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									                                               Dave Schuman


Programming: Java / JSP / Servlets, PHP, Ruby, Perl, HTML / CSS / Javascript / AJA X (Script aculous, Prototype
          and jQuery), Flash ActionScript, J2EE / EJB, XML / XS L, C#, ASP, etc.

Mobile Device Programming: iPhone (Objective-C), BlackBerry (Java)

Database: MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, MS Access

MVC Framework s: Ruby on Rails, Zend Framework

OS: Windows NT/9x/2000/ XP/Server 2003, Mac OS X, UNIX, Linux

Application Server Software: Apache, Tomcat, JBoss, Microsoft ShareP oint, BEA Weblogic

Development Software: Eclipse, Visual Studio . NE T 2003/2005, BEA Weblogic Workshop, A dobe CS3
          (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.)

Multimedia Software: Digidesign Pro Tools, Propellerhead Reason, Sound Forge, Adobe Premier

If you’re looking for a technology you don’t see listed here, please ask, chances are I know something about it ;)


Princeton University
BA, Ecology and E volutionary Biology


Web application design, development, and documentation for 11 years.

Small busine ss owner for 9 years, running Daveworld Inc., a company that offers Web application design,
development and hosting solutions, as well as contract W eb soft ware consulting servic es.

Strong interpersonal communication, management, and project leadership skill s, combined with the ability to
learn new technology/skills and apply them with professional accuracy. Works independently with little supervision.


Daveworld Inc., Fairfax, CA                                                            Sep 1999 – Pre sent
Business Owner, Webmaster, Web Developer
        Design and implement web sites and applications for various clients on a part -time basis. Web
          applications have been built using .NE T and Java technologies, and have incorporat ed Flash, DHTML,
          and JavaScript.
        Service various clients on a part -time basis with web design, development, and hosting solutions.
        Configure and maint ain Windows Server 2003 server running IIS, Apache HTTP Server, Tomcat
          Application Server, MySQL db, SQL Server db, SmartMax mail server, FTP Server.

iHound Software, Fairfax, CA                                                              June 2007 – Present
Co-Founder / Owner, Architect
        I am the sole architect and developer for this project (http://www.ihounds oft which offers
          mobile devic e security tracking for USB-c onnected devices. We offer the product completely for FREE
          as an act of goodwill to the greater mobile-device-owning community 

                                        Dave Schuman 
                                           Dave Schuman, Page 2
ThoughtMatrix, San Francisco, CA                                                         July 2007 – Pre sent
Senior Systems Architect
         Technical design and development of web sites and applications for clients of ThoughtMatrix, including:
               o ThoughtMatrix ( Developed cool Flash coverflow-style
                  navigation on the home page.
               o Ownerspa ss ( Managed a small team of developers. Using PHP
                  on Zend Framework with MySQL and AJA X, designed and implemented an e -Commerce
                  system to sell and trade event suites and tickets (like StubHub). (Dev in progress, noted on
                  12/11/ 2008)
               o Plus 3 Network (http://www.plus3net Using Ruby on Rails with MySQL and AJA X,
                  designed and developed a social networking application for ex ercise enthusiasts with the ability
                  to upload and display activities from Garmin GPS devices.
               o PayPal ( and various other PayPal URL’s): Designed and
                  implemented SiteRefresh content domains for multiple areas of PayPal’s internal and external
                  domains. SiteRefres h uses Java running on JB oss with an Oracle database.
               o Devon Energy ( Managed a small team of developers. Used
                  Microsoft ShareP oint to completely re-implement an existing ShareP oint site, using only “out-
                  of-the-box ” SharePoint functionality.
               o ChefsBe st ( Used RedDot Live Server to provide custom
                  functionality, including e-commerce integration, for a RedDot CMS site
               o Mozes (http://www.moz Provided Flash ActionScript programming using XML feed as
                  datasource for Mozes’ homepage “heat map”.
               o Palm Mobilize The Vote (http://www.mobilizet Developed a one-page
                  “mobilize the vot e” page for Palm using HTML / CSS / Javascript.

