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					                                             Ayman Ali
                                  9140 Brookshire Ave, Downey, CA 90240
                             Tel: (508) 436-4499

SUMMARY: Microsoft Software Architect and TFS Expert where more than 12 years of software
         architecture, C#, VB.Net, Silverlight and ASP.Net will contribute. Proven skills in business
         process re-engineering, producing architecture artifacts, designing high quality business and
         technical solutions, database modeling; applying best practices and manage implementations on


      Bilingual programmer (C# & VB.Net), learned .Net in Harvard university and posses MCSD in Net
      Expert in Microsoft Team Foundation Server implementation and programming
      Taught C# and Silverlight in Harvard University as a Teacher Assistant
      In-depth knowledge and significant work experience in Microsoft Technologies, primarily .Net
      12 years in banking, trading, financial, hedge fund, and group insurance architecting and implementing
       software solutions in North America and Middle East
      Proven ability in all phases of software development life cycle SDLC, especially in modeling databases,
       gathering requirements, scoping and producing architecture artifacts SRS, SAS, FRS, DDS, EDD, etc.
      Proficiency in relational database management systems
      Used problem-solving skills to turn customers into reference accounts in banking and trade finance
      Strong customer facing skills, Able to deal with difficult customers tactfully and gain trust
      Proven sales ability; able to make presentation and close sales
      Self-starter, work well as a team leader, team member or individual
      Excellent experience managing off shore teams
      Supervisor said ”Since you came, you really made the difference”
      Member of World Wide Institute of Software Architecture (WWISA)
      Frequent traveler and have no geographical restriction
      Speaker person having strong communication and negotiation skills in English, Arabic and French

Languages:         C#, VB.Net, ASP.Net, .Net Framework 3.5, Silverlight, LINQ, VB 6.0, SQL, T-SQL,
                   XQuery, Html, C, C++, XML, COBOL and Javascript
Databases:         Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Oracle, Microsoft Access, Oracle
Technologies:      .Net (Certified), ADO.Net, Web Services, WCF, WPF, ASP, ODBC, Test Driven
                   Development (TDD)
Certificates:      MCSD , MCP C# & VB.Net, MCP.Net in Analysis and Design using .Net Framework
Package Solutions: London Bridge/Fair Isaac - Trade Finance Trade Wind/Phoenix/Debt Manager, Mosaic,
                   Getronics Globalfs, IBM HR Access, Dido Graf, COMPASS
Tools:             Erwin, TFS , Power Designer, UML Visio, Embarcadero Rapid SQL, DB Artisan, Visual
                   Source Safe, Rational Unified Process, Nunit
Operating Systems: UNIX, Solaris, OS/2, Windows Family


ARCHITECT/ANALYST                                                                       Nov 2009 – Present
Kaiser Permanente, Downey, California

      Pioneered the implementation of Team Foundation Server in Kaiser Permanente, setting policies and
       integrating development procedure
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Ayman Ali        (508) 436-4499  

        Architected development from scratch for various health care systems using advanced Microsoft
         technologies including WCF, Javascript, ASP.Net, C#, VB.Net, WPF and Silver light.
        Used advanced C# techniques extensively to write code and support the development architecture
        Integrated TFS2008 and fortify code analysis software to analyze code for security threats overnight and
         report results to developers next day.
        Designed MSMQ load balancing using Big-IP design posted on my blog
        Integrated nightly build with obfuscator and runtime intelligence to prevent reverse engineering.
        Designed and developed backend WCF and middle tier layers to support the system’s SOA architecture
        Used advanced language techniques in C#, VB.Net like lambda expressions, LINQ, delegates,
         dependency injections, inversion of control.
        Used advanced tools like TFS 2008, VS 2008, Expression Web and Expression Blend
        Used Silver light, ASP.Net, CAB, SOA, LINQ in addition to SQL server direct T-SQL

ARCHITECT/ANALYST                                                                      May 2008 – Nov 2009
Arrowstreet Capital, Boston, Massachusetts

