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Sugar in China 2008
A Market Analysis

New Access Asia Report - Published May 2008

       Industry Suagr-only Revenue and Profit Shares
          for China’s Listed Sugar Manufacturers,

 Source: Sugar in China 2008

"Based upon sugar revenues alone, Nanning remains the clear leader
in the industry, with a 4.7% share in 2007, up from 3.5% in 2005.
Compared with overall turnover growth, sugar turnover growth over
the 2005-2007 period has been much stronger. This further strengthens
the argument that although these sugar companies have continued to
diversify, they are still seeing their strongest business growth in the
sugar industry, and will continue to invest in developing that

                               Assess the competitive landscape for sugar in China
                               and identify new profit opportunities in this rapidly
                                            growing market with this new report...

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Sugar in China 2008                                                                                                PAGES: 164
A Market Analysis                                                                         FIGURES, CHARTS, TABLES & MAPS: 121

    Leading City Centres of Production of                   The demand for sugar by Chinese consumers is steadily growing, despite
            Sugar in China, 2004                            price fluctuations due to the effects of altering world sugar prices and
                                                            local shortages. Growth is being stimulated by growing use of sugar as an
                                                            ingredient in food and beverage products as well as an additive to foods
                                                            and drinks. In general cane sugar refineries are performing better than
                                                            beet sugar refineries, most of which are currently recording losses.

                                                            Sugar in China 2008: A Market Analysis is a new management report
                                                            published by Business Insights in association with Access Asia that
                                                            provides detailed analysis on the sugar market in China. The report deals
                                                            with both foreign companies in the sector, local initiatives, production and
Source: Sugar in China 2008
                                                            the ongoing developments as the market restructures. The report covers
 "In order to push up the supply of raw material, it is     all forms of sugar including white granulated, brown, icing and packaged
possible that the government might choose to provide
more incentives for farmers in northern China to grow       and sachet sugar.
sugar beat, pointing out the rising prices for this crop.
  If this occurs, then growing areas in places such as
Heilongjiang and Liaoning might become much more
                                                            This new report will enable you to identify, quantify and exploit new
      significant to the supply to the industry than        profit opportunities in the sugar market in China...
                  is presently the case..."

This new report will provide you with...

     Combined Statistics of China’s Listed                  • Statistical data of of China’s sugar industry, including data on key sugar
       Sugar Manufacturers’ Sugar-only                        manufacturers and total food and beverage market by sales in China
         Financial Results, 2005-2007                         up to 2007.

                                                            • Market share analysis of sugar industry and retail brand shares.

                                                            • Retail pricing trends for sugar by province up to 2007.

                                                            • Volume and value retail market for sugar, including regional breakdown,
                                                              up to 2007.

Source: Sugar in China 2008
                                                            • Key sugar industry contacts, related trade events and profiles of leading
“Some companies are also involved in the production           sugar companies in China.
of certain chemical products, as well as manufacturing
of molasses, animal feeds, etc. It is unlikely that these
                                                            • Demographic and macroeconomic profiles of China.
companies will abandon sugar production, rather they
are hedging their income bets in case of bad years in
     the sugar crop/supply. The larger, listed sugar
 companies are in a position to do this, as they have
access to investment that other smaller companies do
   not, otherwise many more companies would also
  diversify, although most do make paper anyway...“

