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					Title: Pink Floyd The Dark Side of the Moon LP Word Count: 461 Summary: The most collectable record of all time is the Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon LP. This Article Explains a little about Pink Floyd and Why this is considered the Collectable Article of all time. Keywords: Pink Floyd The Dark Side of the Moon, Records, LP, 33 RPM, Collectable, Music, Tracks, Vinyl Record Article Body: One thing I came across the other day was an Album / LP 33RPM speed Vinyl Record of Pink Floyd and the Dark Side of the Moon. I did a little research and found that this is considered the most collectable record of all time. As the owner of this record I wasn’t really sure how to act. I figured that is was no big deal and that it wasn’t worth anything for me to keep it so I decided to list it on my website. Well, one of my websites. I dedicated this site strictly to Original Vinyl Records. To see the site visit . Enough about the Site Lets Talk about my Wonderful find. Dark side of the Moon was Released in 1973 by a British progressive rock bank Pink Floyd. The album was considered a landmark in rock music, as it featured many radio friendly songs such as Money, Time, Us and Them, and Brain Damage / Eclipse, which incorporated new concrete sound techniques. The change caused some critics to use the album as a point of reference in determining between Classic blues rock and then-new genre of electronic music. However, the work’s softer touches of lyrical and musical nuance make Dark Side of the Moon stand apart from all the rest. Dark Side of the Moon explores the nature of human experiences with themes such as birth, time , greed, conflict, travel, mental illness, and death. The album is considered by many fans and critics to be the band’s magnum opus and is generally hailed as the record that defined the sound of Pink Floyd All four members of Pink Floyd, David Gilmour, Nick Mason, Roger Waters, and Richard Wright, participated in the writing and production of the album, although it is the first of five consecutive Pink Floyd albums with lyrics completely credited to Roger Waters. The Dark Side of the Moon has spent 741 weeks on the USA-based Billboard 200 album chart, the longest duration in history. It is also the fifth highest selling album globally of all time, selling more than forty million units.

As finding this album wasn’t enough I opened the album and found that there is Original Unopened Posters inside of the Sleeve. I carefully pulled them out inspected and snapped some pictures. These Posters were Vibrant and look like they have never seen the light of day, where as the album shows signs of wear but still plays fine. I am excited to announce that this album is now for sale at <a href=""></a > for a very low price of $24.99 which includes all the posters and the Original Vinyl / LP Album of Pink Floyds Dark Side of the Moon.

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