        Architected development from scratch for the company’s trading system using advanced Microsoft
         technologies including WCF, Smart Client Software Factory (SCSF), Composite UI Application Block
         (CAB), Enterprise Library Blocks (VAB, EHAB, etc..), C#, VB.Net, WPF and Silver light.
        Used WCF extensively in point-in-time database architecture to preserve all customer and pricing
        Used C# generics, threading and design patterns.
        Designed the company’s WCF deployment including versioning and roll back mechanism.
        Designed the company’s ClickOnce deployment of the modular Composite UI Application Block.
        Designed and implemented automated integration testing for the user interface and backend.
        Used Silver light, ASP.Net, CAB, SOA, LINQ in addition to SQL server direct T-SQL
        Used VB6 experience to migrate legacy application to the latest .Net 3.5, WCF, WPF technologies
        Gathered business requirements and demonstrated conceptual design prototypes to the business
        Deployed and demonstrated the finished product to the business

ARCHITECT/ANALYST                                                                         Sep 2006 – May 2008
SunGard, Natick, Massachusetts

        Architected and managed customizations for the multi-technology COMPASS insurance software
        Gathered requirements, advised clients on site, performed customer training and on-site implementations
        Managed offshore development with developers and testers located in the corporate remote offices
        Designed and developed SmartClient insurance software for FMGlobal using VS 2005, .Net framework
         2.0, WCF, web services, LINQ, C#, ASP.Net and VB.Net
        Used design patterns extensively in 3 tiers applications highly disconnected via ServiceActivator
        Used advanced techniques like SOA and produced highly maintainable code
        Used advanced language features like multithreading, Generics and extension methods
        Used cryptography including public key cryptography and strongly named assemblies extensively
        Developed Unit tests with 100% code coverage using both Nunit and Microsoft Test Framework
        Developed Acceptance tests and used Mocking techniques for both web services and layers
        Used code smith code generator for both code and XML configuration files generation
        Designed and developed user interface using VS 2005, .Net 2.0 specifications, Microsoft patterns and
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Ayman Ali        (508) 436-4499  

        Used CruiseControl.Net, MSBuild and Continuous integration concepts

ARCHITECT/ANALYST                                                                         May 2005 – Sep 2006
Gateway Internet Solutions, Toronto, Ontario

        Architected and developed various internet payment projects, including interfaces with (Visa and ACH)
         payment processors including First American, LLoyeds and DebiTran. Produced logical and physical
         designs for various internet payment interfaces.
        Architected reconciliation, settlement, payment and processor interfaces projects using design patterns
        Mentored, designed and managed the corporate collection system. Selected and evaluated ready made
         collection software and components to interact with our in-house developed system.
        Provided technical and business guidance for ongoing internet payment projects.
        Coded reusable modules using VB.Net 2005, design patterns, Nunit and Microsoft Tests.
        Applied advances SOA principles including SOAP signing and WSE 2.0

APPLICATION ARCHITECT                                                                     Jan 2005 – Apr 2005
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Toronto, Canada

        Architected conversion process and modeled database, to convert 1.6 million accounts from legacy
         systems into "Debt Manager" oracle based system
        Re-engineered conversion mechanism from a two weeks to a one day process
        Used customer facing skills to Interact with business to capture and analyze requirements and test cases
        Provided technical guidance to the team. Making technical decisions
        Modeled data base and wrote database design specifications
        Architected screens and workflow logical and physical designs for CIBC NCS (National Collection
         System) and gained business approval
        Coded reusable modules using VB.Net to generate SQL scripts for installation
        Led teams of up to 40 including DBA's, Developers, testers (Silk Performer) and systems administrators
        Spearheaded the implementation on-site and product mentoring being the most experienced in London
         bridge products
        Pioneered parallel and phased rollout to CIBC and gained approval on this new methodology to roll out
         the product instead of big bang approach
        Worked in a high standard environment of CIBC utilizing Rational Unified Process (RUP) guidelines
         and tools like ClearQuest and RequisitePro

Used Technologies:
      ERWIN, Visio, VB.Net, C#, VB6.0, SQL, Oracle, Debt Manager, MS office, ClearQuest, RUP

