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					                             Bank Authorization Letter
This form is required for all financial institutions where the Dealership does business.

To Whom It May Concern:
In order to enable the dealership to do business with Deanco Auto Auction, the dealership
must authorize Deanco Auto Auction to do the following:

   Release to Deanco Auto Auction credit information.
   Include the information contained in the attached Bank Reference Letter regarding
    my dealership and its business checking accounts and other accounts as requested by
    Deanco Auto Auction.

This information will be used for business purposes with Deanco Auto Auction.

Bank Name:           ______________________________________________________

Account #:           _____________________________ ABA #: ________________

Contact Name:        ______________________________________________________

Telephone #:         __________________________ Fax # : _____________________

Bank Address:        ______________________________________________________

Dealership Name:      ______________________________________________________

Dealership Address: ______________________________________________________

Your prompt attention in ans wering their Bank Reference Letter will be greatly


Title: ________________                        ___________________________
                                              Printed Name of Dealership Owner/Officer

                                               Signature of Dealership Owner/Officer

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