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                              Government of India
                              Ministry of Textiles
            Office of the Development Commissioner (Handicrafts)
                            [National Award Section]

                                              West Block No. VII, R.K. Puram,
                                                         New Delhi- 110066.
                                                Dated: 15th December, 2009


     National Award Entries – 2009 are to be invited as per the following

     1. Advertisement in Newspapers                    By 15th December,
     2.   Issuing of Circular to Central/State/        By 15th December,
          Field Offices                                2009
     3.   Last date for submission of entries at By 31st January,
          Zonal/State Level.                           2010
     4.   Selection meetings at Zonal/State Level      By   15th   April,
     5.   Submission of selected entries along with By      30th   April,
          affidavit and duly filled in application and 2010
          recommendation to Hqrs. Level Selection
          Committee at New Delhi.
     6.   Selection at Hqrs. by the Hqrs. Level By          15th   June,
          Selection Committees.                        2010

  1. The Composition of State Level Selection Committee will remain the
     same as given in the scheme. As per the existing procedure, the State
     Level Selection Committee will make the short-listing of entries and
     the selection should be completed within the stipulated date i.e. by
     31st May, 2010.

  2. Before conducting State Level meetings, a preliminary meeting should
     be convened to analyze the quality of the items. NGOs, Voluntary
     Organizations and other field offices should be closely associated to
     procure items of excellence.

3. The offices namely HM&SECs, DICs, RD&TDCs and Regional Offices
   who are the first recipients of the applications and entries from the
   artisans and weavers contesting for the award, shall be responsible for
   thorough scrutiny of all documents submitted by the contestants for
   the award and will also exercise due diligence to physically verify the
   bonafides of the applicants.

4. The particulars of the applicants who are existing State Awardees or
   National Merit Certificate holders or who belong to the family of
   existing awardees, need to be thoroughly checked, particularly for
   verifying whether the applicant possesses the required craft skill
   needed for producing the item he/she has submitted for award. This
   verification process must be undertaken and completed well before the
   convening of the meetings of the respective State level Selection

5. The respective State level Selection Committees shall undertake and
   complete the short listing process latest by 31th May, 2010.

6. Immediately after the conclusion of short listing process by the
   respective State level Selection Committees, the Convener of these
   Committees namely the Regional Director of the Office of DC
   (Handicrafts) shall undertake another verification process in respect of
   only those applications/entries of the artisans, which have been
   shortlisted by the respective State level committees.

7. In the event any discrepancy comes to notice or a dispute arises
   during this verification process, the same shall be brought to the
   notice of the respective State level Committees for appropriate decision
   in the matter/resolution of the dispute.

8. It has also been decided that certain number of Awards should be set
   apart for languishing crafts and for innovative techniques.
   State/Central Corporations/Voluntary organizations working in the
   field should be requested to sponsor entries.

9. In the composition of the State Level Committees meant for
   Handicrafts, Assistant Director Marketing & Service Extension Centre,
   Office of the Development Commissioner (Handicrafts) need not be
   included, though their assistance in the mobilizing suitable entries
   and for publicity may be obtained.

10. It has also been decided that wherever handicrafts Corporations,
   Central Cottage Industries Corporations and Crafts Councils have
   their offices, their respective members may invariably be included in
   the State Level Selection Committees. There should be at least one
   design expert in the Committee. The composition of State Level
   Committee may be forwarded to this office.

11. It is emphasized that sincere efforts would be made to locate
   outstanding craft persons practicing crafts, which may not have been
   recognized so far. As you are aware, the first criterion for selection is
   the craftsperson’s total contribution to the enrichment of the craft and
   his background of traditional craft. While forwarding the entries,
   attempts should be made to bring before the State level Selection
   Committees, documentation of the total contribution of the artisans in
   a manner that will make the actual sample submitted, illustrative of
   the craftsperson’s skill. The entries having high standard of quality
   and workmanship should only be recommended to the Hqrs. Level
   Selection Committee.

12. With a view to give wide publicity, it should be ensured that adequate
   projection is made through the State Agencies viz. State Industries
   Department/ State Handicrafts Corporations, so that information
   about the scheme reaches even the remotest interiors of the districts

13. As conveners of the State Selection Committees, the Regional
   Directors should send, in respect of the shortlisted entries, all details
   including original documents furnished by the applicant artisan, duly
   verified and complete in all respects specifically indicating that the
   Conveners of the respective Committees have conducted the second
   stage verification process for the entries being recommended. These
   entries along with Minutes of the Selection Committee Meetings
   indicating that entries being recommended have been verified by the
   respective Conveners of the Committee, should be sent through
   representatives of the State Governments so as to reach the Head
   Offices of the Office of DC (Handicrafts) within the stipulated period. It
   may be kept in mind that the number of entries short-listed by State
   Level Committee should not exceed 10 Nos in respect of each

     14. It may also be mentioned that this being a time bound programme,
        immediate efforts should be made for wide publicity for entries. This
        office is inserting newspaper advertisements all over India through
        DAVP. Besides, the Directorates of Industries/Handicrafts and
        concerned District Level Officers may also be contacted.

     15. It is also suggested that an Affidavit may be taken from concerned
        craftsperson stating that he/she is submitting entry on his/her own
        risk and in case of any damage, etc. during transportation and
        unforeseen event. The Central Government will not be liable to pay any

        A copy of the revised guidelines is enclosed for compliance.

     This issues       with   the   approval    of   De velopment   Commissioner

Enclosed: Revised Guidelines
                                                                    (S.B. Singh)
                                               Deputy Director (National Award)
                                                         Telephone : 26103708
     1. All Regional Directors, O/O DC (HC). Kolkata, Chennai, Guwahati,
        Mumbai, Lucknow and New Delhi for kind information and necessary

     2. All RDTDCs and ADs of HM&SECs, Office of DC(H) for kind
        information and necessary action.

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