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DNA-People’s Legal Services, Inc.                                                                                                               Winter 2009-2010

                                    Serving Clients & Serving Country!
   Flagstaff-DNA Managing Attorney, Maria             Maria Pagano. Her patience and persistance                 In three Utah cases, Mexican Hat DNA
Pagano, represented a homeless client whose SSI       helped me resolve my case in Florida and the          attorney Ed Dobson got the Utah State Tax
benefits were cut off by the Social Security          issues which followed, like struggling to reinstate   Commission to change its policy on when it charges
Administration. He was also charged with an           my Social Security benefits. As a senior and          state sales tax to Native Americans. San Juan
overpayment of $26,927 because he was a               Veteran of America, I am so proud we have the         County, Utah, has been demanding sales tax
“fleeing felon”. This stemmed from an outstanding     opportunity and support available to overcome         payments from Utah Native Americans who bought
1984 warrant in Florida, where the client was on      the many adversities which occur in our lives. I      cars and trucks out of state, unless the dealer
probation after being convicted of criminal           sincerely hope their funding and support will         delivered the vehicle onto a Reservation. San Juan
trespassing — for sleeping in a church. Maria         continue for many years to come. Helping the          County demanded the sales tax under a policy
successfully worked with the Courts and Public        less fortunate individuals overcome the legal         established by the Utah State Tax Commission.
Defender in Florida to get the Client’s case, which   issues we are confronted with throughout our               Recently, two auto buyers came to DNA for
had been closed for many years, reinstated, and       lives.”                                               assistance after refusing to pay the sales tax, and
                                                                                                            a third buyer came to DNA for help getting a
                                                                                                            refund. All three of these buyers had driven their
                                                                                                            vehicles directly onto the Navajo Nation
                                                                                                            themselves to avoid a dealer delivery charge.
                                                                                                            Mexican Hat DNA attorney Ed Dobson filed
                                                                                                            petitions with the Utah State Tax Commission for
                                                                                                            all three buyers.
                                                                                                                 To settle these cases, the Utah State Tax
then dismissed, and get the warrant quashed.            DNA Volunteer Lawyer Leslie McLean helped           Commission changed its policy so that San Juan
Then, she got the overpayment waived, and his         a disabled 72-year-old widow to probate her           County and other Utah counties cannot demand
current benefits reinstated. In the client’s words:   husband’s estate, so that she could access            sales tax payments when Utah Native Americans
“Life seems to be a greater struggle for some of      savings and checking accounts that were frozen        buy their vehicles out of state and drive them into
us more than others. When surprise litigation         since his death in 2007, because had only her         Utah by way of a Reservation.
confronts us we wonder where to turn for the          husband’s name on them. Leslie went one step               The cases of the two buyers who refused to
help we need. Fortunately, there are organizations    further and prepared the client’s estate planning     pay will be closed. The case of the third buyer
who answer that call in our time of need. DNA-        documents, so that her children would know            will be closed as soon as the refund is received.
People’s Legal Services, Inc., is that place we       what she wanted. In the client’s words, “I was             DNA advises all Utah Native Americans to
can turn to when times look their worst. They         very satisfied with the attorney and paralegal        be sure to drive their temporary-registered
are definitely an important asset to our local        services and am grateful your agency exists,” and     vehicles onto the Reservation as you bring it into
community. I am very grateful for their               she appreciated the DNA Volunteer Lawyer              Utah. If you have any questions, call the Mexican
professional assistance, especially, Attorney         Project’s interest and follow up on her situation.    Hat DNA at 435.739.4380.

