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Week Budgeting ppt Slide Currency symbols


Week Budgeting ppt Slide Currency symbols

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 Directorate of Corporate Affairs


Week 9 – Wed 25th November 2009

                     • Technical workshop – Drama Studio, general

                     • Budgeting with EP Budgeting
Week 9 - Budgeting

                     • Legal stuff and paperwork
                     • Storyboarding and camera setups plan

                             U64027 Film Production
                                        FILM BUDGETING
                     •   Several budget categories & subcategories (if needed) per each single
                         Department / Stage
                     •   Accounts set up per each category
                     •   Specific details entered for each single account (not generic
                           • Based on info from breakdown sheets, reports, production
Week 9 - Budgeting

                     •   Account summaries

                     •   Tentative budget set up during pre-production
                     •   Cash flow kept for the whole project duration
                     •   Budget revised and updated on an ongoing basis
                          • Number any budget version / revision

                          CAN BE DONE IN EP BUDGETING
                                           EP BUDGETING
                     PRELIMINARY SETTINGS

                     •   Several budget templates (File / New Budget)
                     •   Choose currency (Setup / Budget Preferences / Currency)
                     •   Budget details (File / Budget Info  Title, Number, Revision #)
                     •   Topsheet Header (File / Print Setup / Edit Header-Footer)
Week 9 - Budgeting

                     • Save reminder
                     • Show gridlines
                     • Paginate (can be done as many times as needed)
                     • Make sure that AutoComplete is ticked
                                           EP BUDGETING

                     •   Contractual charge = fee paid as per contract
                          • Labor (people)
                          • Equipment, materials, rentals, etc.
                     •   Fringes = additional charges associated with a budgeted item
Week 9 - Budgeting

                          • Payroll taxes
                          • Insurance
                          • Union costs (e.g. vacations, pension, health, welfare, etc.)
                          • By percentage OR by flat rate
                                          EP BUDGETING
                     LEVELS (see Navigation Toolbar)

                     •   Topsheet Level
                          • Account Summary level, first layer of budget  summary of the
                            whole budget sorted by category
                          • Category are entered or deleted in the Topsheet
                     •   Accounts Level
Week 9 - Budgeting

                          • Breakdown of each Account category listed in the Topsheet
                          • Each category displays has a number of specific Accounts
                          • Each Account displays the amount budgeted
                     •   Details Level
                          • Each Account has a number of specific components
                          • Details (description, rates and subtotals) of each specific
                            component are provided here
                                           EP BUDGETING

                     •   The sum of all details of every specific account components represents
                         the costs for the account

                     •   The sum of all budgeted amounts of every category accounts
Week 9 - Budgeting

                         represents the costs for that Category

                     •   The costs of every Category are listed in the Topsheet, with Totals
                          • Above the line costs
                          • Below the line costs
                          • Postproduction
                          • Other
                          • Grand Total
                                           EP BUDGETING

                     ACCOUNT NUMBERS

                     •   Industry standard
                     •   The first one/two numbers indicate the general category (Topsheet
Week 9 - Budgeting

                     •   The following numbers indicate the specific account/item (Account /
                         Detail level)
                                           EP BUDGETING
                     ENTERING INFORMATION

                     •   Detail level
                     •   (for this module) Toggle off ALL additional components (Fringes,
                         Aggregate fringe %, Groups, etc.)
                     •   Click in each field to edit value / content
Week 9 - Budgeting

                     •   Description: exact name or detailed description
                     •   Amount: refers to units (quantity) (eg. 3 weeks)
                     •   Units: usually time (days, weeks) OR type of job (eg. script drafts)
                     •   X: times units are multiplied by rate (usually “1”)
                     •   Rate: unit cost
                     •   Subtotal: automatically calculated

                     •   Useful: Data / Note (added to selected account)

                     •   Memo deals (with main cast / crew members, in preproduction)
                     •   Contracts (set out during preproduction and by the start of production,
                         for every person involved, not for extras)
                     •   Releases / clearance (needed when using something protected by
                         copyrights, or somebody’s image and similar – replaces contracts for
Week 9 - Budgeting

                         extras or interns)
                     •   Permits (needed for locations, both private and public spaces – choose
                         locations carefully, based on accessibility and feasibility)
                     •   Health and Safety checklist
                     •   Insurance (University cover, but check when outside campus)
                     •   Risk assessment forms (for every location, and for special equipment
                         or specific props)

                     •   Software
                          • Automated Contracts for the Film & Television Industry
                          • Movie Magic Contracts
                          • Movie Forms Pro
Week 9 - Budgeting

                     •   Book
                          • Mark Litwak, Contracts for the Film and Television Industry,
                            Gardner Books

                     •   Web (official websites of film companies or institutions)

                     •   Heading
                     •   Name(s) of producer and production company
                     •   Name of actor / crew member
                     •   Project title
                     •   Initial paragraph stating the agreement between the parties re: participation to
Week 9 - Budgeting

                         project and capacity
                     •   Terms and conditions
                           • Availability (dates and locations, as planned)
                           • Use and copyright ownership of work recorded in project and future
                               derivative works and media
                           • Oxford Brookes use of project (see note in module handbook)
                           • Credits
                           • Retribution (fee, wages, even if Nil or £1)
                           • Food and DVD
                           • Brief summary of rules on set
                     •   Signatures and date signed
                     TEST SHOOTING & STORYBOARDING

                     • Run test shoots (on location if possible)
                        • Read camera manuals, technical websites, research
                        • Try camera features (physical puttons and menus)
                        • Try image stabilizer with different camera movements
                        • Try different options for same shoot, achieve desired image
Week 9 - Budgeting

                          quality and aspect
                        • DOP and Director agree on camera profile, style, etc.

                     • Use 16:9 ratio and 25p (not 50i)
                      TEST SHOOTING & STORYBOARDING

                               • Drawings start to translate narrative flux into images
                       • Technical storyboards
                                    - After location scouting and test shoots
                                    - See photocopies
                                                       - Heading, scene/location description
Week 9 - Budgeting

                                                       - Sketch
                                              - Summary of characters’
                                                       - Camera setups
                                                               - Position and movements
                                                               - Number of shots
                                              - Key to symbols
                                    - Used to calculate Estimated Shooting Time and
                               complete planning, production board/shooting
                                         WEEK 10

                     • Submit Log 2 (latest update of item list on webpage)

                     • 10 am in G30: Guest talk with Simon Hook
Week 9 - Budgeting

                     • 11.30 Class dismissed / Trip to BFI London
Week 9 - Budgeting

                     LOG 2 CHECKLIST
                     U64027 Film Production
               Directorate of Corporate Affairs


Dr. Paolo Russo
Office RHB 102, Headington Hill campus
Tel: (48)3168
Office hours: Thursday 12.30-3 pm
Please always check week by week for possible variations.

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