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					1. List the seven characteristics of living things. (10) a. Reproduction b. Growth and Development c. Life Cycle d. Response to environment e. Nourishment f. Remove Waste g. Respiration 2. What does photosynthesis do? (5) a. Photosynthesis is the process in which energy is released into an ecosystem. 3. Write the chemical formula for photosynthesis and explain it clearly. (10) CO2 + H20 Light C6 H12 O6+O2 a. Carbon dioxide and water bond with light to produce glucose, oxygen, and releases energy for life functions. 5. Write the chemical formula for cellular respiration and explain it clearly. (10) C6 H12 O6+O2 CO2 + H20 a. Glucose and oxygen bond to yield carbon dioxide, water, and energy for life functions. 6. Describe each step of the scientific method. (10)

P,R,H,E,C,P a. Problem b. Research c. Hypothesis d. Experiment e. Conclusion f. Publish 13. Explain the difference between active and passive transport. (5) Active transport requires the use of energy, passive transport requires no energy. 15.
B b B BB Bb b Bb bb


16.Explain which allele is dominate and state the genotype of the parents as well as the phenotype displayed by the parents. (5) B, or Brown eyes are dominant, possible genotypes are BB, bb, or Bb. Possible phenotypes are Brown eyes or blue eyes. 17.Give the percentages for each possible genotype of the offspring and give the percentages for each possible phenotype of the offspring. (5) BB=25% Brown eyes=75%

Bb=50% bb=25%

Blue eyes=25%

18.Separate Sheet (15) 30. Describe two survival advantages to being an ocean drifter. (6) Increased genetic diversity Increased geographic range 31. Why do so many marine organisms reproduce in such high numbers? (2) They have a high mortality rate. 32. Describe 3 special adaptations of the sargasm fish to its environment. (6) Camouflage Large Stomach Prehensile Fins

33. (10)
C S G1 M G1 G1 G2 Single cell completes the process of becoming two new cells Dna is copied Rapid growth Cell is going through the reproductive process of dividing Major portion of cells life Routine cell functions Cell is going through chemical processes to get ready to divide

G1=Growth Phase 1 S=Synthesis G2=Growth Phase 2 M=Mitosis C=Cytokinesis

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