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					A publication for the associates and friends of The Generation Companies                                July, 2001
gung ho (gung' ho') adj. Slang motto of certain U.S. marine forces in Asia
during World War II, from Chinese (Mandarin) gonghe, to work together (short
                   ,                      ,
for gongyehezuoshe, gong, work + he, together). Dedicated and enthusiastic.

 We’re Growing! Success Story:
 Three Properties Celebrate                                 Room & Ride
 Grand Openings                                             How do you generate revenue for your property?
 Nothing jump-starts a property for the journey down        Delight guests with the service they need to
 the road to success like a well-attended grand opening     accomplish their goals. The Candlewood Suites
 celebration. Candlewood Suites-Crabtree welcomed           Washington Dulles-Herndon did just that when they
 172 people to its official ribbon-cutting on May 2.        launched their Room & Ride program. “We don’t
                                                            have a van so shuttle service was an issue for our
 New business and hot prospects include Progress
                                                            customers,” says GM Peter Hutchins. “Brenda
 Energy and Progress Telecom, Productivity Point, The       Scogno, Director of Sales, came up with this great idea
 National Guard and Nortel Networks. The big news           to overcome it. We chose the most service-oriented
 was the winning of the Golden Corral business.             rental car company, Enterprise, and debuted Room &
 Every month, 40 GC trainees will spend 14 nights at        Ride.” The program, targeted at the government
 this property as well as periodic stays by corporate       traveler with a fixed per diem, features a room and
 office staff. The Candlewood Suites-Herndon                rental car rolled up into one convenient package–and
 celebrated on April 4 with 160 people at lunch and 75      price. “Our goal was clear,” Hutchins explains. “We
 at dinner. Accounts gained from the hard work of           wanted to get the 7+ nights and make ourselves more
 staff at the gala include Global One, OAO, Intelidata,     attractive than the competition. For years, hotels in
 NLX, and IBM. Candlewood Suites-Fairfax                    this market wouldn’t honor the government per
 entertained 110 visitors at luncheon and dinner            diem.. We do–and the customer gets a car.” The
 parties on April 3. Two success stories include visits     program started in January. Figures for April show
 by AMS, American Management Systems, excellent             400 Room & Ride nights–and $34,000 in revenue.
 customers who booked 168 room nights last month
 and delivered a glowing “review” in a Wall Street          The Candlewood-Crabtree was inspired by Herndon’s
 Journal article, stating that they decided to switch       success. The obstacle to the Raleigh property
                                                            winning Golden Corral business from The Hampton
 from the Hyatt to the Candlewood because of the
                                                            Inn was transportation: The Hampton was within
 better value. Another valued customer, SRA                 walking distance of GC corporate headquarters.
 International, who recently booked a midweek two-          Candlewood-Crabtree worked out a deal with
 night group of 22 suites, was so impressed, they           Enterprise to have vehicles in the parking lot for GC
 referred hotel management directly to the department       guests and rolled the car rental into the room rate.
 head in charge of booking relocations. Congratula-         The program is working, the guests are delighted.
 tions to these properties for successful debuts in their   “This focus on customers and what they need pays
 communities. The Generation Companies has over             off,” Hutchins concludes.
 $100 million in real estate assets under management
 and employs more than 175 people in North                              Can I Quote You on That?
 Carolina, Kentucky and Virginia. We operate 14
 properties.                                                            “ To passionately serve our
                                                                          customers and promote long-
                                                                          term relationships by
                                                                          treating them as we would
                                                                          want to be treated, while
                                                                          inspiring and mentoring the
                                                                          sales team to consistently
                                                                                    – Our Sales Mission

                                                              One hundred seventy-two people turned out for the
                                                              Candlewood Crabtree Grand Opening on May 2.
      Employee Profile:Craig Williams
       Most people know Craig Williams as General Manager of the Suburban Lodge - South
       Raleigh, but few realize Williams has given himself a new title: GSO, Grand Service Operator.
       Why? Because that’s his job. “I don’t just manage the hotel,” he grins, “I do maintenance,
       work the front desk, jump into housekeeping, help in sales–I’ll do anything to keep this hotel
       running smoothly.” The Suburban Lodge is a new kind of hotel for Williams. In the lodging
       industry since 1997, he comes from the Candlewood world, whose traditional customers are
       Fortune 500 companies with Fortune 500 dollars to spend on accommodations. At the
       Suburban Lodge, he’s serving smaller companies with smaller budgets. It’s a whole new mind-
       set. And he loves it. “As long as it’s challenging, I’m happy,” he explains. “If things become
       stagnant, I get bored. Challenges keep me motivated.” No problem there. Challenges
       include everything from downed rooms in need of paint and training new housekeepers to
       doing sales and winning staff confidence. And all without an assistant since February. But
       Williams is quick to give credit where credit is due. “I have a fantastic staff,” he enthuses.
       “These great people have really pulled together to elevate the quality of this property. I’m

