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Personal information
           First name(s) /    Darundiyo Pandupitoyo
               Address(es)    Rungkut Harapan E9, Surabaya 3052, Indonesia
              Telephone(s)    +6231-70274007                         Mobile:   +6281331313093
                   Fax(es)    -

                Nationality   Indonesia

              Date of birth       11-01-1986

                   Gender     Male

Desired employment
 / Occupational field

    Work experience Teacher, Secretary II of NGO, Journalist
          Years and Dates     Teacher (2007-now), Secretary 2nd(2006-now), Journalist (2007-2008)
Occupation or position held   Teacher and Secretary II
        Main activities and   Teach on several social subjects such as Anthropology, Sociology,
           responsibilities   History, and Civics. Beside that, I also working at one NGO in Indonesia
                              as secretary 2nd in Yayasan Lingkungan Indonesia (YLI). My job at YLI is
                              always arrange all kind of activities of this NGO in environmental field.
      Name and address of     Primagama Kedungcowek, Surabaya and Yayasan Lingkungan Indonesia
 Type of business or sector   Education and Environmental consultant/ NGO

        Education and Education:
             training Bachelor Degree in Anthropology, Airlangga University
                              Journalistic Training, training of ISO 9001:2000, outfield lecture/ unity
                              with society, training of Belia Mabims in South East Asian scale, Training
                              of Teacher.
                      Dates      Education
                                                                 Institution Name             Period of
                                      Education Name
                                                                     University of
                                 BA in Anthropology                                          2004-2008

                                         Name of Training                         Period of Training
                                 1    Journalistic Training                th
                                                                        30 March – 1st April 2007
                                 2.   Training of ISO                   7th April 2007
                                 3.   9001:2000                         18thFebruary – 15thMarch
                                      outfield lecture/ unity           2008
                                 4.   with society
                                      training of Belia                 7 – 10th November 2007
                                 5.   Mabims in South East
                                      Asian scale                       8 -18th December 2007
                                      Training of Teacher
       Title of qualification         Education Name             Institution Name           Title
                   awarded                                         University of             S.
                                 BA in Anthropology
                                                                      Airlangga             Sos

                                              Name of Training                  Title
                                 1         Journalistic Training        No Tittle
                                 2.        Training of ISO              No Tittle
                                 3.        9001:2000                    No Tittle
                                           outfield lecture/ unity
                                 4.        with society                 No Tittle
                                           training of Belia
                                 5.        Mabims in South East         No Tittle
                                           Asian scale
                                           Training of Teacher
                  Principal            •    Teaching in Social Subjects
subjects/occupational skills           •    Arrange a Social Activity
        Name and type of          Education                 Institution Name              type of organisation
    organisation providing          Name
    education and training           BA in
                                                        University of Airlangga                University

                                 N                                Name and type of organisation providing
                                           Name of Training
                                 o                                                 education
                                 1         Journalistic          Retorika – Journalistic Organization
                                 2.        Training              Trembezy – company that sell method of
                                           Training of ISO       understanding ISO 9002:2001
                                 3.        9001:2000             University of Airlangga - University
                                           outfield lecture/
                                 4.        unity with society    Religion Department of Indonesia – one of
                                           training of Belia     Government Bodies in Republic of
                                           Mabims in South       Indonesia
                                 5.        East Asian scale
                                           Training of           Primagama – Non Government Educational
                                           Teacher               Intitution
        Level in national or     Education                 Institution Name                         Level
 international classification      Name
                                    BA in
                                                        University of Airlangga                    National

                                        Name of Training                    Level
                                1       Journalistic              National
                                2.      Training                  National
                                        Training of ISO
                                3.      9001:2000                 National
                                        outfield lecture/
                                4.      unity with society        International
                                        training of Belia
                                        Mabims in South
                                5.      East Asian scale          National
                                        Training of

  Personal skills and Leadership, High Academic Skills I Social Science, having good social
       competences relationship with anyone, drawing, singing, up to date with newest world

        Mother tongue(s)        Indonesian Language (National), Javanese Language

       Other language(s)        English
         Self-assessment                Understanding                             Speaking                       Writing
                                      Listening         Reading              Spoken            Spoken
                                                                           interaction        production

                                 1.      Good      1.    Very good    1.     Very good   1.    Very good    1.     Good
English Language
                                 2.    Very Good   2.    Very Good    2.    Very Good    2.    Very Good    2.    Very Good
n Language

          Social skills and     Good social relationship with another, Politeness, understand the newest
            competences         world information

 Organisational skills and      Leadership, good planner, good surveyor in qualitative method, having
            competences         good analysis

      Technical skills and      Good planner, having good analysis, expert in qualitative method

     Computer skills and        Can operate Windows Operating System, Microsoft Office, and internet

         Artistic skills and    Drawing all of objects, singing, playing guitar

          Other skills and      Having good communication in Indonesian and English both passive and
            competences         active

           Driving licence      Indonesian driving licence for car and motorcycle (SIM A and C)
  Additional Reference person:
information Nur Octorise SDS (F, 23 years)
               Penjaringan Asri 1/ J46
               Surabaya City
               Phone: +6281331313216

               Drg. Tjipto Supiarso (M, 54 Years)
               Mastrip Street no. 9
               Tuban City
               Phone: +6281331410382

               DR. Mangestuti Agil (F, 46 Years)
               Kedungcowek 64
               Phone: +6281331921251

   Annexes Letter of Reference from NGO Yayasan Lingkungannd
                                                           Indonesia/ Indonesian
               Environment Foundation (YLI) that I working as a 2 secretary in
               SI certificate,
               2nd champion of the most intellectual student in faculty’s certificate,
               Training of ISO 9001:2000 certificate,
               Letter of reference from Primagama institution that I am working as a
               Letter of reference from University of Airlangga that I have worked as a
               Certificate of Mesyuarat Belia Mabims Islamic youth organization in South
               East Asia Nation,
               Bachelor degree’s transcript
               Outfield Lecture,
               3rd national champion of caricature in Indonesia,
               joining of university election as faculty admission’s certificate,
               picture that took when I was work as a journalist,
               Research of communal satisfy in Airlangga University.