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Worldwide ATM Market: Regional Analysis

Description:    ATMs have changed, in many ways, the way an individual interacts with the bank and conducts his
                banking transactions. Most of one’s banking needs can now be conducted through that small kiosk,
                known as Automated Teller Machine (ATM) and seldom one needs to go to the bank. Even more,
                now people can recharge their mobiles through an ATM, the ATM provides you with tickets and new
                offers and serves as a marketing terminal too.

                ATMs have made the transactions easy and quick. They have reduced cost and increased customer
                satisfaction. Seeing the huge success and acceptance of ATMs, other industries have also adapted
                to the self-service kiosks.

                ATMs deployed outside bank premises are increasing as compared to the ones deployed within the
                bank premises. Retail ATMs have gained popularity as the business model of ATMs at retail space
                has become attractive. ATMs are now being used as a tool to attract customers towards the bank
                and the place where ATM is deployed is becoming critically important.

                Most of the recent developments in the ATM industry are related to the new technological
                developments and software. New features and utilities are being added to the ATMs. Regionally
                Asia has taken over the North America, reaching maturity, as the largest market and is also driving
                the market growth.

                The report has analyzed the various aspects of an ATM like the technologies, functionality and the
                cost of operating an ATM. The industry has been analyzed on a global as well regional basis,
                discussing major markets like Asia, US and Europe. The recent market developments are also
                discussed including market drivers, trends and new products and technologies. The top three ATM
                manufacturers have been profiled, with a discussion of their key business strategies.

Contents:       1. Market Overview

                1.1   ATMs
                1.2   Electronic Payments
                1.3   Self Service Market
                1.4   ATM Functionality and Costs

                2. Global ATM Market Size

                Global ATM base – Growth Rate
                Market Share
                Market Value by Region

                2.1 Asia Pacific Market
                2.1.1 China

                3. US Market

                Growth in ATMs
                ATM Transaction Volume
                Top ATM Owners

                4. European ATM Market

                4.1 CEE Market

                ATM Installed Base
                Manufacturer Market Share
4.2 Western European ATM Market

ATM Installed Base
Manufacturer Market Share

5. Market Developments

5.1 Market Drivers
5.1.1 New Technologies and Enhanced Functionality
5.1.2 Surcharge Fees

5.2 Market Trends
5.2.1 Second Line Maintenance Mostly Outsourced
5.2.2 Windows XP Replaces NT as Popular ATM Operating System
5.2.3 Cash on Rise as Consumers Work to Control Debt

5.3 New Products & Technologies
5.3.1 EMV Instant Issuance Solution
5.3.2 Remote Key Load Solution
5.3.3 Virtual Technician Eliminates Maintenance Cost

6. Competition

Market Share - Banking ATM Market
Market Share - Retail (EPOS) segment

7. Company Profile

7.1 NCR Corporation

Business Strategies
Revenue Growth
Build a Competitive Cost Structure
Optimize Capital Structure

7.2 Diebold

Business Strategies
Expanding in High-growth Areas
Diversification of Customers and Security Solutions
Building Value

7.3 Wincor Nixdorf

Business Strategies
Leader in Innovation
Increasing Market Share Globally

8. Market Outlook

List of Tables

Global Payment Transactions by Mode (2004/09E)
Regional distribution of ATM Installations
Bank & Non-bank ATM Machines Installed in US (2007)
ATM Operating Mix (2006 vs. 2008E)
Growth in Western European ATM Installed Base (2002-06)
European Off-site ATM Installations (2001-06)
Market Share Growth in Banking ATM Market (1994-2006)
            Market Share Growth in Retail (EPOS) Segment (1994-2006)
            Regional & Global Market Shares in Banking ATM (2006)
            Regional & Global Market Shares in Retail (EPOS) (2006)
            Projected Growth Rate for ATM Expenditure & Software/IT Service (2007-11)

            List of Charts

            Electronic Payments Groupings
            Self-service Market Satisfaction Survey
            Location and Deployment of ATM
            Functions in an ATM Machine
            Breakup of Cost of Operation per ATM
            Worldwide Electronic Payments Growth by Region (1999-2009E)
            Growth in Global ATM Base (2006-08)
            Global Market Share of Leading Players (2007-08)
            Regional Division of Global ATM Market (2007)
            Regional ATM Installation Growth (2005/11E)
            Growth in ATMs in US (1996-2006)
            ATM Transactions in US (1996-2006)
            Monthly Average ATM Transactions in US (1996-2006)
            Top ATM Owners in US (2007)
            Banking Methods Used by Americans (2006)
            ATM Installed Base in CEE Market (2003-07)
            Manufacturer Market Share of CEE ATM Installed Base (2006)
            Western European Manufacturer Market Share of ATM Installed Base (2006)
            Growth in On-Site ATMs Vs Off-Branch ATMS in US (1996-2006)
            Outsourcing of ATM Service/Maintenance functions in Western Europe (2006)
            Outsourcing of ATM Service and Maintenance functions in CEE Market (2007)
            Sales Growth of NCR Corporation (2003-07)
            Sales Growth of Diebold (2003-07)
            Sales Growth of Wincor Nixdorf (2004-08)
            Global ATM Base Growth Forecast (2005-11E)

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