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The New Twenty Dollar Bill Currency symbols


The New Twenty Dollar Bill Currency symbols

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									The New Twenty Dollar Bill

   Presented By: Lauren Firmin
        What is being made?

 Inseveral places coast to cost U.S.
 government officials and local
 business are participating in
 transactions with the new
 twenty…On October 9th, 2003 banks will
 receive the new bills for the first time...
     October 9th, 2003

“The Day New Money Hits
  the Wallet…” says Tom
 Ferguson Director of U.S.
    Treasury’s Bureau of
  Engraving and Printing
                            The watermark is to
                             appear as a smaller similar
    The Facts…               image of the large portrait
                             when held up to the light
 It doesn’t stop at the    Security Thread when
  $20 eventually it will     held up has security
  be done to the $50 &       thread running vertically
  $100 in the 2004 &         looking closely you will
  2005                       see that it says USA
 Three very important       Twenty
  safety features that      The color shifting ink is
  were first introduced      for when you tip the note
  in 1990 were               up and down the $20 in
  watermark, security        lower right corner
  thread, and color          changes from copper to
  shifting ink               green
    Why is the money being changed?
   The government plans to
    introduce the new currency 7-
    10 years
   The government is changing
    the look of our paper money to
    protect against counterfeiting
   Micro Printing is used which is
    a very small printing that is
    hard to copy
   if you are given a counterfeited
    bill you should tell your parents
    so they can call the police
Facts about the way the bill
looks...          The small $20’s
                      printed on the back of
                      the bill are yellow…
                     The currency has the
                      symbol of and eagle
                      on it
                     The face that appears
                      on the bill is Andrew
                     The building that
                      appears on the back is
                      the White House
My Personal Opinion
   With the way economy work the new
    design of money will be for the better.
    Money is hard thing to deal with it changes
    things and people a lot and because of the
    change it has on everything it should change
    every now and then to...
Any Questions or comments...

Hope you were paying attention
Quiz Time..
   Internet:

   newspaper:
      USA      Today; As seen on TV the
                     New $20

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