DNA Staff Spotlight
                                                          Allow me to introduce Brian Quint, who is           He loves Zombie movies, silent films and think
                                                      the managing attorney at the Tuba City DNA            that Casablanca may be the greatest movie of all
                                                      and was previously at the Hopi DNA office in          time. Childhood trips to the local reservations and
                                                      Keams Canyon. He obtained his JD from the             pow-wows awakened a consciousness in him of
                                                      Michigan State University College of Law where        the endurance of Native cultures and the
                                                      he participated in the Indigenous Law and Policy      sovereignty of tribes. You Rock Brian!
                                                      Center under the tutelage of Donald ‘Del’
                                                      Laverdure, Principle Deputy Assistant Secretary                          Inside...
                                                      of Indian Affairs at the BIA. He has spent the          DNA Client Stories ............................. pg 1
                                                      last three years living and working in Navajo and       DNA Staff Spotlight ............................. pg 1
                                                      Hopi Indian Country, handling a diverse caseload        DNA Board of Directors ......................... pg 2
                                                      in our court systems and in the courts of the State     Diné Bí ts’íí báá Ah’jiteí Program........ pg 2
                                                      of Arizona.                                             New Faces at DNA ............................ pg 3
                                                           Brian enjoys spinning at the Tuba City             Interesting & Rewarding DNA Cases pg 4-5
                                                      Wellness Center, yoga, cooking with his                 DNA Experience ................................. pg 5
                                                      roommate, gardening, writing poetry, hiking in          Spider Rock & Zackeree Kelin ......... pg 6-7
                                                      the Tuba back-country to find random dinosaur           Support Our Troops-Past & Present!pg 8-9
                                                      tracks, all the while fending off aggressive            DNA’s NELL & S/W VITA Coalition ... pg 10
                                                      donkeys. When asked what he wanted to do                Ahee’hee’ Donors ........................... pg 11
                                                      for his birthday (December 15) he said that he
                                                                                                              DNA Field Offices ............................ pg 12
                                                      would love a night out in Flagstaff playing pool.
                                                                                                                               DNA Update • Winter 2009-2010       1
                                                         DBA Program Brings Legal Services to IHS Patients and Families
                                                                                        By Matt VanWormer, Shiprock DNA
                                                        For several months, the Diné Bí ts’íí báá Ah’jiteí     ignored a recent change in New Mexico Food
                                                      (DBA) Program/ Program for the Health of the             Stamps policy that allows for the exclusion of
                                                      People has been providing free legal services to         multiple vehicles when calculating a family’s
                                                      patients and families at the Northern Navajo             household resources.
       DNA-People’s Legal Services, Inc.              Medical Center (NNMC), Dzilth-Na-O-Dith-                    With DNA representation, Morgan requested
               Board of Directors                     Hle (DZ) Health Center, and Four Corners                 a fair hearing on her Food Stamps overpayment
                                                      Regional Health Center. The DBA Program was              and a reinstatement of her terminated benefits. A
                       President                      approved on May 1, 2009 under a Collaborative            packet of new evidence and an appeal brief was
                     Karl Gillson
           McKinley County Bar Association
                                                      Agreement between Navajo Area IHS and                    submitted to the hearing officer and ISD
                Gallup, New Mexico                    DNA-People’s Legal Services, Inc. Starting in            caseworkers. On the day of the hearing, Morgan’s
                                                      June 2009, the DBA Program has offered weekly            primary caseworker agreed to waive the
                    Sarah J. Riggs                    legal intakes at the Northern Navajo Medical             overpayment and reinstate five months of missed
     Ft. Defiance Agency DNA Client Representative    Center. Intake days are also scheduled once per          benefits. The day after the hearing (and just in
                      Dilkon, AZ
                                                      month at the DZ Health Center.                           time for Thanksgiving), Morgan and her family had
                  Secretary-Treasurer                     The DBA Program aims to improve the health           over $4,500 in Food Stamps benefits deposited
                    Ella R. Wilson
    Navajo Nation Bar Association, Window Rock, AZ    of Navajo families by addressing regularly-              in their EBT account. When asked, Morgan
                                                      occurring legal problems that create stress and          explained that she would not have sought legal
                                                      raise barriers to growth, development, and well-         assistance in her case, or even contested the
                    David Barrow                      being. The DBA Program provides trainings and            termination and overpayment.
     Coconino County Bar Association, Flagstaff, AZ
                                                      consultations for medical providers, helping them           Between May 1, 2009 and October 31, 2009,
                   Robert C. Begay                    recognize and respond to legal issues that impact        eighty-eight patients or family members were
      Shiprock Agency DNA ClientRepresentative        health. When medical providers identify a patient’s      referred to the DBA Program for legal assistance.
                San Juan, New Mexico
                                                      legal needs, they can refer the patient or a family      At the Northern Navajo Medical Center, referrals
                     Flora K. Ben                     member for an on-site DBA Program intake.                came primarily from the Pediatrics, Family
Coconino County Advisory Committee, Flagstaff, AZ
                                                      Bringing legal services into the health care system      Medicine, and Mental Health Departments. The
                Theodore W. Barudin                   not only creates a convenient, one-stop shop for         medical staff members most responsible for
      State Bar of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM
                                                      low-income patients, but also brings legal services      referrals were Faye Francisco (DZ Health Center
                   Randal T. Evans                    to community members who otherwise may not               Benefits Coordinator), with seventeen referrals,
       Navajo Nation Bar Association, Mesa, AZ
                                                      have sought legal assistance.                            and Dr. Alan Schooley (NNMC Pediatrics), with
                   Robert Charley                       A case that illustrates the DBA Program goals          fourteen referrals. Overall, referrals were received
         Hopi Advisory Committee, Polacca, AZ
                                                      came from the DZ Health Center in September              from thirty-three IHS staff members. Referrals
                 Milagros Cisneros                    2009. Morgan, a young, female patient of the             were submitted by twenty different doctors, four
           State Bar of Arizona, Phoenix, AZ
                                                      DZ Health Center was referred to the DZ Health           nurse practitioners, five therapists, three medical
                   William Cooke                      Center’s Benefits Coordinator for Medicaid               social workers, and one physical therapist.
       San Juan Bar Association, Farmington, NM       assistance. Morgan, her husband, Mike, and their            Patient families referred to the DBA Program
                 Laura A. McDermott                   four children had been living with relatives for         in its first six months of operation have presented
             State of Arizona, Chandler, AZ           several months following the loss of Mike’s job.         a wide variety of legal issues, with disability benefits
                   Chee Smith, Jr.                    Aside from limited in-kind support, they had no          cases comprising the largest portion. Thirty-eight
     Crownpoint Agency DNA Client Representative      monthly income. After reviewing their Medicaid           referrals involved adult patients with problems
                Whitehorse Lake, NM
                                                      eligibility, Morgan explained to the Benefits            accessing Social Security Disability Benefits (SSI
                   Stanley Montoya                    Coordinator that her family’s Food Stamps had            & SSDI). This represents over forty per cent of
           Jicarilla Apache Tribe, Dulce, NM
                                                      been terminated in June 2009. This occurred when         all referrals received. Seven additional referrals
                    Richard Tsosie                    an Income Support Division (ISD) caseworker              involved Children’s SSI benefits. Ten referrals
     Tuba City Agency DNA Client Representative       discovered that Morgan and Mike had a 2006               identified problems with other forms of public
                    Shonto, AZ
                                                      Harley Davidson motorcycle registered in their           benefits, including Food Stamps, Medicaid, and
                   Mack W. Olsen                      name. In addition to closing their Food Stamps           Energy Assistance. Seven patients or family
         Utah State Bar Association, Logan, UT
                                                      case, ISD charged the family with a $2,700               members were referred for assistance with child
                    Butch O’Neal                      overpayment for past benefits received. The              guardianships, compared to five referrals for adult
    Navajo Nation Bar Association, Albuquerque, NM
                                                      Benefits Coordinator referred Morgan to the DBA          guardianships. Legal needs related to housing
                  Leo Sheppard, Sr.                   Program for a legal consultation.                        (substandard conditions, evictions, or access to
       Chinle Agency DNA Client Representative
                Blue Gap/Tachee, AZ
                                                           When the motorcycle was identified as a             affordable housing) formed the basis of ten DBA
                                                      potential resource by ISD, Morgan informed her           Program referrals. Special education was the
                   Craig W. Soland
           State Bar of Arizona, Phoenix, AZ
                                                      caseworker that it was subject to repossession           primary legal concern in eight referrals. Patients
                                                      proceedings in New Mexico State Court. As a              referred to the DBA Program also presented legal
                                                      result of their financial struggles, Morgan and her      problems involving domestic violence, probate and
                                                      husband had missed almost a year’s worth of              estate planning, power of attorney, name change,
                    DNA Update
                                                      payments. One look at the numbers revealed that          access to legal documents, elder abuse, consumer
                      published by
        DNA-People’s Legal Services, Inc.             the amount owed on the bike was almost $3,000            problems, and family law. Several patients/ families
          P.O. Box 306, Window Rock,                  more than its current market value. The                  presented multiple legal issues.
         Navajo Nation Arizona 86515                  caseworker disregarded this information and also
              Second class postage paid at
                Window Rock, Arizona                                                              DNA’s mission...
             Publisher: Anita Y. Natonabah               To serve our client communities as advocates and teachers in order to address the causes and symptoms
                                                            of poverty, foster individual independence and dignity, and protect and promote tribal sovereignty.
              Send address changes to                      Our services must help our clients develop the resources necessary to meet external challenges, and
                                                          help off-reservation communities and businesses better understand our clients and respect their rights.
         DNA-People’s Legal Services, Inc.                         We will focus our resources on those most vulnerable, and on those for whom we can
       P.O. Box 306, Window Rock, AZ 86515                                      achieve long-term benefits by breaking the cycle of poverty.

