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					                                            Athletic Resume
                                           #10 Peter Ashton
 Quarterback/Free Safety/Punter/Kicker/Punt Return/ Kick Return

                                                   SCHOOL CONTACTS
                                                   Kris Hogan
                                                   Athletic Director / Head Coach
                                                   730 E. Worth St.
                                                   Grapevine, Texas 76051

                                                   Drew Sells
                                                   Offensive Coordinator
                                                   730 E. Worth St.
                                                   Grapevine, Texas 76051
Peter Ashton                             
1209 Limestone Creek Drive
Keller, Texas 76248                                Michelle Taylor
Email:                   Guidance Counselor
Cell: (817) 455-0485                               730 E. Worth St.
Fax: (817) 337-1339                                Grapevine, Texas 76051
Home # (817) 337-3988                              817-442.9144
Height: 6’ 3”      Weight: 200
                                                   COMMUNITY AND EXTRACURRICULAR
40: 4.55
                                                   Community Service Hours: 55
Birth Date: 11/25/92
HIGH SCHOOL                                        NCAA Clearinghouse ID: 0907166523
Grapevine Faith Christian School                   Primary Position: QB Secondary Position: Free Safety
730 E. Worth St., Grapevine, Texas 76051           Special Teams: Punter, Kicker, Punt Return, Kick Return

GPA: 3.13                                          Other Sports:
SAT: Scheduled 03/13/10                            Track – 110 Hurdles, 300m Hurdles, Long Jump, Triple
ACT: Scheduled 04/10/10                            Jump
                                                   Soccer – Forward
                                                   Baseball – SS, P, C, 1B, 2B, 3B, OF
Sports Medicine, Kinesiology
                                            Athletic Resume
                                           #10 Peter Ashton
 Quarterback/Free Safety/Punter/Kicker/Punt Return/ Kick Return

ATHLETIC AWARDS                                    ATHLETIC ACCOMPLISHMENTS
Football                                                                         Rushing
2009: TAPPS 5A 1st Team All-State Free Safety            YR       ATT      YDS       AVG       TDS     YPG    LG
2009: TAPPS 5A 1st Team All-District QB                 2009      174      914       5.3        8      76.2   62
2009: TAPPS 5A 1st Team All-District Free Safety        2008      96       650       6.8        8      54.2
2009: TAPPS 5A 2nd Team All-District Punter             2007      54       496       9.2        6      45.1
2008: TAPPS 5A Newcomer of the Year
2007: TAPPS 4A State Runner-up                                                   Passing
Baseball                                                    YR       GMS       CMP       ATT     YDS     AVG
2010: TAPPS All-State – Pitcher & Center Field             2009       12        56       117     960     8.2
Soccer                                                     2008       12        21       60      443     7.4
2008-2009: TAPPS 5A 2nd Team All-District                  2007       14        35       73      535     7.3
2007-2008: TAPPS 4A 2nd Team All-District
2007-2008: TAPPS 4A State Champion                              TDS      INT      YPG      PCT       QBR
2007-2008: TAPPS 4A State Soccer Champion All                   12         5       80      47.9      142
Tournament team                                                 9          6      36.9      35       127
Track                                                           9          6      48.6     47.9      134
2008: TAPPS 4A District Champion 300M Hurdles
2008: TAPPS 4A Overall Team State Champion                                       Defense
2007-2008: Lake Worth Meet                                               YR INT TKL             PD
       4A – 300M Hurdle Champion                                        2008 2  30              10
       4A – 110M Hurdle Champion
       4A – 1600M Relay Champion
                                                   Miscellaneous Information:
Dad:                                               2009 ran Veer Offense Playoff Round 2
Bill Ashton                                        2008 ran Veer Offense Playoff Round 2
1209 Limestone Creek Drive                         2007 ran Spread Offense as a 14 year old for the State
Keller, Texas 76248                                Runner-up
Cell: (817) 401-0021                               League:
                                                   TAPPS 5A - Texas Assn. of Private and Parochial Schools
Anne Ashton                                        Career Wins-Losses 23-10
1209 Limestone Creek Drive
Keller, Texas 76248                             PLAYING STYLE:
Cell: (817) 401-7388
Home: (817) 337-3988                               Peter is a true competitor that leaves it all on the field. By
Fax: (817) 337-1337                                having the opportunity to play Quarterback, Free Safety,
                                             Athletic Resume
                                            #10 Peter Ashton
 Quarterback/Free Safety/Punter/Kicker/Punt Return/ Kick Return