                                                                          in association with
Table of Contents

 • Overview                                               • Marketing & Advertising
 • China’s Total Food & Beverage Market                   • Consumers
   - Food & Non-food Sales                                  - Consumer Profile: Broad Consumer Trends
   - Food/Non-food Sales Split                              - Consumer Profile: Sugar Consumers
   - Urban & Rural Split                                  • Wholesale Distribution
   - The Trends                                           • Retail Distribution
   - Urban Value Trends
   - Rural Value Trends                                   CHAPTER 3: SOURCES OF SUPPLY
 • China’s Sugar Market                                   • Sugar Industry
   - Total Sugar Market                                      - Total Industry Manufacturers & Revenue
      - Sugar Consumption                                    - Total Industry Revenue & Profit
      - F&B Sugar Consumption                                - Total Output Volume & Value
      - Per Capita Sugar Consumption                         - Regional Refiners
      - The Retail Market Size                               - Major Cities of Production
      - Retail Food Market Significance                      - Regional Employment
 • Regional Markets                                          - Regional Revenues
   - Provincial Values                                       - Regional Profits
   - Value Market Growth & Breakdown                         - Regional Profit Margin
   - Volume Market Sizes                                     - Regional Revenue and Profit Per Employee
   - Volume Market Growth & Breakdown                        - Area of Crops Sown, Production and Stocks
   - Per Capita Spending                                     - Wholesale Sugar Prices
   - Per Capita Consumption                               • Key Sugar Manufacturers
 • Urban & Rural Sales of Sugar in China                     - Historical Key Manufacturer Statistics
   - Total Sales                                             - Recent Key Manufacturer Statistics
   - Growth Rates                                            - Recent Key Manufacturer Sugar-only Statistics
 • Market Shares                                          • Foreign Trade Legislation
   - Retail Market Shares                                 • Exports
 • Prices                                                    - Value
   - Retail Price Indices                                    - Volume
   - Average Regional Unit Prices                         • Imports
   - Average Regional Unit Price Growth                      - Value
   - Selected Retail Prices                                  - Volume
 • Outlook
   - Forecast Trends                                      CHAPTER 4: SWOT ANALYSIS
   - Total Market Size In Value Terms                     • Strengths
   - Total Per Capita Consumer Consumption                • Weaknesses
 • Current Issues                                         • Opportunities
   - Packaging: Dealing with massive amounts of waste     • Threats
   - Fat Food: Facing an obesity epidemic
   - Dangerous Food: Eating poison
                                                          CHAPTER 5: COMPANY PROFILES
   - Going Green: The positive approach
                                                          • Baotou Huazi Industry Co. Ltd.
   - Genetically Modified Food: The genie in the bottle
                                                            - Company Details
   - Vegetarianism: Consumers vote with their feet
                                                            - Financial Results
   - Organic Farming
                                                          • British Sugar (Overseas) Ltd.
   - The Saccharine Market in China
                                                            - Company Details
   - Molasses Production & Trade
                                                            - China Activities
   - Starch Sugar
                                                          • Dongguan Dongtang Industry Group Company
                                                            - Company Details
                                                            - Financial Results
Table of Contents (contd.)

  • Guangxi Boqing Food Co. Ltd.                                • International Packing, Printing, Food Processing &
     - Company Details                                             Packaging & Plastic Machinery Fair (Hangzhou)
     - Financial Results                                        • Tianjin Exhibition on Food Machinery & Packing
  • Guangxi Fengtang Biochemistry Co. Ltd.                      • Trade Show of Machinery for Print, Packaging, Plastic
     - Company Details                                             Products & Food
     - Financial Results                                        • Food Ingredients & Food Ingredients Asia
  • Guangxi Funan East Asia Sugar Co. Ltd.                      • Agro-Foodtech
     - Company Details                                          • SIAL China
     - Financial Results                                        • International Fast Food Products Exhibition
  • Guangxi Guitang (Group) Co. Ltd.                            • Zhengzhou Sugar, Alcoholic Drink & Food Trade Show
     - Company Details                                          • Guangzhou Exhibition on Machinery for Food,
     - Financial Results                                           Packaging, Printing & Plastics
  • Inner Mongolia Zhengbei (Drambor) Food Co. Ltd.             • China Northeast International Exhibition on Food,
     - Company Details                                             Subsidiary Material, Processing Technology &
     - Financial Results                                           Equipment
  • Jiangmen Sugarcane Chemical Factory (Group) Co. Ltd.        • International Exhibition For Food & Drink South China
     (Guangdong Ganhua)                                         • International Exhibition For Hotel & Bakery South China
     - Company Details                                          • International Quick Frozen Food Exhibition
     - Financial Results                                        • Beijing National Food & Food Processing Machine &
  • Nanning Sugar Industry Co. Ltd.                                Packaging Machinery Show
     - Company Details                                          • Food China
     - Financial Results                                        • International Food, Packaging, Print, Plastic Products
  • Taikoo Sugar Ltd                                               Exhibition
     - Company Details                                          • Zhejiang Food & Drink Summer Sales Show
     - Financial Results                                        • Dalian International Food Manufacturing & Packaging
                                                                   Machine Exhibition/Dalian International Food, Raw
  CHAPTER 6: CONTACTS                                              Materials & Food Additives Show
  • Trade Organisations                                         • Shanghai International Food Machine & Package
    - China National Cereals, Oils & Foodstuffs Import             Machine Expo
       & Export Corporation                                     • China International Fair For Food, Food Processing &
    - All-China Federation of Industry & Commerce                  Packaging
    - China Sugar Manufacture Industry Association              • Shanghai International Supermarket Expo
       (China Sugar Association)                                • Shanghai International Food Expo
    - The Chinese Institute of Food Science &                   • Packtech & Foodtech
       Technology                                               • Liaoning Food Show
    -                                      • Food & Hotel South China
    - World Sugar Research Organisation Limited                 • Chengdu International Food, Food Processing &
       (WSRO)                                                      Packaging Show
    - Beet and Sugar Industry Corporation                       • International Food Show
    - International Sugar Organisation                          • Interfood Shanghai
  • Government Departments                                      • International Food Processing & Packaging Machinery
    - State Economic and Trade Commission –                        Exhibition
       State Light Industry Bureau                              • China Food Industry Exhibition
    - China Food Additive Production & Application              • China International Dairy Product & Technology
       Industry Association                                        Exhibition
    - Ministry of Agriculture
    - Ministry of Light Industry Food Industry Bureau –
       Sugar Division

