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									How To Resign From A Teaching Position: The Right Contents Of A Resignation Letter

                              When considering how to resign from a teaching position, you must follow
                              a specific and rightful procedure. One thing you would be required to do is
                              to hand over a resignation letter. This is in fact the hardest letter to write
                              because it is a sort of goodbye to your employer and workplace.

                               If you have been considering to resign from teaching, yet are having a hard
                               time drafting your letter of resignation, you just came in the right place. I
do understand the situation you are in and everyone who has undergone the same can also empathize
with you. But even if it is the most difficult letter to write, furnishing one is a must. And it is common
protocol to hand over this kind of writing to the school principal or your school supervisor. In line with
that, here are the right contents that must be included when writing one.

Content 1: The reason why. In the event that you have no idea about how to resign from a teaching
position, the resignation letter is a key to realize this. The initial things that must be present in it are the
factors or causes why you will leave. You should be duly honest here but in ways that you are certain
your principal or other people will not be hurt. Don’t blame anyone with your resignation. Put aside
personal feelings. If a great job has cross your path, state that and not the items the institution can’t
provide you with. At least give some decency and professionalism in your letter and don’t bash anyone’s
name or failures on it.

Content 2: The job. This is a very important part in any teacher’s resignation letter. If you had decided to
leave the occupation while school is going on, ensure that your work has been finished properly.
Compose on a separate paper the responsibilities that you'll leave behind and the colleagues that will
handle it. Whenever possible, enumerate and stipulate everything so the school will be confident that
there will be no students or lessons left behind upon your absence.

Content 3: The time. In a resignation letter, it is but right to also inform the administrators the particular
day when you will leave. Do not write the abrupt date. Whenever possible allow weeks and months. It's
often extremely tough to find new teachers as well as substitute teachers. It is therefore advised that
you pursue your leave at the end of the school year or the term.

These are just a few of the items your resignation letter must have duly prepared. There are actually
others like a thanks paragraph and the like. As an add-on note make your letter short, concise and
straightforward. With all of these as your back-up, I am certain you realize how to resign from a teaching

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