       For a man who likes challenges, Williams is definitely in the right place. His average day is
       busy with paperwork, the deposit, a daily meeting with front desk and maintenance staff to
       plot the day and room inspections. Williams’ group is also implementing Team Methods at
       the property, where a member of management, housekeeping and maintenance go in as a
       group and strip the room. “This builds the team,” Williams points out. “Our rooms are
       standardized and have a consistent clean, fresh look.” The team approach is working in
       South Raleigh and much of the credit is due to Williams. “I like my job,” he concludes. “If it
       was routine, I’d probably be miserable doing the same thing day in and day out. Coming to
       work, I never know what I’m going to walk into. As long as each day is different, I’m happy.”

      TV show he’s embarrassed to admit he watches: Bewitched
      Place he’s always wanted to visit: the pyramids of Egypt                                                  Craig Williams, GSO (and General Manager) of Suburba
      Favorite snack food: Twizlers                                                                             Raleigh, enjoys a challenge.
      Favorite ride at the fair: roller coaster
      Team mission statement: It is my desire of management to provide a nourishing environment which results in personal and professional growth.
      engaged in this ongoing process of character-building because I want you to be more than your job title suggests. I believe you are more important
      process or procedure. I believe that at the end of our lives the work that we do will not matter nearly as much as how that work helped us develop,
      understand our role in this world. So, through this process I hope you grow toward that person you are intended to be. Then, I hope the bonus of co
      growth of all of us will be the growth and success of our organization.

                                                                            (1 year in April), Margaret Lawrence (1 year in April), Martha                Candlew
Celebrate Our People                                                        Afanador (1 year in April)
                                                                            Candlewood Richmond: Debbie Dillard (1 year in June), Tara Scott
                                                                            (2 years in June)


and Properties!                                                             Candlewood RTP: Eric Mc Kinnon (1 year in May), Pamela
                                                                            Foreman (1 year in June)
                                                                            Candlewood Herndon: Peter Hutchins, GM (1 year in April),
                                                                                                                                                          and Op

