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									LFTT Stage 2 Listening, Talking and Writing Planning Guide
Grade: 4 Text Type: Exposition Length of Unit: 6 weeks
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Foundation Statement
Students write well structured literary and factual texts in terms of topic, audience and language by drafting, revising and proofreading. They use accurate sentence structure, grammatical features and punctuation conventions to produce various texts and spell familiar and unfamiliar words using knowledge of letter-sound correspondence, common letter patterns and a range of other strategies. Students use joined letters when writing in NSW Foundation Style. Students explain how they structure their writing to achieve intended purposes.

Students’ Needs Based on Pre Assessment Task

Arguments – 1 per paragraph Conclusion Language of opinion Language of sequence Modality Persuasive language Language of cause and effect Spelling of technical language

Outside personal experience Arguments stages, arguments by experts, surveys Strong statement of position Argument stage point/evidence Ordering of arguments – prioritizing Accuracy Research by guideline questions Elaboration Majority/minority Tables results of survey Reported speech Theme of clause Identify audience Text Structure Text Structure Strong statement of position Arguments – prioritise and elaborate

Language Feature/Structures Language of opinion I agree/disagree Personally I think Personally I believe My opinion is that In my opinion Many people think Language Feature/Structures Language of cause and effect If So that Otherwise Results in

Language Feature/Structures Language of sequence First/second/third reason To begin Another reason Next reason Final reason To summarise/to conclude/in conclusion Other Grammatical Features Adverbs – surprisingly Adjectives

Listening, Talking and Writing Pacing Guide

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