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									       Partnership agreement template free
       A Partnership Agreement is one step ahead the conventional verbal
communication process of proceeding with business deals. Partnerships with
respect to business and other such conducts are also prone to encounter common
relationship conflicts, like the difference of opinions and misconception of ideas.
In order to solve these problems and ideas that may infest a productive
environment of any business, partnership agreements are designed as a legal
contract and signed by the concerned parties. Once it is done, the involved
parties are legally associated to each other until the agreement gets formally

       In order to follow a fair and smooth partnership deal, one should follow
the following necessary checklist of things to be included in the partnership

1) Defining the financial Contribution of each partner: Ensure that each partner's
financial contribution is clearly stated in the partnership agreement.

2) Defining the division of work between the partners: It is an essential task to
categorize the undertakings by each partner and defining that who will do what,
how will they do it and who all form the respective decision making teams.

3) Defining the property included in the partnership: This step defines the
intangible properties of the partnership such as land, plot or buildings as well as
other constituents like the customers, infrastructure, designs; basically, all the
physical and intellectual properties need to be included and clearly defined in the
4) Defining the Usage of the property by an individual partner: This includes all
the limitations that need to be taken care off by the property sharers who are
partners in the agreement. Any kind of usage limitation needs to be clearly stated
in the agreement.

5) Defining the plans for the income: This step includes taking care of all such
matters as a percentage of profit for every partner, etc.

6) Defining the strategies for handling taxes, accounting and bank accounts: This
includes all the signing privileges for the business accounts, purchases, etc. with
respect to all the partners.

7) Defining the settlement plan for any potential disputes: Turning over your
dispute to an intermediary, agreed on in advance or your business advisory
board, is one way to resolve issues. The choice of this should be clearly stated in
the agreement.

8) Defining the action plan when one partner decides to leave the agreement:
Legal statements such as having a buyout should be included in the agreement

9) Defining the action plans in case one partner dies or becomes disabled or
handicapped: If one accomplice becomes bedridden or dies, how will the other(s)
carry on the business? Taking such decisions, would save the future risks that
may lead to the business downfall, for lack of any immediate strategic action.
Including proper solutions like a buyout agreement in the partnership agreement
can solve the purpose.
10) Defining the steps to handle of sale of the Business: This includes the
decisions regarding the exit strategy of small businesses. In case, the plan
includes selling the business off, then all the partners need to agree on that, as
well as on the business evaluation and sharing of the net income.

       Employing the modes of a written partnership agreement makes it more
convenient and formally simpler for the agreement holders to look upon the
potential risks or situations that may arise and create disputes later. Generally,
people drop the need of a partnership agreement when the person they are
dealing with is a good friend or in family terms with them; according to statistics,
some of the most horrifying and disgraceful partnership dissolution have taken
place amongst the friends, who entered into the same professional realm in

       A major advantage of using partnership agreement is that, it makes the
every day activities and processes of the contract much placid, more politic and
less ruffled along with preventing the problems that may get intensified to fire-
fighting issues. Also, since partnerships are somewhat complicated issues, it is
recommended that they should be drawn and designed by legal professionals and

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