2    DNA Update • Winter 2009-2010
                                                         New Faces at DNA

                                                       John-Michael Partesotti
                                                       Staff Attorney, Chinle DNA                              Charles Doughty (w/grilfriend Sarah Erlinder)
                                                                                                               Managing Attorney, Hopi DNA
Carolyn Drouin                                           My parents are both from Italy and I still have a
Managing Attorney, Crownpoint DNA                      lot of family there that I like to visit. I was born      Born in Montana, I grew up in Great Falls, MT,
  Carolyn has been at the Crownpoint DNA since         and raised in New Orleans, went to school at the        and attended college at Montana State University
August 10, 2009. Prior to that, Carolyn worked         University of Texas at Austin, where I studied          in Bozeman, MT. After earning an undergraduate
as a staff attorney in Chinle. She was born at         History, and then went to the University of Oregon      degree in Mathematics, I worked for the university
                                                       for law school. I became particularly interested in
Camp Pendalton to a Captain in the Corps and a                                                                 as a academic advisor and seminar instructor. I
                                                       Native American law and policy after I spent the
high school counselor shortly after her father                                                                 attended the University of Wisconsin Law School
                                                       summer after my first year of law school working
returned from Okinawa, Japan, the family               in DNA’s Window Rock office, where I found              and graduated in 2009. While in law school, I
relocated to Lodi, California, where she lived until   opportunities to familiarize myself with tribal law     worked at a family law clinic, a restorative justice
she left for undergraduate school in Monterey.         and to help people. That experience opened my           clinic, a legal assistance program for incarcerated
Carolyn was the captain of the CSUMB women’s           eyes to a whole side of the law (family law,
rugby club from 1999 until 2003. Carolyn moved                                                                 persons, and the Dane County District Attorney’s
                                                       contracts, and bankruptcy) that I had not explored
from Monterey to San Francisco for law school,         and that are so important to know to serve the low      office. I spent three winter breaks and two spring
in 2008 Carolyn obtained her doctorate of              income communities around these parts.                  breaks volunteering in New Orleans, LA. I have a
jurisprudence and specialization in public interest    I’m very excited to be in the Southwest again and       loving dog and a loving girlfriend, both of whom
law from Golden Gate University School of Law.         live in Chinle, where I hope to get involved in the     are living in Flagstaff.
She sat for and passed both the California and         community and gain an even deeper appreciation
Navajo bar exams in the summer of 2008. In             for the wonderful culture and tradition that survives
August 2008 she packed up her car with some            here.
belongings and her dog and moved to Chinle.
Carolyn also works as a part-timer professor for
Navajo Technical College’s Law Advocates
Program. In her spare time, Carolyn loves to
cook, entertain, travel and hike.Carolyn has taught
several of her friends and DNA employees how
to make homemade sushi, curry and other self
taught ethnic dishes. She is also a die hard animal
lover; came out to the Navajo Nation with her
dog, Bella, but has since rescued a basset hound
which she named Duchess. Carolyn, Bella and
Duchess spend most every weekend traveling
somewhere to explore new places and meet new           Jesse Traugott
people.                                                Staff Attorney, Fort Defiance DNA
                                                         “I was born and raised in Redding, California
                                                       (which is north of Sacramento, almost to Oregon).
                                                       I did my undergraduate studies at the University
                                                       of California - Santa Cruz, where I majored in
                                                       Anthropology and Philosophy. I was originally
                                                       planning to pursue graduate studies in cultural
                                                       Anthropology and Archaeology; but, after a lot of
                                                       thinking I decided I needed to follow a different       Kyle Scherer
                                                       path. However, it took some time to figure out          Simpson Thacher Public Interest Fellow
                                                       what this path was. After university I spent several    Fort Defianc DNA
                                                       months traveling in Europe and backpacking in the          Kyle joins DNA as a voluntarily deferred asso-
                                                       Sierra Nevada mountains in California. When I           ciate. He was graduated from Harvard Law School
                                                       returned I decided to study for the LSAT and apply      in June, and was scheduled to begin work at
                                                       for law school. This led me to Vermont Law              Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP, a New York
                                                       School, where I focused on environmental law and        private equity firm, in September 2009. Due to
                                                       public interest work. Immediately prior to beginning    the recent economic downturn, he was given the
                                                       law school I also worked as a cook for two
                                                                                                               opportunity to postpone his start date by one year
Nicolas Mattison (w/ wife Sarah)                       summers in Yosemite National Park and one winter
Managing Attorney, Fort Defiance DNA                                                                           and work in the public interest at a specified
                                                       at Snowbird ski resort in Salt Lake City, Utah. I
                                                       planned to go to culinary school and open a             percentage of his salary. He had studied under
  I was born in Billings, Montana, and raised, for                                                             Bethany Burger, a former DNA staff attorney, and
                                                       restaurant if law school didn’t pan out.
the most part, in Denver, Colorado. I got my
                                                         I have always wanted to work in Indian Country        upon her recommendation, he elected to join us,
bachelor ’s degree from the University of
                                                       and have had a fascination with the Southwest in        working out of the Ft. Defiance office. Unfortu-
Colorado, and then I worked as an elementary
                                                       general. DNA People’s Legal Services was the            nately, he will be leaving DNA in January for
school teacher in Thoreau, New Mexico for three
                                                       perfect choice for me because it provides a truly       Afghanistan, where he will deploy with the 101st
years. I studied law at Harvard Law School and         unique atmosphere where I can pursue all of my
graduated in 2008. For my first year after law                                                                 Field Artillery Battalion, 86th Brigade Combat
                                                       interests and the areas I focused on in law school.
school, I was a clerk for Chief Justice Edward                                                                 Team, serving as the Staff Intelligence Officer.
                                                       The opportunity to be involved with public interest/
Chavez of the New Mexico Supreme Court. Now,                                                                   We wish him the all the best and a safe journey.
                                                       poverty law and big impact litigation is rewarding
my wife and I are living in Ganado, Arizona, where     and something I plan on taking full advantage of. I     Kyle is an enrolled member of the Munsee-
we hope to raise a flock of hens to satisfy our        look forward to a long, fulfilling experience with      Delaware First Nation (Lenae Lenape), located
craving for fresh eggs.                                DNA.”                                                   outside of London, Ontario.
                                                                                                                               DNA Update • Winter 2009-2010     3
 From the trenches...