AssetMark, Pleasant Hill, CA                                                                Aug 2005 – June 2007
Web Applications Consultant: Technical Lead and Primary Developer
       Technical Lead, Primary Developer: Strategist Management Interface, a .NE T 2.0 / 3.0 Web application
               o Designed, developed, and tested complex 3-tiered Web application in multiple hosting
                    environments, event ually hosting the applic ation as a TCP service hosted under .NE T 3.0
                    Windows Communication Framework.
               o Coded front-end UI to bind to the middle tier and follow business validation rules.
               o Single-handedly designed and coded entire object-oriented middle-tier.
               o Designed and implemented entire database schema using SQL S erver E nterprise Manager,
                    collaborated in database int egration project by re-writing legacy stored proc edures using this
                    new schema.
       Technical Lead, Sole Developer: Profile Validator, a Web service embedded within an existing Web
               o Coded Web service and middle tier logic using VB .NE T 2.0.
               o Integrated middle tier with third party products including New Frontier Advisors’ Lifecycle
                    Optimizer, ChartFX, and DynamicPDF.
               o Coded front-end using Classic ASP (for integration with the existing application).
               o Designed and implemented a database schema and stored procedures using SQL Server.
               o Documented the application’s design and feature set in an accompanying specification.
       Web Developer: Coded, their public Web site.
               o Implemented HTML/ Javascript/CSS according to graphical “comps” provided by AssetMark’s
                    in-house graphic designer.
               o Worked closely with the graphic designer as changes were made and content was completed.
       Prototype Developer: New Account Wizard -- designed and developed functional Web application
           prototypes to assist in the re-design of an existing web application.

San Francisco Municipal Railway, San Francisco, CA                                       June 2005 – Oct 2005
System/Solution Arc hitect
        Performed a needs assessment for fixing documentation problems within MUNI’s trolley division.
           Worked closely with Booz Allen Hamilton and MUNI employ ees to det ermine the scope of the problem
           and to understand the details.
        Drafted a solution proposal consisting of a well -defined process for updating doc ument ation, Document
           Management System software, and a plan for implementing both.

                                      Dave Schuman 
                                           Dave Schuman, Page 3

Pure Digital Technologies, Inc., San Francisco, CA                                       Jan 2005 – Sept 2005
Product Manager, Web Developer
         Programming Tasks Accomplished
               o Implemented HTML/ Javascript code to host ActiveX cont rol for “print to store” functionality.
                  Included object detection and error handling.
               o Implemented HTML/DHTML/Javascript/CSS pages to host user -shared streaming video clips;
                  developed logic to deliver appropriate web functionality to various browser types, operating
                  systems and media play ers.
               o Implemented demonstrations of soft ware products to be viewed over the Web by clients and at
                  trade shows.
         Management Tasks Accomplished
               o Managed software development projects, related to digital photography and video solutions, in
                  various stages of completion. Projects included:
                        Mobile Application
                        Web-based ActiveX Application
                        Reporting Requirements
               o Wrote and maintained product requirement and specification documents

Ea st Bay Regional Parks, SF Bay Area, CA                                                    Mar 2005 – Apr 2005
Web Designer/Developer
         Designed and coded the East Bay Fire Danger Rating Information web page, a password-prot ected
           page used to help fire officials monitor conditions at fire stations and dispatch personnel and vehicles.
         Created station data templates for integration with an existing fire station data collection application.
         Technologies used include HTML, CSS, SSI, and HTACCESS security configuration.

Ameriquest Mortgage Co., Anaheim, CA                                                  Jun 2004 – Jan 2005
Web App Architect/Designer/Developer
       Single-handedly architected, designed and developed a contextual help application, with built-in
          content management features for administrators, for use with Ameriquest’s new loan processing
       Designed and implemented strategy for using RoboHelp as a single source development tool, trained
          content authors.
       Developed custom XSL transformations to export RoboHelp output for contextual help as well as for
          other online and printed usage.
       Technologies included BEA Weblogic 8.1 Workshop/Server, XML Beans, XS L, JSP, Web Services.

