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Active Sportswear International A_S acquires H2O


Sportswear competition is dedicated to sports clothing. Usually the specific requirements of sports design. Broad sense, including sports wear outdoor clothing.

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Active Sportswear International A/S acquires H2O                                        24 February 2009
Active Sportswear International A/S purchased H2O on Thursday 19 February
2009. The 100% Danish-owned company, headquartered in Brønderslev,
Denmark, is already the maker of the Color Kids, Kilmanock and FZ FORZA
brands and, in addition, has the agency for Babolat, New Balance and Rider. The         Active Sportswear A/S
                                                                                        Maltvej 20
takeover of H20 is effective immediately.                                               DK-9700 Brønderslev

Negotiations concerning the takeover of H2O have been in progress over the past         Tel:    +45 9882 5533
                                                                                        Fax:    +45 9880 0004
weeks and concluded on Thursday 19 February 2009.
                                                                                        Man. Dir. John Mark Jensen
“I’m quite pleased we were able to agree about the acquisition and I’m also             Mobile: +45 4019 0060

thrilled by the prospect of working with our new brand. H2O is already an               Email
established brand and its profile will be an excellent supplement to our own brands
Kilmanock, Color Kids and FZ FORZA. Our brands are represented in more than
20 countries and I’m looking forward to the synergies we can achieve once we get
our collaboration up and running,” says a satisfied John Mark Jensen, Managing
Director, Active Sportswear International A/S.

Both the management and owners of Active Sportswear International A/S have
amassed considerable expertise after working in the sector for many years, and the
group agrees that the best solution is where H20 lives a life of its own as an
independent brand in relation to all business activities and at the same time
benefits from the administrative and managerial synergies provided by Active
“Our vision for the new company is to bring H2O back to its roots as a highly
profiled sportswear brand, and at the same time to build up long-term customer
relationships through a strategic renewal process that ensures market awareness
and loyalty,” states Thøger Thøgersen, chairman of the board in Active Sportswear
International A/S.

Business acumen, quality and sound customer relationships are paramount
The chairman of the board in Active Sportswear International A/S is quite familiar
with H2O because he worked for Buksesnedkeren (H20’s former owner) for a
number of years.
“All the way back in 1982 when H2O was founded, it has based its corporate
culture on business acumen, proximity to customers and an uncompromising
approach to good quality. I learned to respect these values – combined with an
informal professional corporate culture – during the course of my nine years as
managing director for Buksesnedkeren. They go hand in glove with Active
Sportswear’s business approach, and I’m convinced that the two companies will
develop a dynamic, rewarding partnership,” states Thøger Thøgersen.

Initially, H2O’s business focus will be on the primary markets in Denmark
and Norway. H2O will remain in Gilleleje, Denmark, in a transitional period,
but in the near future the company will be moved to a more suitable location
in North Zealand that corresponds to the size of the company.

Further details are available by contacting chairman of the board Thøger Thøgersen on
tel. (+45)2060 8690 or managing director, John Mark Jensen on tel. (+45) 4019 0060.

Active Sportswear International A/S acquires H2O │Press Release                                  page 1 of 2
Active Sportswear Int. A/S was founded in 1988 as a supplier for the Danish
sportswear industry, after which it developed and built up its own brands Color
Kids, Kilmanock and FZ FORZA, the latter of which has become the biggest
badminton brand in Denmark. Outside Denmark, FZ FORZA and Color Kids are
especially widespread, and the two brands are marketed in more than twenty
countries. In addition to its own brands, Active Sportswear has the agency for New
Balance, Rider and Babolat. The principal shareholders in Active Sportswear
International A/S are the management and Greystone Capital A/S.
The company has around 80 employees working at the headquarters in Brønderslev,
North Jutland, and at offices in China and Norway. In addition, permanent agents in
Germany, Benelux and France are affiliated with the company.
Active Sportswear International A/S generated DKK 180 million in turnover in
Further details about Active Sportswear International A/S:

Active Sportswear International A/S køber H20 │ Pressemeddelelse                      side 2 af 2

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