                            Flagstaff DNA       never given any particular standards for her       When the grandparents re-filed a new
                         attorney      Maria    work, and therefore she couldn’t fail to meet      petition, Farmington DNA attorney Beth
                         Pagano represented     those standards. The Hearing Officer agreed,       Engels represented her to negotiate a
                         a young, single        and she was approved for $1,000 in                 settlement which gave her custody, and
                         mother who was a       Unemployment benefits (from her                    gave the grandparents visitation of the
                         victim of mental and   termination date to the date she got a new job).   child.
                         physical abuse. She       Matt also represented that client’s mother,        Farmington DNA attorney Jennifer
                         lost custody of her    a 62-year-old Navajo woman, also in her            Baker represented a young working
                         children to her        Unemployment Insurance Benefits case. After        Navajo client to get back her down-
abuser’s parents a few years ago, and came      she was laid off as a hotel housekeeper at a       payment on a vehicle. The client put
to DNA for help to get her children back.       different employer, she applied for                down a $1,250 down-payment on a
Maria successfully represented her in a         Unemployment benefits, but was denied              vehicle, signed a contract and got a co-
highly contentious trial and gained sole        because the employer said she voluntarily left     signer, and thought everything was fine.
custody of her children, with visitation        her job. Matt argued that her boss told her she    However, the car dealer informed her that
rights to the grandparents. In her words,       was laid off, and did not ask her to return to     financing didn’t go through, and that she
“Now, I don’t even think there are enough       work. The Hearing Officer found that she was       had to return the vehicle. She did return
words to explain how much I appreciate          laid off, and she was approved for                 the vehicle, but the dealer refused to
everything you’ve done for me. I’m blessed      Unemployment benefits, which to date added         refund her down-payment. Jennifer
to have met you and for having you in my        up to $2,782.                                      contacted the car dealer, successfully
life.”                                             Farmington DNA                                  convincing them that their best course of
   Flagstaff DNA attorney Nathan Jones          attorney Jennifer Baker,                           action was to issue a check.
represented a young working father to keep      together with private                                 Farmington DNA attorney Jennifer
joint custody and visitation with his child.    consumer attorney Rick                             Baker represented a 67-year-old Native
The mother of the child filed a petition to     Feferman, represented a                            American widow to complete probate on
modify the custody and visitation, alleging     young, working, single                             her husband’s estate. The probate was with
that he was using drugs. Since he alleged       mother of 3, in a Fair                             the Bureau of Indian Affairs because it
the same of her, the family court judge         Debt           Collection                          involved some property that was held in
ordered both of them to take drug tests. At     Practices Act case. She                            trust by the federal government. It was
the custody/visitation modification hearing,    owed money on a private student loan, which        held up because the needed a Presumption
the case was dismissed, because his ex didn’t   she had tried to pay, but with very low income,    of Death, which Jennifer helped her with.
show up. In an attempt to resurrect the         she couldn’t keep up with the payments. She        An order was then issued by the BIA
modification, his ex filed for an Order of      brought in a collection notice, and Jennifer did   Office of Hearings and Appeals, which
Protection to stay away from the child          a “bug-off” letter to them, disputing the debt,    gave her one-half of his property, with the
because of a failed drug test, which wasn’t     and explaining that the client was judgment-       remaining going to his children.
true. Nathan represented him in the OoP         proof. The debt was then passed onto another          Farmington
hearing to get that order dismissed, leaving    collection agency, and Jennifer again did          DNA attorney
the client with joint custody and visitation.   another letter disputing the debt and showing      K i m b e r l y
   DNA’s Volunteer Lawyer Keith                 she was judgment proof. Under the FDCPA,           S c h o o l e y
Hammond helped a legal immigrant to             if a consumer disputes a debt, the collection      represented        a
create a Limited Liability Corporation. The     agency must provide proof that she owes the        working mother
client collects and sells firewood to support   debt and may not contact the consumer again        to obtain an Order
himself and his wife, and after a creditor      until they’ve done so. The second collection       of     Protection
(who leased a credit card machine to him,       agency did not provide proof of the debt, and      against          her
and he defaulted on the debt) got a Writ of     contacted her in writing again. Jennifer and       husband, after he was arrested for
Garnishment from his personal checking          Rick successfully prosecuted a lawsuit in          committing domestic violence against
account, he wanted to establish himself as      federal court for violating the FDCPA, winning     her. After the hearing was continued a
an official business, and protect himself       the client $1,500.                                 couple of times (because of the pending
personally. Mr. Hammond did all of the             In a similar case, Jennifer and Rick            criminal charges), she wanted to withdraw
work to incorporate his business as an LLC      represented a 67-year-old Navajo woman on          the petition, but shortly after that, he had
on a pro bono basis.                            an old cell phone debt, which she couldn’t pay     her truck towed. She called the police,
   DNA’s Medical/Legal                          on her fixed income. Jennifer sent a letter        and they intervened with the towing, and
Partnership attorney                            disputing the debt, the collection agency did      got her the truck back. Then, he left the
Matt van Wormer                                 not respond to it, but did continue collections.   state in violation of his terms of release
represented a Navajo                            Jennifer and Rick filed in federal court for       from jail, and was re-arrested. Almost a
woman earning barely                            violating the FDCPA, and won the client            year later, a final Order of Protection was
$325 per month, in her                          $1,130.                                            entered against her husband, including a
Unemployment                                       Farmington DNA attorney Jennifer Baker          temporary order for custody, visitation
Insurance Benefits case                         represented a very young woman when her            and child support of $157 per month.
with the State of Colorado. After she was       boyfriend’s parents filed for guardianship of      Farmington DNA staff will represent this
fired, she applied for Unemployment             their baby. Jennifer filed a Motion to Dismiss     client in a divorce, in order to make these
benefits, but that was denied because the       the guardianship petition, since it did not        temporary orders permanent.
employer said she was fired for failing to      contain any of the required allegations under
meet “establish job standards” for her hotel    the Kinship Guardianship statute. The judge                   Legal help can lift
housekeeping job. Matt argued that she was                                                                  families out of poverty
                                                agreed with her, and the petition was dismissed.
4   DNA Update • Winter 2009-2010
                               DNA Experience Makes Good Conversation
   Over the past 40 years a number of attorneys and Tribal
Court Advocates have passed through the doors of DNA. At
any gathering of these lawyers there are stories of the good
times shared. Stories like trying to find the Chinle office for
the first job after law school graduation, sleeping on the office
floor because there was no housing nearby or working all night
trying to get a major case filed. All these stories make for
good conversation.
   A lawyer related a story recently that makes one wonder,
“who are these people that come to DNA?” The lawyer’s
house has run out of propane in the winter and the trailer is
getting colder. There is a blow dryer in the bathroom and the
thought is that can be used to get some warmth. The dryer
gets plugged in and the electricity goes out, so now no heat or
lights. The simple things most take for granted
become a struggle for DNA staff, for example
finding a warm shower, finding a dependable                                                                  computer equipment. We anticipate the
baby sitter, finding an honest mechanic.                                                                     Farmington office will be renovated to provide
   Like most programs DNA has in its staff                                                                   additional space for both clients and staff. The
job description the catch-all phrase “other                                                                  Hopi office is in dire need of replacement and
duties as assigned.” No one would ever think                                                                 the employees are holding out hope this will
that “other duties” would include pushing a                                                                  happen soon. The remote office of Mexican
client’s car out of the muddy parking lot, trying                                                            Hat takes on patches over patches as they
to find water when the community water well                                                                  continue to serve clients. Even with restricted
has run dry, searching in the attic for the water                                                            access in Tuba City the staff continues to serve
leak coming from the ceiling after the snow                                                                  their community.
melts or crawling under the office trailer                                                                     As we open our 10th office in Dulce, New
looking for the source of the “sour” smell. This                                                             Mexico to serve the Jicarilla Apache community
is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of other duties to address are in office like Chinle, Crownpoint,   what new adventures will we have? With alumni
as assigned.                                            Farmington, Hopi, Mexican Hat and Tuba City.        and community support we have been able to
   There are a number of experiences that can be        In Chinle we are working to solve the parking lot   keep our doors open for the past 40 years and
had both in and out of the office. DNA has tried        mess and hope to have this worked out soon so       with your continued support we can keep the
to limit those experiences in the office but we can clients will no longer get stuck. In Crownpoint         roofs and walls up. Thank you for your support
always depend on our adventurous staff to come the leaking roof is holding and so far we do not             and don’t forget to ask any DNA attorney about
up with a solution. Several serious issues we have have to worry about water damage to our                  their latest adventure.