Autodesk Inc., San Rafael, CA                                                         May 2001 – Jan 2004
Specification Writer / Developer; Product Designer / Developer
         Designed/prototyped location-sensitive Mobile phone applications using Flash MX.
         Designed/prototyped/built Internet and Standalone Java applications to support sales initiatives.
         Worked with platform team leads and engi neers to produce specifications.
         Worked with product design, application developers, test engineers, and technical publications leads to
             devis e and document useable applications.
         Worked with a small team to design/devel op templates for documenting functional specifications using
             Rational SoDA for Word with Rational Rose.
         Held focus groups with larger team for feedback on documentation.
         Produced and distributed documentation, held review sessions.
         Sponsored/Distribut ed Engineering Change Orders (ECO’s) for changes to specifications previously
             inspected, then updated the specifications accordingly.

Exiprocity Solutions, Inc., San Francisco, CA                                            Oct 2000 – Apr 2001
Lead Application Developer
        Worked with a small team to design/develop a working prototype wit h which to acquire startup funding.
        Created a fully data driven application with an open architecture, for the purpose of generating output in
            a user interface, or for any common application (Excel, Word, PowerP oint).
        Administered the development server, including all hardware and software.
        Skills used were Oracle admin/ design/ development, Java/JavaBeans design/development, JSP
            design/development, ASP design/development, Object-Oriented JavaScript, DHTML, XML, Windows
                                        Dave Schuman 
                                           Dave Schuman, Page 4
            2000 Admin, Apache Web Server admin/customization, Tomcat Servlet Engine admin/customization,
            ChiliSoft! ASP server admin/customization, Excel VBA Macros.

AnswerThink Consulting Group, Inc., New York, NY                                            Aug 1999 – Oct 2000
E-commerce, Senior Consultant
    Procter & Gamble: For a client launching three new Web sites geared toward feminine hygiene topics,
    implemented e-commerce applications to sell products, displayed targeted information, and gathered dat a for
    relevant research:
          Analyzed client’s current Web hosting system, recommending new technologies for site
          Constructed information architecture design.
          Installed/administered Interwoven TeamSite v4.0 and A TG Dynamo Commerce Suite v4.5 including
            complex integration.
          Programmed a web-based quiz application using Dynamo Server Pages, JavaServer Pages, and
            JavaBeans in a Dynamo/UNIX environment.
    Keyspan Energy: For a client facilitating the merger of t wo utility companies, created an easy-to-use HTML
    front-end to combine their respective b ack -end systems:
          Met with clients from both companies in focus groups geared toward user interface design.
          Created/ pres ented HTML prototype screens, Java Server Pages (JSP), Entity and Session E JB’s.
          Delivered working prototype.

Goldman, Sachs & Co., New York, NY                                                        Jul 1998 – Aug1999
    Managed and executed full system life cycle of interactive Web application, Email Subscription System (ESS),
    for Tok yo Asset Management Public Web Site:
          Assumed ownership of ESS project and functions, maint ained project plans and met deadlines.
          Wrote/confirmed requirements based on requirements of both New York and Tokyo IT professionals.
          Designed and coded system and coordinated infrastructure for ESS and Tokyo public Web site.
             Included use of HTML, CGI, Perl, and Javascript.
          Constructed Sybase database and interactive scripts with SQL stored procedures and Perl.
          Coordinated code inspection and security issues with legal/firmwide groups.
          Wrote and implemented test cases and plans.
          Deployed ESS, integrating with Tokyo public Web site.
          Trained Japanese users and IT employees on ESS usage and maint enance.
          Created administration Web int erface for easy maintenance of site by business users and IT
          Developed Web backup application: coded Perl scripts and designed UNIX directory structure.
    Researched and developed data feed of mutual funds and their holdings for an external client:
          Analyzed structures of two databases for relational qualities and created translation tables to expedite
          Wrote Visual Basic scripts to produce reports in MSAccess and exported reports in custom formats.

Micro Warehouse, Lakewood, NJ                                                             May 1998 – Jul 1998
VBA/MSAccess Programmer
        Programmed automated reports and reporting tools with VBA/MSAccess.
        Created custom MSAccess databases based on data feeds.

Media Culture Identity, Conifer, CO                                                  Aug 1997 – Dec 1997
Internet Cons ultant
          Programmed HTML/Javascript for consulting cooperative.
          Streamed original/pre-recorded music in MIDI Crescendo and RealA udio formats.
          Created original graphics, graphic design for Web sites.

                                       Dave Schuman 

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