Punter, Kicker, Place Kicker, Punt Return and Kick       open field. His best attribute is his instinctive change of
return, he never leaves the field, so he understands     direction and great vision in eluding defenders.
where everyone else is supposed to be and more
importantly, what their roles are. He gets the big
picture. Peter leads by example and is the toughest      Field Vision:
competitor on the field. He stays after practice
working with his running backs and receivers not         He makes quick decisive decisions in both the running and
only throwing the ball working on patterns and           passing aspects of the game. Has the natural ability to see
timing but teaching the receivers proper mechanics.      situations before they develop. This is best utilized when
                                                         going through his passing progressions and in any situation
As a Quarterback, he has learned to appreciate the       where he runs the ball.
nuainces of the game at an early age. Though he
would prefer to fight for every yard, he understands     He is always a threat to take it the distance on Punt and
total clock management, both saving precious             Kick Off returns. Many teams will not kick him the ball,
seconds, and when necessary using them up.               choosing instead to concede chunks of yardage, rather
                                                         than chance his touching the ball.
In 2009, after the Varsity practices, he has also
stayed to help the Faith Christian School 6th grade      Hands:
youth Football program working with the QB’s and
                                                         Has large soft hands that can grip and catch the ball in
receivers so they learn the system, proper
                                                         even the worst of conditions. Passes roll off his hands
mechanics, and fundamentals of the offense and
                                                         naturally in tight spirals. He catches naturally with hands
                                                         away from his body. This is his best kept secret. He
Size:                                                    catches the ball as well as anybody, playing anywhere on
                                                         Saturdays. Truly, big time hands.
Tall (6’2”) Muscular frame, big hands, Long arms and
long legs. Weight is 180 Lbs with Strong Hip girdle      Body Control:
and core.
                                                         He is a multi-sport athlete, plays Football, Soccer (2007
Speed:                                                   State Championship), Baseball (P,C,SS,OF,IF,1B), Track
                                                         (300M hurdles, 110 Hurdles and long jump) and has also
Deceptive speed with long smooth strides, Stretches      played basketball. His skills are evident in his footwork,
the field. He runs by defenders who look like they       body control and hand/eye coordination.
are running faster. Runs a 4.5 40yd as verified at the
Payton manning QB camp in July 2009.                     Arm Strength and Passing Abilities:

                                                         He has an extremely strong arm in regards to velocity. He
Running Ability:
                                                         can throw every type of pass consistently and with
Quick and agile, hard to bring down, tough runner,       accuracy. Gifted with a naturally quick release and can
slides through small creases and accelerates into the    deliver ball from all sorts of angles. He’s worked diligently
                                                Athletic Resume
                                               #10 Peter Ashton
 Quarterback/Free Safety/Punter/Kicker/Punt Return/ Kick Return

on mechanics but 95% of what he does throwing, he
was born with.

Kicking and Punting Abilities:

Kickoffs routinely land inside the 10yd line

Punts are long with good hang time in the 40-45 yd

Hitting Ability:

Peter is one of those players you would classify as
explosive. Like many great players, he has that
uncanny knack of timing that generates incredible
explosion at the point of impact. He has literally
knocked multiple players out of high school games.


Peter is an unselfish, intrinsically motivated team
player. As a freshman (Age 14), he carried the
Varsity passing duties in the Spread Offense after a
shoulder injury to the Senior QB, and played in the
2007 State Championship Game, rushing for the
longest score of the game. The following two years
he has lead the team to play-off appearances despite
the school opting up to play basically two
classifications above their true enrollment.

The quote that best describes his attitude and
leadership style is from the August 26, 2009 Forth
Worth Star Telegram Newspaper when he is the only
returning starter on both Offense and Defense in the
5A Large School District. It read “You think a lot
about loosing your whole offense, but you adapt to it
and you learn to love the guys around you” QB –
Peter Ashton

He is a true competitor, teammate, and leader with a
teachable spirit.

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