   Flagstaff         DNA                              an emergency custody hearing in the Dilcon            and get the warrant quashed. Then, she got
attorney Will Soland,                                 court. Will did a Motion to Dismiss the               the overpayment waived, and his current
after representing a                                  emergency with prejudice (meaning he can’t            benefits reinstated. In the client’s words:
Navajo mother in her                                  file again using the same allegations), which         “Life seems to be a greater struggle for
divorce from her abuser,                              was granted, and the children were returned.          some of us more than others. When surprise
represented her again                                 In the meantime, because the ex-husband               litigation confronts us we wonder where to
when her ex tried to                                  harassed her by phone, and because of the             turn for the help we need. Fortunately, there
change custody in the                                 stress brought on by his antics, she did not          are organizations who answer that call in our
Dilcon (Navajo Nation) Family Court. After            complete summer college classes that she              time of need. DNA-People’s Legal
child snatching and his attempts to override          was taking, and her financial aid was being           Services, Inc., is that place we can turn to
state jurisdiction by filing Orders of                taken away. After Will wrote a letter                 when times look their worst. They are
Protection in tribal court without telling the        explaining the situation, her financial aid was       definitely an important asset to our local
court about the pending state action, they            reinstated and she started new classes this           community. I am very grateful for their
had a state divorce decree which gave her             fall.                                                 professional assistance, especially,
sole custody, and him visitation. Since he               Flagstaff DNA attorney Maria Pagano                Attorney Maria Pagano. Her patience and
lived on the reservation, and that’s where our        represented a homeless client to undo a               persistance helped me resolve my case in
client was originally from, he petitioned the         notice from the Social Security                       Florida and the issues which followed, like
Dilcon Court to domesticate the state court           Administration that he was overpaid by                struggling to reinstate my Social Security
order, along with allegations that child              $26,927 because he was a “fleeing felon,”             benefits. As a senior and Veteran of
custody should be changed, and he shouldn’t           and they cut off her current SSI benefits.            America, I am so proud we have the
be required to pay child support. Will helped         This all stemmed from an outstanding 1984             opportunity and support available to
her file a response to the petition, agreeing         warrant in Florida, where the client was on           overcome the many adversities which which
with domestication, but denying all of the            probation after being convicted of criminal           occur in our lives. I sincerely hope their
other allegations. The Court domesticated             trespassing—sleeping in public. Maria                 funding and support will continue for many
the order, but properly took no action on             successfully worked with the courts and               years to come. Helping the less fortunate
the other allegations. In another effort to           Public Defender in Florida to get the                 individuals overcome the legal issues we are
change custody and child support, he refused          inactive case (in fact, the file had been             confronted with throughout our lives.”
to return the kids after a visit, and filed for       destroyed) reinstated, and then dismissed,
                                                                                                                           DNA Update • Winter 2009-2010   5
                                                 Spider Rock, all 800 feet!
                                                      By Thomas Parker, Flagstaff DNA

    On Saturday August 1st a group of 13 intrepid                                                   sections of the trail, the path followed footholds
DNA employees, summer interns and their families                                                    clearly carved out of the rock with hand-tools. It
set out on foot from the rim of Canyon de Chelly.                                                   was hard to imagine the difficulty with which,
Their destination was the ancestral farm at the                                                     centuries before, someone had spent hours
floor of Canyon de Chelly of their guide, Howard                                                    standing in one foothold to carve out the next
Smith. Howard is from the Tsegi area of Canyon                                                      foothold. Few walk this trail without the feeling
de Chelly, and is Todích’íi’nii (Bitter Water Clan)                                                 of traveling in the footsteps of ancients.
born for Tachii’nii (Red Running into the Water                                                         After returning to the canyon rim a smaller
Clan). The hike was pleasant with cool breezes                                                      group stayed for a sweat at Howard’s Spider
and plenty of shade as the trail wound its way                                                      Rock campground sweat lodge. During the
down the canyon walls and past Spider Rock.                                                         weekend Howard was kind enough to provide
At 800 feet tall, Spider Rock is said to be the                                                     the group with stories of his people’s relationship
world’s tallest free-standing spire.                                                                with the canyon. He also asked that the group
    Once in the bottom of the canyon the trail was                                                  keep in mind the desire of native people’s to
soft and sandy and followed the dry riverbed as                                                     manage Canyon de Chelly without interference
it wound its way past groves of cottonwoods and                                                     by the Park Service. He hoped that litigators
tamarisk. A jeep was expected to pick up                                                            would look for ways for the tribe to manage the
stragglers and deliver overnight backpacks so the                                                   canyon with autonomy. Many thanks go out to
group took its time with many breaks at a leisurely                                                 Sylvia for organizing this trip and to Howard for
pace. As the afternoon turned into evening though,                                                  leading it!
                                                                                                        Hike Participants: Sarah Benatar, Lauren
                                                          sandstone of the canyon walls. What       Dickey, Nathan Jones, Ameryn Kreiner, Abigail
                                                          was expected to be the toughest part      Okrent, Tom Parker and son Reed, Brian Quint,
                                                          of the hike actually turned into a        William Soland, Sylvia Struss and children
                                                          highlight of the trip. In near-vertical   Elizabeth and Emilio, Matt Van Wormer

no jeep appeared, and several hikers ran out of
water. Murmurs of a tough night hiking out of the
canyon made their way through the group. Not a
person to be deterred by a future one cannot
control, Howard suggested the group climb the
slickrock walls to a rock window overlooking the
canyon. Several people took him up on his
suggestion. Climbers were rewarded by views
of fields between vertical rock walls that have
been tended by residents of the canyon for
thousands of years.
    Just around a bend in the canyon was
Howard’s family farm. The hikers gulped down
water from Howard’s cache, the farm’s peach
and apple trees were laden with fruit and all was
well. Shortly afterwards Howard’s nephew
appeared with the jeep. It seems he was merely
delayed at a wedding and had not, as many
suspected, been stopped by a new washout in
the road from the last week’s thunderstorms.
Tents popped up, a fire was lit and an evening of
feasting on barbequed shish-kebobs began.
    The next morning the steep hike out of the
canyon began. The trail followed the path of the
“Grandmothers trail”, a trail carved into the

6   DNA Update • Winter 2009-2010
Kelin’s dreams coming true
By Babette Herrman, Indian Country Correspondent, Story Published: Nov 6, 2009