APPLICATION ARCHITECT (CONSULTANT)                                                        Mar 2001-Jan 2005
ITS, Toronto, Canada and Various countries

Project 1 – (Commercial Bank of Dubai and Industrial Bank of Kuwait)                      Jan 2003 – Jan 2005
    Spearheaded implementation of TradeWind (LC, LG, Collection) on customer site, gained great
       confidence converting banks into reference accounts dealing tactfully with difficult customers.
    Took immediate actions needed to manage risks, issues, and their impact on delivery schedule
    Designed logical solutions on-customer site and managed development and testing team's off-shore
    Coded reusable multithreaded modules using VB.Net to generate GL rules SQL scripts

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Ayman Ali        (508) 436-4499  

        Managed 8 developers in Egypt and 4 in Dubai as direct reports. Responsibilities include hiring,
         coaching, career developing, mentoring, evaluating performance
        Used MS Project for project plan preparation
        Met with the senior managers of the Trade Finance departments to listen to their concerns and evaluate
         their needs. Installed Fast Bug Track for change management
        Persuaded bank senior executives to go-live in 6 months, half of the original estimate. Received
         commendations from the senior executives and created CBD as a reference account
        Researched, advised and developed needed tools for the bank like Change Branch utility, Miraplacid
         text printer, UNIX windows file synchronizer
        Trained the banks on TradeWind and performed post sales presentations

Project 2 – (Misr Romanian, Dubai Islamic, and Commercial, of Dubai) banks            Mar 2001 – Jan 2003
    Worked off-shore for ITS (15 branches across the Middle East) and gained London Bridge approval.
    Designed 180 Logical and physical Trade Finance features using UML, Power designer and Word
    Designed enhancements for Tradewind (LC, LG, Collection) including workflow, SWIFT, margin,
       security, fees, interface to core banking
    Produced functional specification for screens and component development
    Planned and distributed project assignments with engineering staff. Worked closely with peer architects
       in software development projects
    Designed logical and physical database schemas using ERWIN communicated the design to developers
       and testers
    Traveled overseas to superintend the design during construction advising developers and testers
    Gathered requirements and wrote GAP document for ARBIFT
    Followed CMM Level 3 standards as well as ISO 9000-1, 3

Used Technologies:
      ERWIN, Visio, VB.Net, VB6.0, SQL, Sybase, TradeWind, Phoenix, MS office, CMM-3

Project 3: Bank of Kuwait and the Middle East                                               Apr 1997 – Jan 2000
    Personally designed and led the development of Mosaic Branch automation package for Olivetti North
       America including loans, teller, what if scenarios, credit scoring, safe deposit lockers
    Interfaced Mosaic to FNS core banking in addition to interface to legacy IBM host
    Coded according to eXtreme Programming principles and development by prototyping method
    Designed data model, and wrote database design specifications
    Coded Server application for Dido Graf check dispenser machine using Visual Basic 6.0 and C++
    Trained and supported clients.

Project 4: Commercial Bank of Kuwait                                            Jan 2000– Mar 2001
    Interfaced BroadVision to IBM 9672 using One-To-One tools, C++ under Unix and JavaScript
    Analyzed and wrote system requirements specifications
    Coded and maintained reusable core modules
    Wrote user manuals and provided onsite user training
    Coded screens and COBOL procedures in HR Access

PROGRAMMER                                                                               Sep 1996-Apr 1997
SAGEM SAT, Paris, France

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Ayman Ali        (508) 436-4499  

        Programmed with SAGEM SAT (Paris), an Internet through satellite based metering system to collect
         message activity for billing purposes for this satellite ISP
        Coordinated installation of ViaAccess scrambling system in Philippines with France Telecom
        Worked with TFC Switzerland in programming the posting server for SAGEM metering system


ALM – Information Management Systems                                                        2008-Present
Harvard University, Cambridge, MA – In Progress

Pre-Master Diploma - Software Development recognized by University of Nottingham UK.        1995-1996
Information Technology Institute, Egypt.

B.Sc - Communications and Electronics recognized by university of Toronto                   1988-1993
Cairo University - Faculty of Engineering


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