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									                 About MEFIC

The Middle East Financial Investment Company (MEFIC) is a full
fledged financial services company with a paid capital of S.R. 400
Million. Licensed by the Capital Market Authority (CMA) and backed
by the highest caliber of professionals, MEFIC provides clients with
services in five main categories.
                        Our Message

In the world of financial investments, there are vast horizons and
ample opportunities. On this basis, the need for a partner with the
right profile of expertise, competency and vision is more important
than ever before.

To mobilize all our capabilities to maintain a leading edge in the
provision of innovative solutions and offering an integrated
framework of services to the highest possible standards. This will be
achieved by qualified and dedicated human resources characterized
by unwavering adherence to professionalism, integrity and
transparency in a working environment that is supportive of our
values and of superior customer service.

To assume a leading edge in the financial services industry by
availing our clients of quality advice and distinctive services. Such
advice is founded on thorough comprehension of pertinent issues,
accumulation of expertise and exhibiting far-sightedness to achieve
sustainable wealth growth.
MEFIC is backed by a strong list of shareholders

Kuwait & Middle East
Financial Investment Company (KMEFIC)

The Arab Investment Company S. A. A. (TAIC)

Influential Saudi Businessmen
                              KMEFIC &
             KMEFIC                                    TAIC

• Established in 1984 in Kuwait              • Established in 1974
• Publicly traded in the Kuwait Stock
  Exchange                                   • Founded by 17 Arab countries
• U.S. $ 6.1 Billion in Assets under
  management                                 • U.S. $500 Million Capital
• First GCC company with the capability
  to trade local and international markets   • Invests in ventures in industry,
  on one platform                              services and agriculture in Arab
• Main Shareholders: Kuwait & Middle           countries, leveraging on the
  East Bank and Ahli United Bank               available resources
The Board of Directors at MEFIC are some of the brightest
and most influential leaders in the community

Eng. Abdulaziz A. Almdemigh         Mr. Ibrahim A. Al-Hedaithy
  Chairman Of The Board               Vice Chairman

Mr. Hamed H. Al-Sanee               Mr. Homoud M. Al-Otaibi
                                      Board Member
  Board Member

                                    Eng. Suleiman I. Al-Hadithi
Mr. Adel F. Al-Humaidi                Board Member

  Board Member
                                    Mr. Saleh N. Al Jasser
                                      Board Member
                 What Makes
                 Us Different?
• Ensure all processes are free of conflicts of interest
• Broad network of contacts and associates
• Extensive experience, know – how and dedication
• Specialized skills and negotiation techniques
• Strong ties with multi-disciplinary consultants
• Maintain strict confidentiality and security
Having the right resources, talents and skills on your side is the key
to being successful in the increasingly competitive global financial
markets. With the expertise of our professionals and skilled
management, MEFIC provides companies with a broad array of
services tailored to their needs and goals.
                  Our Services

• Brokerage
• Custody
• Asset Management
• Advisory
• Corporate Finance
     Brokerage and Custody

Time and knowledge are the essential factors in dealing with capital
markets which is why MEFIC has developed a trading system
characterized by speed, effectiveness and user-friendliness.
Brokerage and Custody

Brokerage Services:
   Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul)
   GCC Financial Markets
   Global Financial Markets

Underwriting suitable offerings
either in whole or in part

Securities Custody Services

MEFIC provides advisory on the following:

•   Research
•   Valuation
•   Asset Allocation
•   Financial Advisory
•   Feasibility Studies

MEFIC’s team of financial and investment advisors
take the time needed to thoroughly study the financial
situation and analyze its status.
      Asset Management
MEFIC provides the following services:

• Fund Management:
  •   Equity
  •   Money Market
  •   Fixed Income
  •   Real Estate
  •   Private Equity
  •   Structured Products

• Discretionary & Non-Discretionary Portfolio Management:
  •   Equity
  •   Fixed Income
• Advisory Services

  –   Financial & Organizational Restructuring.
  –   Corporate Valuations.
  –   Research & Feasibility Studies.
  –   Strategic Planning.

• Arranging

  – Arranging IPO's, Private Placements and Exempt Offers and
    completing all required steps for executing such transactions.

  – Arranging for Debt Raising.

• Mergers and Acquisitions
• Project Finance
• Financial Engineering
                 800 – 12 –MEFIC
                 800 – 12 - 63342

           Tel: +966 1 218 6666 Fax: +9661 218 6668
The Middle East Financial Investment Company – C.R. 1010237038 –
                       CMA License: 06029-37

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