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  Punjab National Bank is in the process of creating a large network of ATMs in
  partnership with individuals/Companies/Organization willing to provide prominent
  space, install ATMs; take active interest in increasing number of transactions on
  these ATMs and also to take care of ATM maintenance besides development,
  upkeep and security of the site. The scheme is based on Revenue Sharing
  Model. The entity deploying ATMs hereinafter called “Participant” shall get
  revenue on per transactions basis as defined in REVENUE clause.


     i) Owner / Lessee of suitable and prominently located sites at all major cities
          will be able to participate. Lease of Lessee should be at least for a period
          of 3 years.
     ii) Suitable space with independent access will be required.
     iii) The participant will be procuring ATMs as per specifications approved by
          Bank and the other related equipments from the Bank’s approved
          vendor(s). The site layout shall be as per layout design provided by bank
          to maintain uniformity of the sites.
     iv) Participant will bear the cost of the ATM, site preparation, security,
          maintenance of ATMs and site etc.
     v) To ensure a steady return on investment to the participant and to make the
          system profitable to him, initial commitment of three years of usage of the
          facility shall be given to the participant. Bank may renew / extend the
          contract after 3 years.
     vi) Mode of Connectivity to the ATM Switch shall be decided & provided by
          Bank; Bank will also bear the cost of connectivity. Participant, however,
          shall provide necessary space at his own cost for installation of V-SAT
          (wherever required) at the roof top.
     vii) Bank will have an exclusive usage right over the infrastructure till the
          validity of the arrangement. The agreement will be binding on both the
          Bank and the participant for the same period. This will give exclusive
          usage of the facility to PNB customers and other member bank
          cardholders as per the various ATM sharing arrangements Bank enters
          into from time to time.
     viii)Bank may consider buying the ATM and site infrastructure from the
          participant after three years at a cost not more than depreciated value (at
          prices prevailing at that time) of the ATM and ATM site infrastructure. The
          depreciation shall be @ 20% per year. After 5 years, the value will be
          negotiated, which will be less than 20%. Rent payable in the event of bank
          deciding to buy ATM & site infrastructure may be negotiated at the time of
          initial agreement itself.


  Participation in the PNB Bhagidari Yojna is exclusively available to select
  participants that Bank decides to enter into a partnership with. The “participant”
  selection and participation is the prerogative of the Bank only. No
  correspondence shall be entertained from the applicants not found suitable by the

  3.1 Users

    a.   PNB Bhagidari ATM / Debit / Credit / Smart card holders
    b.   ATM / Debit Card holders of MITR / NFS member Banks.
    c.   ATM / Debit Card holders of other banks with whom PNB has ATM sharing
         arrangement(s) or enters into from time to time.
    d.   MasterCard enabled cards.

    Participant can’t permit any other bank or institution to use such ATM(s).

  3.2 Participant

    A commercial organization / trust / or an individual which has/ arranges space
    with independent access in a commercial / market/ public place as found
    suitable for ATM deployment by Bank. Preference shall be given to Individuals.
    The roof rights should also be available in case V-SAT is required to be
    installed. Preference shall be given individuals.


  The participant should have space for installation of ATMs at Corporate outlets,
  shopping malls, Cinema theatres, hospitals, petrol pumps etc., that are found
  suitable by Bank for installation of ATM. The participant should provide
  credentials to meet investment and operational cost. Decision of the bank shall
  be binding and final.


  Bank shall have the discretion to select or reject a particular site offered by the
  prospective participant, without assigning any reason.


  The participant will be entitled for per-successful-transaction income (Rs.11* for
  Cash withdrawal & Rs.4* for Balance Enquiry) from the Bank. * including
  service tax


  In case the participant is not able to submit details on-line, he may send his
  application form(available at our web site the following
  address. A Demand Draft/Pay Order of Rs. 1000/- in favor of “PUNJAB
  NATIONAL BANK”, payable at New Delhi is required to be submitted towards
  processing fee for each site by all applicants whether on-line(with registration no.)
  or through submission of application form. The processing fee shall be non-
  refundable even if his/her application is not considered by the bank. The last
  date for submission of application is 30-04-2006.