                                                     The case focused on the protection of the San          parents, Don Kelin and Debbie Pain, were
                                                     Francisco Peaks, one of the first sacred sites         raised in Anadarko, Okla., within close
                                                     cases under the Religious Freedom Restoration          proximity of their ancestral lands. Even though
                                                     Act. Southwest tribes opposed a ski resort’s use       he was raised in Denver, his parents often took
                                                     of fake snow made from recycled sewer water,           him back to visit their people, which fueled his
                                                     calling it a desecration to the purity of an area      passion to work on Native issues.
                                                     they consider sacred. He was disappointed when
                                                                                                            His parents are also successful business people
                                                     the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear the
                                                                                                            who value education. “I was very fortunate to
                                                                                                            have parents that were supportive and pushed
                                                     He is currently awaiting news from the 10th            me to try and be successful.”
Zackeree Kelin                                       Circuit Court of Appeals on whether they will
                                                                                                            Kelin earned his Juris Doctorate from the
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – For a young                      hear a licensing case involving one of the
                                                                                                            University of Iowa College of Law in 2005. He
Native attorney, opening a law firm is surely a      abandoned uranium mines on the Navajo Nation.
                                                                                                            also served as a law opportunity fellow and
dream come true. Zackeree Kelin, 31, has just        When he worked for DNA, he said no two days            president of the Native American Law Students
realized this dream when he opened his first         were alike. He could go from working on a brief        Association.
law firm in Albuquerque.                             for the U.S. Court of Appeals to doing
                                                                                                            Playing sports also gave him the determination
His practice will help Native and other              something as simple and fulfilling as helping
                                                                                                            to succeed in school, and now as an attorney.
minority-owned companies to develop and              someone file for a name change because they
                                                                                                            He played football in high school, and was on
negotiate the 8(a) Small Business                    weren’t born in a hospital, and lack a first name
                                                                                                            the wrestling team in high school and college.
Administration process, and take on civil rights     on their birth certificate.
                                                                                                            For the past three years he served as the coach
cases and class action lawsuits, in addition to      He said victims of domestic abuse tug at his           for the Window Rock High School wrestling
working on behalf of individual landowners.          heartstrings, as well as tribal elders who are often   team, a position he will greatly miss.
“It’s a very exciting time in my life right now,”    the victims of theft. “Those stories and individuals
                                                                                                            “It’s been great to give back in that way,
he said.                                             are just as memorable as those larger cases that
                                                                                                            because so much has been given to me from
                                                     you do, they touch your heart.”
For Kelin, Caddo, the myriad of experiences                                                                 coaches.”
he has gained in the past four years as the          Kelin didn’t decide to become an attorney until
                                                                                                            If he could meet any four people in history, they
managing attorney for DNA-People’s Legal             he closed in on his Bachelor of Special Studies:
                                                                                                            would be Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi,
Services, Inc. will surely help pave a new road      Inequality and Public Policy at Cornell College.
                                                                                                            Vine Deloria Jr., and Caddo spiritual leader
of success.                                          He was an Associated Colleges of the Midwest
                                                                                                            Moon Head.
                                                     Minority Fellow, and conducted his research on
DNA, headquartered in Window Rock, Ariz.,                                                                   “I was certainly impacted by the study of social
                                                     “Self-Determination in Indian Country.”
is the oldest and largest poverty law practice                                                              movement, and inspired by reading and listening
serving Indian country. For the past 40 years        Initially, college seemed like a bit of a struggle,
                                                                                                            to Dr. Martin Luther King’s words,” he recalled
the staff has handled family, consumer and           but he credits Professor Mary Olson for helping
                                                                                                            of his college days.
environmental law cases. He plans to continue        him “to think academically.
                                                                                                            Kelin was honored as a recipient of the Native
serving on pro bono cases.                           “She was the person that got me academically
                                                                                                            American 40 Under 40 award during the Indian
Kelin spoke passionately about his                   oriented, and without her I wouldn’t have gone
                                                                                                            Progress in Business Event conference in Tulsa,
involvement with DNA. When asked about his           to law school and be doing what I am doing
                                                                                                            Okla. in September.
most memorable case, he said it was                  now.”
                                                                                                            He is currently engaged to Bianca and they are
challenging to point to just one, but recalled       His decision to go to law school was drawn from
                                                                                                            expecting their first child.
the Navajo Nation v. U.S. Forest Service.            a culmination of life experiences. Both of his

                                                          Good Luck

                                                                                                                           DNA Update • Winter 2009-2010   7
                                    SUPPORT OUR TROOPS, PAST AND PRESENT
        Thank you for your dedication, service and sacrifice in defending our freedoms and way of life.

                                             George James, Sr (far left) 83 years old of Tsaile was a Navajo Code Talker and a member of the
                                             5th Marine Division/Easy Company from 1943 to 1947. He entered the military at 17 years old
                                             and was a radio operator and was ordered to the front lines several times. His wife of 65 years,
                                             Mary A. James (decease 11/2007) His nine children are; Shirley Barry, George James, Jr, Loretta
                                             Danzuka, (Shiprock DNA), Melvin James, Gerald James, Ernestine James, Alva Kirk James (de-
                                             ceased), Lynn Ann Charley and Linda James (decease) and has 22 grandchildren and five great
                                             grand children. Proud daughters Loretta Danzuka and Shirley Berry submitted photo in honor of
                                             their father.

            Sgt Angelia Cano
       US Army, Mosul, Iraq 2005-06
          LaVerta Mason’s Sister

                                             CPT Kyle Scherer (center), is preparing for deployment to Afghanistan, with the 101st Field
                                             Artillery Battalion, 86th Brigade Combat Team, Kyle serves as an Staff Intelligence Officer.

