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									Workforce Solutions
  of Central Texas
Are you eligible for
assistance with your
     Child Care?

       You may be eligible if
         each adult in the
          household is…
       • working a minimum of 25 hours a week
       • going to school full time on campus
       • working part time and going to school part
         time on campus.
       • You are within our income guidelines.        Next
             Full-time Student:
       • Must be attending classes on campus a
         minimum of 25 hours per week (online classes
         do not meet this requirement).
       • Must have a minimum 2.0 GPA.
       • May receive child care for up to 4 years or
         until they have achieved an Associates
         Degree or Bachelors Degree, whichever
         comes first, that prepares for a job in a
         high-growth, high-demand occupation.

       See list of high-growth, high-demand occupations next.
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                           Targeted Occupations 2009--2010

              Occupation Name                          Occupation Name
       Medical Records and Health Information
                    Technicians                      Auto Service Techs/Mechanics
          Medical/Clinical Lab Technologist      Bookkeeping/Accounting/Auditing Clerks
              Middle School Teachers             Bus/Truck Mechanics/Diesel Specialist
         Nursing Aides/Orderlies/Attendants                    Carpenters
               Pharmacy Technicians                   Computer Support Specialist
          Plumbers/Pipefitters/Steamfitter          Correctional Officers and Jailors
         Police and Sheriffs Patrol Officers       Customer Service Representatives
         Radiologic Technologist/Technician                    Electricians
                 Registered Nurses                    Elementary School Teachers
            Secondary School Teachers            Environmental Engineering Technicians
        Social and Human Service Assistants      Executive Secretaries/Admin Assistants
           Stock Clerks and Order Fillers                     Fire Fighters
               Surgical Technologist                General and Operations Managers
                                                  Heating/Air Conditioning/Refrigeration
       Truck Driver, Heavy and Tractor Trailer                 Mechanics
           Truck Driver, Light or Delivery         Licensed Practical/Vocational Nurse
        Welders, Cutters, Solderers, Brazers                    Machinist
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                                                  Maintenance/Repair Workers General
                Income Eligibility
       Family Size      Gross   Family Size           Gross
                     Monthly                       Monthly
                     Income                        Income

           1         $2,297          9              $6,228
           2         $3,004         10              $6,361
           3         $3,710         11              $6,493
           4         $4,417         12              $6,626
           5         $5,124         13              $6,758
           6         $5,830         14              $6,891
           7         $5,963         15              $7,023
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                                Effective October 1, 2009 through
           8         $6,095            September 30, 2010
       R U eligible?

       available online or
       through your local
       Workforce Center

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               Child Support
           Contact your local
            Child Care Service
          for our child support

           TX Office of the Attorney General:
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       Child Care Provider Choice:
         You must choose a child care provider
         prior to enrollment. It is your responsibility
         as the parent/guardian to ensure that the
         chosen provider has the space available
         for your child.
         Please take time to visit potential providers prior to
                  making your final child care choice.

                            Need help?
                  CHECK OUT THIS WEBSITE:
          Documents to submit with the
       • Social Security cards for each family member
       • Birth certificates for each child
       • Four most recent pay stubs. Latest full month LES if
       • Award letter or other proof of SSI or VA payments if
       • Transcript from every college attended
       • Degree Plan/Training Plan
       • Current class schedule
       • Proof of child support payments, or proof of an open child
         support case with the Office of Attorney General (OAG)
       • A copy of your divorce decree
       • If separated from spouse, proof of separate residence. For
         example, a utility bill or rental lease for you and for your
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                    Child Care Fee
       • If you are approved for Child Care
         Services assistance, in most cases you
         will be responsible to pay a portion of
         your child care fees each month.
       • Your portion of the child care fees is
         called “Parent Share of Cost”
       • Your parent share of cost is due and
         payment must be made to the child care
         provider in advance of receiving care.
       • You must pay your parent share of cost
         even if your child is absent from care.   Next
       • You will be given a Parent Share of Cost Agreement
         and you must pay the monthly fee amount to remain
         eligible for Child Care Services.
       • It is your responsibility to talk to your child care
         provider about any additional fees the provider may

       • Your parent share of cost amount is based on your
         income and the number of children you have
         enrolled in care.

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             Which office serves
                 my town?
     Bartlett, Belton, Ben Arnold, Buckholts, Burlington, Cameron, Davilla,
   Gatesville,Gause, Heidenheimer, Holland, Little River Academy, Maysfield,
     Milano, Pendleton, Rockdale, Rogers, Salado, Temple, Thorndale, Troy.

                             Temple Office
        Bend, Carlton, Cherokee, Copperas Cove, Evant, Flat, Fort Hood,
       Gatesville, Goldthwaite, Hamilton, Harker Heights, Hico, Jonesboro,
       Kempner, Killeen, Lampasas, Leon Junction, Lometa, Mound, Mullin,
        Nolanville, Ogelsby, Pottsville, Priddy, Purmela, Richland Springs,
                                  San Saba, Star

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       CCS Contact Information
                       Our 7 county area
       Bell, Coryell, Hamilton, Lampasas, Milam, Mills, and San Saba

                           Office locations
                                      2420 S 37th Street
                                     Temple, Texas 76504
                                       (254) 742-4524
                                       (888) 816-8970

                                          300 Cheyenne
                                     Killeen, Texas 76542
                                         (254) 200-2009
                                         (888) 816-8970

         Child Care Services Program does not discriminate against race, sex, color, national origin,
                                age, political beliefs, religion, and disability.
                                        Equal Opportunity Employer
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              Top Ten Ways to Keep Your Child Care
       Turn in your paperwork on time.
       Pay your parent share of cost.
       Call your daycare provider to report when your child will be
       Call CCS to report a new job.
       Call CCS to report any changes in your income.
       Call CCS to report that you lost your job.
       Call CCS to report a change of address or phone number.
       Open a child support case.
       Report if you get married or are sharing household/living
       expenses with another adult.
       Inform CCS of court ordered visits with your child’s other
       parent.                                                        Next
                                     Certificate of Completion

                                                        (print your name here)

                    have successfully completed the orientation regarding the

       Child Care Services Orientation for Applicants
                                                      provided by the
                      Workforce Solutions of Central Texas
                     I certify that I have completed this on-line orientation for Child Care Services applicants.
                      By signing this certificate, I certify that I understand the requirements for eligibility for
                                  Child Care Services and the Workforce Solutions of Central Texas.

                                    Sign Your Name Here

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