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									                       The Guild
                       of Dog Trainers
The Guild has three levels of membe rship available for its members: Master Trainer, Trainer
and Assistant Trainer. Each has its own joining criteria and benefits.

Master Trainer
In order to join the Guild as a Master Trainer you must have either:
    A minimum of 7 years’ experience and to have trained not less than 100 dogs (one–
    to-one) or 500 dogs (in class or group situations)
    A minimum of 3 years’ experience and to have completed courses CFBA1001,
    CFBA1002 and CFBA1102 with The Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour & Training.

The annual membership fee for joining the Guild as a Master Trainer is £75.

In order to join the Guild as a Trainer you must have at least 2 years training experience in
any dog training discipline.

The annual membership fee for joining the Guild as a Trainer is £55.

Assistant Trainer
In order to join the Guild as an Assistant Trainer you must have had at least 6 months
training experience in any dog training dis cipline and under the guidance of a professional

The annual membership fee for joining the Guild as an Assistant Trainer is £35.

This form can be used to apply for any of the membership levels and may be completed on-
line by clicking in the text areas or on check boxes where applicable. Use the Tab key to
move from box to box. Alternatively, you can print it and write in your responses.

Whichever you choose, sign and date the printed form and send the whole document with
the relevant membership fee (made payable to The Guild of Dog Trainers) by post to The
Registrar, The Guild of Dog Trainers (Head Offic e), 14 Thurlow Road, London, W7 2JG.

Applications will not be considered until payment has been received. Once the application
and payment have been received; you are required, within 7 days, to email two good quality jpg images along with information about yourself for
inclusion on Information should include: Area (for map), training offered,
contact details and weblink.

GoDT – Application Form 2010                                                         page 1 of 7
Personal information and contact details (for the Guild to
Contact you)
Title                                          Male   Female

First Name(s)


Date of birth


Town / City



Home telephone number

Mobile telephone number

E-mail address

Public information and contact details (what you want to appear
on the website for clients to contact you)
Title                                          Male   Female

First Name(s)


Date of birth


Town / City



Business telephone number

Business mobile number

E-mail address

Web site address

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About you:

Please fill in details about
you and your training
offered and that you wish to
have included on the GoDT
website. (See
for examples)

Please also send these
details via e-mail to

                                  Scotland                       West Midlands
Area’s you cover                  North East                     Wales
(maximum of 2 areas):             North West                     East
                                  East Midlands                  London
                                  South East                     South West
                                  Ireland                        Other

Canine services you offer
   Dog Grooming                    Dog Cremation services         Dog Boarding at your
  Dog-sitting in clients’          Dog Day Care –at your          Dog Walker
homes                           premises
  Dog Products                     Dog Transport (taxi)           Dog Warden (Local
   Retail pet (dog) supplies       Boarding kennel                Boarding kennel worker
   Rescue centre worker            Breed rescue worker            Telephone advisor
                                                               (rescue and welfare)
   Dog Breeder (please state

Veterinary services
   Veterinarian                    Veterinary Nurse               Veterinarian technician

   Veterinarian surgery staff
(eg Practice Manager)

Training / consultation services you offer
   Canine Behaviour                Dog training (one to one,       Dog training – group
consultations (one to one)      private lessons)               lessons
   Puppy training classes          Residential dog training        Club trainer (pet dogs)

   Club trainer                    Club trainer (agility)

GoDT – Application Form 2010                                                        page 3 of 7
    Search and Rescue                  Other (describe)
(please describe)

   Sport dog training
(please describe)

   Competitive obedience
(please describe)

   Club trainer (other)
(please describe)
Other professional services
    Professional Dog trainer       Professional Dog trainer         Police Dog handler
(full-time 20hrs pw or more)    (part-time up to 20hrs pw)
    Security Industry / HM         Customs Dog handler              RAF Dog handler
Prison Dog handler
    Search and Rescue Dog          Assistance Dog handler
    Other (please state)

Courses you have completed
Please list below training courses, seminars, workshops, schools etc that you have attended
for canine-related professions or activity
                                                                  Course / session title and
                                                                brief description of activities
             Date                 Course provider and venue           and achievements

Additional background information
For how many years have
you been training dogs?

How may dogs and handlers
have you instructed to date

How many dogs have you
personally trained (approx.)?

Have you advised on
behaviour problems?