                 Lorenzo Shaw
     Tribal Court Advocate - Dulce DNA
               US Army, 1975-78
                  Beth Engels
       Staff Attorney - Farmington DNA
    US Army, Military Intelligence Officer
      Operation Just Cause 1989-1990
            Eugene Atcitty, US Navy
     Administration Purchasing Manager
             Louis Jones, US Navy
             Chinle DNA Custodian
         Anita Y. Natonabah, US Army
      Community Education Coordinator
       Michael Anthony Swift, US Army
     Community Education Student Help        Spc. Beau Dene Bluehouse, 91 Bravo, Ft Huachuaca, AZ-Parents: Irene & Philmer Bluehouse
8   DNA Update • Winter 2009-2010
                                   Edward Dobson, War Hero Honored at Arlington
    Edward Dobson, Jr was only two months old        Cambridge, England. and in the renaming of            1942.
when he lost his dad. However, he has spent many     Dobson Avenue in his honor.                               I don’t know if you have seen the Veterans’
days and years investigating his father’s military   Margaret and John Stavish raised their own            Day issue of Bellmore Life, but I thought you might
career. Now, 55 years later he has accomplished      family and Ed Dobson, Jr. in Bellmore. Life goes      be interested in the article they printed about Ed.
another memorial mission - having a grave marker     on. Freedom goes on. Take a slow drive on             It was written by Ed, Jr. who was not quite 2
placed in Arlington Military Cemetery bearing the    Dobson Avenue and enjoy.                              months old when Ed’s plane disappeared. He has
name of Lt. Edward M. Dobson, even though his             --- In letters received by Frances Kotlarz       spent the last 3 years trying to find out as much as
body was never recovered. A ceremonial military      Walton, Mepham Alumni Class of 1939/40                he possibly could about his father’s involvement
service was held at the Administration Building      Representative, from Margaret Frank (Dobson)          with the 8th Air Force in England and North Africa.
on October 22, 1998.                                 Stavish:                                              The only information I had from the government
    Here is the story of Ed Dobson’s life, as        Dear Frances,                                         was that they assumed Ed’s plane went down in
exerpted from an article by Ed Dobson, Jr. in             What has finally inspired me to write was        the North Sea on the return flight from Norway
Bellmore Life on November 10, 1993:                  your fine article in Bellmore Life (Dec. 1) about     to England. Nothing else.
    REMEMBERING MEPHAM GRAD’S                        John Weisberg and Harry Chernucha. It was such            Since I’m still living in Bellmore, I feel as if
SUPREME SACRIFICE                                    a sad time when we heard Harry had been killed        I’ve never left Mepham. My six children and 3 of
In our everyday lives, Dobson Avenue connects        during the raid on Pearl Harbor. Of course, that      my 6 grandchildren are Mepham grads and a
Merrick Road to Sunrise Highway. But in matters      was just the beginning of the war and our losses.     fourth grandchild is still attending.
larger than life, Dobson Avenue connects two         It is good to know there is to be a Memorial              I think it would be great if you wrote about
towns, Merrick and Bellmore, with wartime’s          Flag Dedication in honor of Harry on Dec. 8th in      Ed in the next newsletter. I think he would
ultimate sacrifice.                                  the Mepham rotunda. It’s so generous and              appreciate being remembered. After high school
    Fifty-one years ago, as Mepham High              thoughtful of John Weisberg to donate this special    he attended Alfred University for a couple of years.
School’s first graduates went off to war, Ed         flag in honor of Harry. John is certainly a hero as   When I met him in 1941, he was holding 2 jobs.
Dobson (’39) from Buckingham Road, Merrick,                                         well.                  He was distribution manager for “L.I.[Nassau]
joined the Army Air Force. He signed up for flight                                  On the day before      Daily Review” and also was a gas station
training and earned his commission, his pilot’s                                     Pearl Harbor, I had    attendant. Right after Pearl Harbor, he enlisted in
wings, and an assignment to the 67th Squadron,                                      just met Ed            the Army Air Corp. for Air Cadet Training. Left in
Eighth Air Force. Ed Dobson and Margaret Frank                                      Dobson for the first   Apr.1942.
of Chapman Ave., Bellmore, classmates in                                            time since our          Sincerely, Margaret Frank (Dobson) Stavish
Mepham’s first graduating class, were married at                                    graduation in June     Editor’s Note: Margaret Stavish, Ed’s widow, also
Brooks Field in Texas, where he earned his wings.                                   ’39. We were           a graduate of Mepham Class of 1939, died on
After B-24 school in desert-like Alamogordo,                                        married in Dec.        June 17th, 1998.
New Mexico, he went to war. On Sunday, August                                                              Edward M. Dobson, Jr., Mepham ’61, is
1, 1943, 178 powerful B-24 Liberator bombers                                                               Mexican Hat DNA’s managing attorney.
took off from bases in North Africa
to cross the Mediterranean, headed
for Romania-Lieutenant Ed Dobson,
co pilot, sat next to Lt. J.E.Hill of
Midland, Texas, in the cockpit of a
B-24 named CALABAN.
    Lt. Dobson had a personal goal
to qualify as first pilot and have his own
plane. Dobson loved flying and thought
he might make a career of it, military
or civilian. Moving up to first pilot
seemed a necessary step.
    In November, 1943, Lt. Dobson
checked out as first pilot. Nov. 18th-
a long, cold mission to disable the
German fighter plant and air base
outside, Oslo, Norway. No one
knows what happened to Lt. Dobson,
his crew, and their plane.
Margaret Dobson spent nearly two
years tossed between hope and
despair, with Ed and his crew listed
as missing in action. After the war
ended, they were declared killed in
action .
    In 1947, Margaret married John
Stavish, a veteran of the invasion of
the Phillipines, the Battle of Lingayen
Gulf, and terror known as kamikaze.
Their wedding and reception, so
symbolic of the end of the war, are
[were] commemorated in a wall
plaque photo at McCluskey’s Steak
House, Bellmore, where they first met.
Ed Dobson’s commemorations are on
the west wall of the main foyer at
Mepham, in the Wall of the Missing
at the American Cemetery in

                                                                                                                           DNA Update • Winter 2009-2010     9
                        We’d like to introduce DNA’s NELL...
                                             Frank Sanchez, MCSE, Manager of Information Technology

  Here in the DNA, Information Technology                            As most of you are aware, the         people can at least access some legal information
department, one of the projects that we have been                       conditions in our service area     without having to come into DNA to speak directly
developing for some time now is the Native                              make the act of simply getting     with an attorney.
Education Legal Line or what we like to call it,                      to a DNA office a challenge.         The legal information we provide through NELL,
NELL. Here is how it works.                         92               During inclement weather many of      is exactly that, “legal information”. It is not legal
  DNA attorneys take some of the most              87 8            the roads which are not paved           advice.Our goal with NELL is to educate our
pressing and common legal issues that our         41 1            become impassable. Even when the         communities as to their legal rights. We expect
client communities face and create legal                        weather is not prohibitive, the sheer      that some people who call NELL will get enough
information documents similar to our                           size of the reservation often means a       information to answer their immediate question.
informational pamphlets. Those                               long drive or in some cases a long hitch      Others, we hope, will then come in, to speak with
documents are then broken down                             hike.                                           a DNA or any other attorney and will be better
into “script” form for recording                            Most people on the reservation do not          educated about the legal issue they face.
in both English and Navajo.                                have Internet access, and thus all of those        To check out NELL for yourself call 871-4153 if
Those recorded audio files                              quality resources are of no real use to a          you are on the Navajo Reservation. Off reservation
are then imbedded into our                            person who needs legal information. What we          dial 1-888-888-4DNA. Let us know
phone system and                                    have found is that most people do have a cellular      what you think. We appreciate the
accessible with a local                             phone and service is reasonably good across the        feedback as it helps us make the
Window Rock number as well                          Navajo reservation. With the NELL project we           project more useful for those
as toll free from anywhere.                         can take advantage of this fact and ensure that        who really need it.

  DNA Provides Free Tax Preparation For Its Clients Again This Year
   On January 26, 2010, DNA - People’s Legal         offer free tax preparation through the Southwest      cards at high interest rates. Taxpayers who have
Services began offering its free tax preparation     Native People’s Volunteer Income Tax Assistance       their returns prepared at a VITA site and have a
services for the 2009 tax season. The Chinle DNA     “VITA” Coalition. All volunteer tax preparers         bank account, can often have their refunds within
office was the first to offer free tax preparation   have been certified through the Internal Revenue      7 - 10 days of filing. The bottom line is that when
this year but other DNA offices will soon follow     Service’s VITA training program.                      taxpayers choose VITA for their tax preparation,
and free tax preparation will be available at DNA       The VITA free tax preparation service is           they are keeping more of their refund and lowering
offices throughout the tax season.                   available to low-and-moderate-income                  the risk return preparation errors. DNA clients
   DNA has partnered this year with Navajo           taxpayers. The program encourages taxpayers           are being helped by being able to keep more of
United Way, Cornfields Chapter, White Mountain       to avoid the high costs and risks involved with       the money they earn.
Apache Housing Authority and Bik’eh Hozho            having their tax returns prepared by businesses           Below are scheduled sites and dates, all sites
Community Development Corporation and will           offering refund anticipation loans and “tax” credit   are on a first come first served basis.


