Minutes of Directors Meeting by BrittanyGibbons


									Minutes of Directors' Meeting

The directors of ________________ held [choose one: a/an] [choose one: annual/regular/special] meeting on ____________ at __________________. The meeting began at ____________ and ended at _____________. 1. Notice. A copy of the notice of the meeting sent on _____________ to each director by [choose one: first-class mail/certified mail] is attached. [ ] The meeting was called by __________________. 2. Quorum. The following directors, constituting a quorum, were present: __________. 3. Actions Taken. The directors took the following actions: [ ] The minutes of the [choose one: annual/regular/special] directors' meeting held on ______________ were approved. [ ] The directors took the following actions: _____________________.

Dated: _________________

By: _________________________________ Printed Name of Secretary: ___________________ Secretary of _________________

Minutes of Directors' Meeting

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