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					                                 PI LIEN AGREEMENT
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This agreement is made between DefensePro, Inc. and the below signed client and attorney.

LIEN The parties agree that DefensePro, Inc. has a lien on all claims and causes of action of client for which the attorney
represents the client, and on all proceeds of any recovery, whether by settlement, arbitration award, or court judgment. The
lien will secure payment of all amounts owed by client to DefensePro, Inc. for photocopy and services rendered to attorney
on behalf of client. Client hereby authorizes DefensePro, Inc. to take any reasonable actions to implement this agreement.

DEFERRAL OF PAYMENT Payment of amounts owed to DefensePro, Inc. are deferred until resolution of client's claim
and DefensePro, Inc. is paid amounts owing, or until it is determined that there will be no recovery and DefensePro , Inc.
receives written notification that there will be no recovery. The determination that there shall be no recovery shall include
the decision by the client to not pursue the claim further or the loss of right to pursue the claim by any statute of limitations
or the decision by the attorney not to represent the client regarding the claim. The balance of the lien shall collect interest
at the rate of 10% per annum from the date of the first billing until paid in full.

ATTORNEY'S RESPONSIBILITY Attorney acknowledges notice of the lien granted herein and will honor the lien by
paying the funds secured immediately after the proceeds of any recovery are received by attorney. No amounts shall be paid
to client until the full amount owed to DefensePro, Inc. is held in trust by the attorney. To the extent that amounts owed are
not paid out of the proceeds of any recovery, or if there is no recovery, or if the client does not pursue the case, the amounts
shall be paid by the attorney. The attorney and the client are jointly and severally responsible for all amounts owed. If it is
determined that there will be no recovery the attorney shall give written notification to DefensePro, Inc. along with the
current name and address of the client

CLIENT'S RESPONSIBILITY FOR PAYMENT Notwithstanding any other provision of this agreement, client shall
remain responsible for payment of all amounts owed. To the extent that amounts owed are not paid out of the proceeds of
any recovery, or if there is no recovery, they must be paid by the client as soon as it is determined that there will be no

DIRECTION TO ATTORNEY Client hereby directs attorney to honor this lien and to pay the funds secured from the
proceeds of any recovery.

CHANGE OF ATTORNEY If the client substitutes another attorney for the undersigned attorney the client shall
immediately give a copy of this lien to the new attorney and direct the new attorney to honor this agreement. The client shall
immediately notify DefensePro, Inc. in writing of the name and address of the new attorney.

DISPUTE If a dispute arises between any of the parties regarding any aspect of this agreement or its implementation, the
parties agree to submit the matter to arbitration. Pending resolution of the dispute, the attorney shall hold the disputed
amount in a trust account.

ATTORNEY'S FEE The prevailing party in any action or proceedings to enforce any provision of this agreement shall be
paid reasonable attorney's fees and costs incurred in that action or proceedings or in efforts to negotiate the matter.



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