           2010 Southwest Native People’s VITA Coalition sites
                on and near the Navajo/Hopi Reservations:

        Navajo United Way (St Michaels)                                                      Window Rock DNA
          Every Tuesday (thru April 13)                                                      Mar 12, 26, Apr 9 & 15
                8:30am - 5:30pm                                                                   9am - 2pm

                   Cornfields Chapter                                                            Shiprock DNA
                    Monday thru Friday                                                           Mar 10 & 24, Apr 7
                     8:00am - 5:00pm                                                             9:00 am - 2:00 pm

          Tuba City Bik’eh Hozo CDC                                                      Hopi DNA (Keams Canyon)
           Every Thursday thru April 15th                                                    Mar 4 &18, Apr 1
             9:00am-Noon • 1-4:00pm                                                            9am - 2pm

                     Crownpoint DNA                                                     Chinle DNA
                       Every Tuesday                                       March 2, 9, 16, 26 - Apr 6, 12,13,14 & 15
                       8am - 12 Noon                                                      9am - 2pm
 For more information on the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) site schedule call 928.871.4151.
10   DNA Update • Winter 2009-2010
                           Ahee’hee’ • Thank You
Below are donors and volunteers who supported DNA in 2008. We strive to maintain accurate records. If you notice a mistake or omission please
accept our apology and let us know! Contact Kathy Gallagher at

Federal                                          Individual Supporters
Department of Justice,                           $1,000+                                      Up to $100
    Office for Victims of Crime                  Luebben Johnson & Barnhouse            Deborah R. Badger
Department of Justice,                           Levon B. Henry                         Lawrence D. Buhler
    Violence Against Women Office                Rothstein, Donatelli, Hughes, DahlstromDonna Connolly
Internal Revenue Service LITC Program               & Schoenburg                        Jeff and Penny Dumas
Internal Revenue Service                         Matthew Slater & Faith Roessel         Gabriel Gonzalez
    VITA Matching Program
                                                                                        Rick L. Guerisoli
Legal Services Corporation                       $500+                                  Paul R. Haik
                                                 Kathy Gallagher                        Sherma Hansen
State of Arizona
                                                                                        Rebecca Hill
Department of Economic Security-                 $250+                                  Travis R. Marker
   Director’s Office of Community                                                       Leslie McLean
                                                 Paul Abrams & Abigail Adler
   Partnerships and Innovative Practices                                                Macoy A. McMurray
                                                 Marie Bennett
Department of Public Safety - VOCA                                                      Paul W. Mortensen
                                                 Gregg B. Brelsford
                                                 Willis Lang                            Anita Y. Natonabah
State of New Mexico                                                                     David Negri
                                                 Richard Collins & Judith Reid
New Mexico Crime Victims Reparations                                                    Owen C. Olpin
  Commission – VAWA                              $100+                                  Herm Olsen
New Mexico Civil Legal Services                                                         Daniel S. Press
                                                 Howard G. Arnett                       David E. Ross
                                                 Barudin Law Firm                       Sidney Sandberg
New Mexico Children, Youth and
                                                 Paul & Ellen Biderman                  Barbara A. Schuster
  Families Department
                                                 Milagros Cisneros                      Evan S. Strassberg
                                                 William Cooke                          R. Kyle Treadway
Bar Foundations & IOLTA
                                                 Eric D. Eberhard                       Daniel and Marsha Tuchscherer
Arizona Foundation for Legal Services &          Cecilia D. Esquer
   Education                                                                            Claire G. Zanolli
                                                 Paul Frye
Utah Bar Foundation                              Andrew Guarino                         In-Kind
                                                 Deidre Hunter
Tribal                                                                                  ESRI
                                                 Stephen Jones
Hopi Tribe – Public Defender                     Faith C. Klepper                       Performance Reporters
                                                 Barry Levine                           Robert Gaylord
United Way                                       Littler Mendelson Foundation
                                                 Philip Massey                          Other gifts
United Way of Northern Arizona
                                                 Lucy Moore                             State Employees Charitable Campaign
Other                                            Peggy J. Nelson                           (Arizona)
                                                 Joanne C. Slotnik                      Combined Federal Campaign
Arizona Access to Justice Campaign
                                                 Sarah Jane Somers
    (Attorneys in Arizona)
City of Flagstaff
                                                 Arlene Strumor                         DNA Thanks All Our Loyal Supporters!!
Coconino County
Consumer Protection and Education Fund
First Nations Development Institute                                     Contribute to your
National Committee for the Prevention                               Access to Justice campaigns!
    of Elder Abuse
New Mexico Equal Access to Justice
                                                     Please consider making a contribution to your state’s access to justice campaign.
    Campaign (Attorneys in New Mexico)
                                                         Your gift helps someone who lives in poverty - to be safe, to avoid further
New Mexico Legal Aid
Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher &, Flom                     financial crisis, to live with dignity. Every gift helps; every single one.
Utah “and Justice For All” Campaign                     Last year campaign contributions enabled DNA to help at least 300 people.
    (Attorneys in Utah)                                    Please be generous so we can increase our legal assistance in 2009;
W.K. Kellogg Foundation                                           we know the need for our help will be greater than ever.
Individual donors, DNA staff and
    DNA Board members                                                  ~ Arizona Equal Justice campaign ~
DNA Client Representatives
DNA Advisory Committee members
                                                             ~ New Mexico Equal Access to Justice campaign ~

                                                                     ~ Utah “and Justice for all” campaign ~

                                                                                                                 DNA Update • Winter 2009-2010   11
       DNA Administrative Office                  Farmington DNA                      Mexican Hat DNA
              P.O. Box 306                     709 North Butler Avenue                 P.O. Box 310458
         Window Rock, AZ 86515                  Farmington, NM 87401                Mexican Hat, UT 84531
     928.871.4151 • Fax: 928.871.5036      505.325.8886 • Fax: 505.327.9486     435.739.4380 • Fax: 435.739.4384

              Chinle DNA                           Flagstaff DNA                        Shiprock DNA
              P.O. Box 767                 2323 East Greenlaw Lane, Suite 1              P.O. Box 987
            Chinle, AZ 86503                     Flagstaff, AZ 86004                  Shiprock, NM 87420
     928.674.5242 • Fax: 928.674.2410      928.774.0653 • Fax: 928.774.9452     505.368.8200 • Fax: 505.368.3212

            Crownpoint DNA                       Fort Defiance DNA                      Tuba City DNA
              P.O. Box 116                          P.O. Box 306                         P.O. Box 765
          Crownpoint, NM 87313                Window Rock, AZ 86515                   Tuba City, AZ 86045
     505.786.5277 • Fax. 505.786.7275      928.871.4151 • Fax: 928.871.5036     928.283.5265 • Fax: 928.283.5460

                                                    Hopi DNA
                                                   P.O. Box 558
                                              Keams Canyon, AZ 86034
                                        928.738.2251/5345 • Fax: 928.738.5343

                                               Hopi Public Defender
                                                   P.O. Box 558
                                              Keams Canyon, AZ 86034
                                        928.738.5231/5234 • Fax: 928.738.5343

   DNA-People’s Legal Services, Inc.                                                                NON PROFIT ORG.
                                                                                                     U.S. POSTAGE
             P.O. Box 306                                                                                 PAID
Window Rock, Navajo Nation Arizona 86515                                                             WINDOW ROCK
                                                                                                    AZ PERMIT NO. 5


12    DNA Update • Winter 2009-2010

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