                                                          in association with
Table of Contents (contd.)

  APPENDIX: MARKET BACKGROUND                                 • Selected retail prices of sugar, April 2008
  • Fast Facts                                                • Molasses production & trade by volume, 1999-2005
  • Regions of China                                          • Total volume consumption and growth in high-fat &
  • Demographics                                                high-sugar foods, 1996/2005
  • Consumer Attitudes                                        • Per capita volume consumption and growth in
  • Consumer Wealth                                             high-fat & high-sugar foods, 1996/2005
  • Households                                                • % breakdown of sugar sales by retail outlet type in
  • Employment                                                  China, 2001-07
  • Consumer Income                                           • Forecast total consumption and retail sales of sugar
  • Consumer Market                                             by volume & value 2008-12
  • Exchange Rates                                            • Forecast per capita sugar volume & value
                                                                consumption and retail sales in China 2008-12
  TABLES                                                      • China’s Saccharine market output, supply & exports,
  • Total Current Value Retail Sales by food & non-food,        1999-2005
    2001-07                                                   • Total number of sugar processors against industry
  • % breakdown of sales by food & non-food, 2001-07            revenues, 1996-2007
  • Current Value Food/Urban/Rural Retail Food Sales          • Total sugar processing industry Revenue & profit
    by Major Product Category, 2001-07                          compared, 1996-2007
  • % growth/total sugar consumption, production,             • Total sugar processing industry Revenue, profit &
    trade and retail sales volume & value, 2001-07              output volume, 2001-07
  • Total production of processed foods containing            • Average sugar processing industry revenue & profit
    significant amounts of added sugar in China,                per output volume, 2001-07
    Jan-Nov 2006 & 2007                                       • Sugar beet, cane & centrifugal production volume,
  • Per capita sugar retail sales and consumption               value & local producer prices in China, 2001-06
    volume & value, 2001-07                                   • Regional number of China’s sugar refiners, 2001-06
  • Tier-one cities store numbers & total and average         • Leading city centres of production of sugar in China,
    outlet retail sales by store type for chain retailers       2004
    above offical statistics threshold, 2004-06               • Regional number of employees/revenue/profit of
  • Total retail market value/volume for suagr in China,        China’s sugar refiners, 2001-06
    2001-07                                                   • Regional average number of employees/revenue/
  • The sugar retail market as a proportion of total retail     profit/profit margin of China’s sugar refiners,
    food sales in China 2001-07                                 2001-06
  • Volume/value of sugar retail market by province in        • Regional average revenue/profit per employee of
    China 2001-07                                               China’s sugar refiners, 2001-06
  • % breakdown & market value/volume growth of               • Area Sewin of sugar crops in China, 2001-06
    sugar retail market by province in China 2001-07          • Stock held at year end of processed sugar in China,
  • Per capita retail spending/consumption on sugar by          1999-2006
    province in China 2001-07                                 • Average annual wholesale prices of raw sugar on the
  • The retail market for sugar by urban & rural sales in       Guangxi sugar exchange, 2001
    China 2001-07                                             • Summary Statistics of China’s Leading Sugar
  • Growth rates for sugar by urban & rural retail              Manufacturers, 2003/04
    markets in China 2001-07                                  • Summary Statistics of China’s Listed Sugar
  • Leading sugar processors ranked by revenues                 Manufacturers, 2005-07
    2003-07                                                   • Summary Statistics of China’s Listed Sugar
  • Average income annual growth by sector 2004–07              Manufacturer’ sugar-only Financial results, 2005-07
  • Retail price indices by broad sector 2000-07              • Combined Statistics of China’s Listed Sugar
  • Average retail prices of sugar by province 2001-07          Manufacturer’ sugar-only Financial results, 2005-07
  • % annual growth of average retail prices of sugar by      • China Tariff-rate Quotas (TRQS)
    province 2001-07
Table of Contents (contd.)

