Authorization Letter for Bank Account

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					Troop Bank Account Authorization Letter

Today’s Date _____________________________

Girl Scout Troop # _________________________

Troop Leader’s Name ______________________              Tax ID Number 38-1598947

Address __________________________ City ____________________ Zip __________

Phone Number ___________________ e-mail address ___________________________

Account Co-Signer’s Name ___________________________Position _______________

Address _________________________ City ____________________ Zip __________

Phone Number ___________________ e-mail address ___________________________

To Whom It May Concern:

The above-mentioned individuals have been authorized by Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan to open a “Troop
Checking Account,” provided that all information above is complete and the account is opened by two (2) unrelated
parties. Although GSSEM requires two unrelated parties to open an account, we only require one signature on any given
check. GSSEM also allows the use of troop debit cards by either party to the account. However, it is the responsibility of
the aforementioned individuals to adhere to the policies of this organization and those of your establishment to ensure
sound financial practices.

Additionally, this letter should authorize the change of the “Council’s” name on accounts to GSSEM.

Note: No accounts can be closed without authorization from the “Council” Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan.

This form should be completed and returned to your Service Unit Manager (SUM), please include:
Bank Name _______________________________
Bank Address _____________________________________________________
Bank Account Number ______________________________________________


Joanne Candela
Joanne Candela
Chief Financial Officer, GSSEM

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