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					                         Rental Agreement

      If you own an apartment complex then you will have to acquaint your
self with the rental agreement form which is used for renting out your
apartment. There are number of reasons as to why you need to have an
access to formal form than a pre printed usual agreement copy. This is
because access to form allows you to negotiate each of the lease deed on
case to case basis and also will help you to retain the basic information
required in the lease deed.

      You must list some details on the rental agreement form which are
also required leally though the exact nature of details may vary from place
to place. These details generally include as to how much of rent is to be
paid and when it is to be paid. It also generally lists any late fees which are
applied if the rent amount gets late. This also lists the procedures you
should take should you need to raise the rent. Most of the procedures
require you to give a notice to client beforehand if you want to raise the rent
and this duration usually ranges from 30 to 90 days only.

      Once you come to terms with the tenant on the acceptable new rent
you can create a new contract form which will assure you that your
apartment will remain occupied for the duration of the contract.

      If there are variety of rent levels and sizes of apartments, then no
simple lease is going to work out here. Here you would need a rental
agreement form maybe on your computer where you can input the terms
which you and your tenant has agreed, directly into the mutual agreement
form before it is printed in order to avoid any argument on it at a later date.
You can certainly see why it is so important to get the agreement printed
properly and carefully as it is for mutual benefit.

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