 TABLES (CONTD)                                             • Number of households by size 2001-07
 • Sugar Export value by sector 1999-2005                   • Number & size of households by location 2001-07
 • Sugar Export value % breakdown by sector                 • Average number of income earners per household
   1999-2005                                                  2001-07
 • Sugar Export value % annual growth by sector             • National employment by sector 2001-07
   1999-2005                                                • Growth in employment by sector 2001-07
 • Sugar Export volume by sector, 1999-2005                 • Total national workforce by gender 2001-07
 • Sugar Export volume % breakdown by sector                • National workforce by habitation 2001-07
   1999-2005                                                • Urban unemployment rates 2001-07
 • Sugar Export volume % annual growth by sector            • Average incomes by sector, 2001-07
   1999-2005                                                • Growth in average incomes by sector, 2001-07
 • Sugar Import value % breakdown by sector                 • Average incomes by region, 2001-07
   1999-2005                                                • Growth in average incomes by region 2001-07
 • Sugar Import value % annual growth by sector             • Consumer expenditure by broad sector at current
   1999-2005                                                  prices 2001-07
 • Sugar Import volume % breakdown by sector                • Per capita consumer expenditure by broad sector at
   1999-2005                                                  current prices 2001-07
 • Sugar Import volume % annual growth by sector            • Retail sales as a proportion of consumer expenditure
   1999-2005                                                  2000-06
 • China's Sugar Exports by destination, trade year         • Urban average annual income/expenditure 2001-07
    2003/04                                                 • Average annual renminbi exchange rates against a
 • China's Sugar Imports by origin - trade year 2003/04       variety of currencies 2000-07
 • China listed Sugar Processing Companies sugar            • Average annual HK$ exchange rates against the US$
    revenues & profits as a % of their total company          and renminbi 2000-07
    revenues & profits, 2005-07
 • Total population 2005-07                                 FIGURES
 • Total population by gender & % breakdown 2005-07         • Total Volume Growth in Retail Sales of Selected
 • Population by urban/rural divide 2005-07                    Food Products in China 2000-06
 • Population % breakdown by urban/rural divide             • Per Capita Volume & Growth of Retail Sales of
    2005-07                                                    Selected Food Products in China 2000/06
 • Population by province 2005-07
 • Population Density by province 2005-07                   CHARTS
 • Population by age group 2005-07                          • Guangxi Sugar Association sugar crop growing and
 • Population % breakdown by age group 2005-07                 sugar production statistics for season 2007/08
 • Middle & upper income households in China,               • Guangxi Sugar Association sugar production
    1995/2000/2005/2010/2015                                   statistics for season 2007/08
 • Total consumption by middle and upper income             • Industry sugar-only revenue and profit shares for
    households, 2005/2010/2015                                 China’s listed sugar manufacturers, 2005-07
 • Consumption by middle and upper income
    households & % of total households,
                                                            • China: Provinces and Municipalities
 • GDP & cost of living index 2001-07
                                                            • Population concentrations by province, 2007
 • GDP by province 2001-07
                                                            • Value of GDP per capita by province, 2007
 • GDP growth by province 2001–07
 • Per capita GDP by province 2001–07
 • Leading cities key economic indicators 2006

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