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The ARbeverage Company is a juice making factory as it is known that it is an

international company and in Pakistan it is expanding day by day so due to large demand

in the quantity they needed some more machinery to produce the good and satisfy the

consumer demand. So they sent a letter of inquiry to the King step Company which is

located in the China and in that letter they asked the company to provide information

about filling machines along with their price and also if some other machinery they

require to produce the product better let them know.

The King step company responded to the AR beverage company and gave the company

information about the machine they required with great detail like how much quantity the

specified machinery could produce, what is speed of that machine which they require etc.

and also they provided the company with additional information like if your uses this

machine coupled with this machine the quantity produced would be better and time and

cost of the company would be saved.

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