1720
          ♣ Advantages of using steel as opposed to timber
            (including no twisting and termite resistant)
          ♣ No special training or tools are required

The Matrix® System was launched onto the Australian market in
May 2002 through test sites around the country and already the
feedback from fabricators and builders has been extremely

One of the first MATRIX® System fabricators was Darren
Campbell, owner and manager of The Truss and Frame Factory in
Kelso, NSW. Since its introduction, Darren has used the
MATRIX® system on more than 100 houses.

“There are some huge on-site benefits with the MATRIX® System,
and one of the first responses we got from builders and
subcontractors was that it was so light.”

“They couldn’t believe how easy it was to work with.”

Stephen Smith from Kelso in NSW was one of the first builders to
work with the Matrix® System, he too was impressed with its light

“You still have the versatility of timber, but the steel webbing
makes the whole truss so much lighter, and that is a big plus
during construction” said Stephen.

Sub-contractor, Dave Gleeson, backs up Stephen’s comments.

“The manoeuvrability on site and during erection is just so much
better than what you get working with all timber trusses”.

“Access in and around the roof is excellent, plus, I’ve heard it’s a
bit quicker and easier for the insulation guys to do their job as
well,” added Dave.

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“It’s not like we have to learn a whole new way of building either.
There are no special training or tools required, the same rules
apply. The trusses still go up the same way as timber trusses.”

According to Darren Campbell, education was an important part of
the successful introduction of the MATRIX® System in his

“One of the critical factors which helped the MATRIX® System gain
instant approval was that we involved council inspectors and
building surveyors from the beginning.”

“We encouraged three building surveyors from our area to come
along to our factory for a formal presentation where we showed
them how the MATRIX® truss is assembled. Their feedback was

With the MATRIX® System such a huge success, MiTek is now
looking at other applications. According to John Tadich, one
possibility involves using the MATRIX® Web for the bracing of
timber wall frames.

“This would be particularly applicable on short panels, which have
historically been a problem for fabricators and builders alike,” said

With its clean lines, another possible use for the MATRIX® System
is to powder coat the galvanised MATRIX® Web, which would
allow for visually exposed MATRIX® trusses in architecturally
designed buildings.

There is also an innovative ‘telescopic’ MATRIX® web being
developed. This adjustable MATRIX® web enlarges the scope of
the MATRIX® System and makes it easier to design complex
shaped trusses.

MiTek is a world leader in prefabrication and according to John
Tadich, this revolutionary new Australian technology could soon be
exported overseas.

“We have world-wide patent on the MATRIX® System and we’ve
already had overseas fabricators showing more than a passing
interest in the system”,

The MATRIX® System is available through the MiTek network of
licensed manufacturers and is subject to the high standards of
engineering and quality control that MiTek is renowned for.

Sales enquires on the MATRIX® system should be forwarded to
the MiTek office in your state.

      VIC (03) 8795 8888                  NSW (02) 9609 8700
      QLD (07) 3268 1666                  TAS (08) 8234 1326
      SA (08) 8234 1326                   WA (08) 9411 2845
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The information above is an example only, and does not contain
any specifications or technical information relating to the use of the
product. It is not intended to be nor should it be relied on as a
substitute for seeking professional advise on the use of a product.

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