GoDT – Application Form 2010                                                          page 4 of 7
Are you a Member of any
canine-related associations,
clubs or societies? (Please
indicate which)

Have you ever been                    YES     NO
prosecuted under any UK
legislation for mistreating

Please include either 2
references from other
canine practitioners or 1
reference from a Guild
Master Dog Trainer

Please include pertinent information about yourself in the space below to support your
application. Alternatively a curriculum vitae or career resume can be attached

All applicants must print and sign their application and agree to
abide by all the terms and conditions of Guild Membership
I confirm that I have read the terms and conditions of Guild membership included with this form* and
that the information provided on this form is true. I hereby apply for membership of the Guild of Dog
Trainers and make payment of the appropriate fee. I understand that acceptance of my application is
entirely at the discretion of the Membership Committee and that my fee will be retained upon
acceptance or refunded upon rejection unless such rejection was due to inaccurate, incomplete,
misleading or incorrect information being provided on this form.

Signed:                                             Date:

Please indicate level of               Master Trainer: £75
                                       Trainer: £55
membership applied for
                                       Assistant Trainer: £35

*Signing this section confirms that you have read, understood and agree to abide by the
terms summarised on the following pages.

If you have any questions about your application, please e-mail
All information provided on this form will be retained in confidence by The Guild for the
duration of your membership and not used without your consent for any purpose other than
to assess your eligibility for membership.

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Guild Rules with which all Guild Members agree to comply
1   Membership is at the discretion of the Membership Committee of the Guild.

2   Members agree to abide by the rules of the Guild in their application and this
    agreement is deemed to continue upon subsequent renewals.

3   Membership fees at the appropriate rate are payable annually in advance.

4   Failure to supply photographs and information for the website within 7 days of
    acceptance renders membership void.

5   Members agree to train all dogs and puppies in a fair and humane manner, using
    methods of instruction to the public that are professional and courteous at all times.

6   Members agree to maintain appropriate and adequate insurance to meet professional
    and public liabilities they may incur and to indemnify the Guild in respect of any loss
    suffered by the Guild resulting from their association with the Guild.

7   Members agree to maintain a professional standard of awareness of the law relating to
    their activities with the public, clients and dogs .

8   Members accept that they have a responsibility to their clients, to the public and to
    their pet dogs and that they will not knowing ly cause avoidab le distress or damage to
    any of their charges. They further agree to recommend or utilise training or instruction
    that is consistent with the breed type and temperament of the dog.

9   Members agree to inform clients of the nature and reasons for use of equipment,
    methods and techniques for dog training or behavioural modification of training and to
    maintain awareness of recognised and good training advice and proven practical

10 Members agree that they will not convey to their clients unrealistic ex pectations in the
   advice, action or recommendations proposed and to ensure that instances where they
   are unsure or unable to resolve a dog training or behavioural problem are promptly
   referred to a suitably qualified dog behaviour practitioner or dog trainer who has that
   specialist knowledge. It is incumbent on a member not to continue provision of the
   same instruction, training or advice to a client and their dog which is ineffective
   despite a genuine training effort.

11 Members agree to maintain confidentiality in their professional dealings with clients
   and to make and use photographic, video and audio recording of clients, clients'
   families or pets solely with the consent of the client.

12 Members agree not to act in any way that may be deemed detrimental to their
   relationship with other professions.

13 Members agree that any employees of their organisation or individuals acting under
   their instruction or guidance in assistance with training or provision of advice will be
   encouraged to conform to the Guild rules and recommendations for best practice as
   published from time to time in so far as they are pertinent and it is reasonable to
   expect them to be able to do so.

14 A Guild Membership certificate will be issued for successful applicants which will be
   valid up to the date stated thereon, subject to the appropriate membership fee having
   been received by the Guild.

15 Members may display the Guild logo and include reference to Guild membership on
   stationery and web material for the duration of their membership, subject to the
   display being to a professional standard of presentation and neither distorted nor

GoDT – Application Form 2010                                                          page 6 of 7
    placed adjacent to or sufficiently close to any product or service advertisement or
    promotion that may indicate Guild approval of such product or service without prior
    consent from the Guild. The Guild logo can only be used to promote your pet dog
    training services and cannot be used in any way with the training of security dogs or
    personal protection dogs.

16 Refund of part or all of membership fees in the event of cancellation of membership is
   at the sole discretion of the Guild, other than in the event of a member being unable to
   continue in practice as a result of incapacity, serious illness or death.

17 The GoDT maintain the right to withdraw membership at any time and without a reason
   being given. In the event that your membership is revoked, you are expected to return
   your certificate by first class post.

18 In the event of the Membership Committee accepting an application for a higher level
   of membership at other than an annual renewal date the higher fee will be payable at
   the next renewal date.

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