  The Chief
  Punjab National Bank, 4th Floor,
  Back Office Operations Division,
  HO:5, Sansad Marg,
  New Delhi-110001

  The participants agree that they bear obligations as mentioned herein.

  8.1 Participant’s obligations

  The participant shall:

     i.      Procure ATM, install, get site prepared as per specifications. An area of
             about 80 Sq, feet is required to install an ATM.
     ii.     Provide single point of contact for ATM services.
     iii.    Make available the roof rights for V-SAT installation at the site, wherever
     iv.     Manage day to day maintenance of ATM and all other related equipment.
             Provide manpower for management of the services preferably 24x7
             through out.
     v.      Ensure that there is sufficient back up in terms of power and other
             infrastructure, including but not limited to uninterrupted power supply, air-
             conditioners, components / resources at the ATM site for rendering the
             ATM services.
     vi.     ATM should be made live within 2 months of firm offer by Bank.
             Participant shall make a security deposit of Rs. 50,000/- per ATM before
             getting firm order.
     vii.    Preferably provide a comprehensive insurance of the ATM, ATM
             Site and other equipments.
     viii.   Provide security at ATM site.
     ix.     The ATM shall be encumbrance free. In case of attachment of ATMs, the
             participant shall be responsible for the cash that was lying in the ATMs.
     x.      Marketing of the ATM services at local level in order to enhance usage of
             the services and its revenue.
     xi.     Maintain over 99% of uptime of the services throughout the year.
     xii.    Ensure that site shall bear logo, display board, design, publicity material
             of PNB like any other ATM owned by PNB.
     xiii.   Allow the authorized personnel of the Bank including the external
             auditors, consultants etc. to visit the ATM site.
     xiv.    Pay service taxes and other applicable taxes.
     xv.     The participant selected will enter into an agreement for the purpose.

  8.2 Banks’ Obligations

  The Bank shall:

     i.      Assist the participant by providing the technical specifications and Banks’
             approved rates for the ATMs (selected models), ATM site preparation,
             Air conditioners and other equipments. The participant will procure the
             equipments as per technical specifications approved by the Bank.
     ii.     Monitor remotely each ATM for its functioning.
     iii.    Provide necessary connectivity for connecting the ATM to its ATM
             switch. All usage and other charges relating to connectivity will be borne
             by the Bank.
     iv.     Monitoring and maintenance of the connectivity between the ATM and its
             ATM Switch.
     v.      Provide and replenish cash at the ATM.
     vi.   Take care of the ATM card issuance / management related work and
           also handle its customer queries and complaints pertaining to the Bank.
     vii. Reconciliation & settlement of transactions shall be done by Bank
     viii. Procure the necessary license/authorization from Reserve Bank of India.
     ix. The license/authorization for ATM services shall be in the name of the


  Bank and the participant shall enter into an agreement (including service level
  agreement) for providing the ATM services. The service engagement shall be for
  3 years period from the date of launch of services at the designated site. After 3
  years, the Bank may renew the contract on same terms & conditions or buy back
  the ATMs along with site infrastructure at mutually agreeable terms. The
  participant shall not use the site for ATMs of other Bank atleast for one year after
  termination of the contract.

  In case of violation of any terms, bank can terminate the services and/or levy
  suitable penalty commensurate with the quantum of loss (tangible or intangible)
  to the bank. Bank shall not be responsible for loss, if any to the participant on
  account of termination etc.


  I/We accept the terms & conditions of the scheme in letter & spirit.



I/ We have gone through your scheme for installing ATMs under PNB Bhagidari Yojna.
I/ We offer installation of ATM(s) at following site(s).

1. PERSONAL DETAILS                                         Filed marked * are mandatory

Applicant’s Name *
Address *
Telephone(with STD Code)*


Area (Sq. Feet) *
Site Address*
Other Details


Demand Draft/Payorder No.

I/We accept the terms & conditions of the scheme in letter & spirit

Place :

Date :                                                                        Signature
$ In case of more sites, attach additional sheet(s) giving details of each site in same format.

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