                                                                            Brenda Scogno (1 year in April)                                               Manage
Happy Anniversary!                                                          Candlewood Fairfax: Richard Menster, GM (1 year in May),
CSC: Greg Barrow, VP Development and Acquisitions (3 years in                                                                                             Sundow
June); Rick Stroud, Regional Suburban Lodge Manager, (3 years               Property Enhancements...                                                      and Op
in June); Anne Morrisette, Corporate Services Manager (2 years in           Suburban Lodge-Raleigh South has recently repainted the back
April); Jackie Clark-Johnson, Director of Training and Quality              office (a real group effort–thanks, Group!), has refurbished many             Suburb
Improvement (2 years in June); Kevin Spruill, Operations                    rooms with new carpet, and is now replacing sleeper sofas with                of Sales
Coordinator (1 year in June)                                                desks and chairs.
Fayetteville Suburban Lodge: Ingrid Payne, GM Fayetteville SL (1                                                                                          Day’s In
year in June); Sabrina O’Neal (1 year in June)                              Community Spirit...
Rocky Mount Day’s Inn & Suites: Roland Fergerson (1 year in                 Suburban Lodge-Raleigh South recently made a charitable donation              Suburb
June), Tammy Bateman (4 years in June), Pamela Jones (2 years               to the Garner Fire Department to support their efforts.                       Guest S
in April), Lashonya Cherry (1 year in June), Rosella Marshall (1                                                                                          Operati
year in June), Linda Quarty (1 year in June)                                Suburban Lodge-Hampton participated in the Potters House
Raleigh South Suburban Lodge: Percy McCray (3 years in June),               Charity Auction.                                                              Congra
Brandy Bailey (1 year in June)                                                                                                                            Danny S
Goldsboro Day’s Inn: Vennetta Sanders (4 years in May), Kristy              Thank You!                                                                    Military
Wooten (2 years in May), Tanya Weeks (1 year in May)                        Rick Stroud, Regional Suburban Lodge Manager, thanks all the GMs              Langley
Suburban Lodge, Jeffersontown, KY: Sammy Allen (4 years in June)            for their hard work, especially during the shortages and                      propert
Richmond Suburban Lodge: Eric Salter (1 year in May), Douglas               occupancy dips. “Your extra efforts are truly appreciated.”                   year con
James (2 years in May), Omega Cameron (1 year in April), Sabine
King (1 year in May), Juana Rangel-Ramos (1 year in April),                 Welcome Aboard!                                                               After on
Daniel Madrigal (1 year in May)                                             Raleigh South Suburban Lodge: Andy Ebert, moved from SL-                      Suburba
Hampton Suburban Lodge: Lynn Folsom, GM (1 year in April);                  Greensboro to become Assistant Manager of Sales and Operations;               success
Audrey Neal (1 year in April), the property itself celebrates one           Kelvin Lee, Maintenance and Housekeepers Fatima Salam, Socorro
year of operation, Juanita Benbow (1 year in April), Thomas Lyon            Salina, Antonia Hernandez
                            On June 9, 18 employees, friends and family of the Suburban Lodge-South Raleigh, Candlewood-RTP, Candlewood-Raleigh Crabtree, and the
                            CSC joined 15,000 people at Meredith College in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina for the Race for the Cure, an event which raises awareness
                            of and money for breast cancer research. The GungHo! Team, captained by Natalie Mann, Operations Manager of Candlewood-RTP, walked or
                            ran the 5-mile coed team course and contributed approximately $200 to the cause. The Team included: Jackie and Mike Johnson, Natalie Mann,
                            Tyrone Holloman and his mother, Shana Hollomon, Mike and Dorothy Donaldson, Stephanie and CJ York, Shelly Atkinson and her neighbor,
                            Craig Williams, Misty Melvin, Kelvin Lee, Eric McKinnon, and Kevin and Heather Spruill. Special thanks to Mike Glover’s wife Cheryl for
                            designing the Team T-shirts.

an Lodge-South                                                               Guests Speak Out
                                                                             Our business begins and ends with guests, their experiences at our
 I am                                                                        properties, how they’re treated, whether or not they come back. This
than any                                                                     column will feature guest comments and letters about our hotels.
 mature, and                                                                 Enjoy!

                                                                                  March 24, 2001

 wood-Richmond: Jim Jones, Director of Sales and Alan                             Dear Mr. Jacobsen,
rd, Assistant Manager
                                                                                  I have been a resident of the Candlewood Suites in Glen Allen, Virginia for
ban Lodge-Richmond: Judi Jones, Assistant Manager of Sales                        almost 18 months–probably a record. But let me tell you why. When I first
perations                                                                         arrived in Glen Allen, Candlewood had just been completed, so I inquired about
                                                                                  the potential for extended stay. At that time, the General Manager was Tom
ban Lodge-Jeffersontown, KY: Patty Werner, Assistant                              Travis. His professionalism, personality, and warm and sincere hospitality
 er of Sales and Operations                                                       turned Candlewood from a hotel to a home away from home and even gave me
                                                                                  a “family” (the rest of the staff). I was even the bartender at Tom’s wedding
wn Inn-Raleigh: Joa Kima Artis, Assistant Manager of Sales                        rehearsal and attended his wedding. When Tom informed me he was leaving
perations                                                                         almost a year later, I was shocked, since I thought the wonderful environment I
                                                                                  had learned to love would soon be gone. How very wrong I was. Enter the new
ban Lodge-Greensboro: Kim Devenport, Assistant Manager                            General Manager, Missy Davis. Missy has not only picked up the proverbial ball
s and Operations, moved from SL-Richmond                                          from Tom but has added a new dimension. There are fresh flowers in the lobby
                                                                                  every day, the tile floors shine as if they were lighted from within, and the
nn-Goldsboro: Lisa Sugg, Director of Sales                                        hallways have a scent like you were walking through a spring garden. I can’t
                                                                                  recall a day when I have not seen Missy waxing floors, vacuuming, or making up
ban Lodge-Fayetteville: Erica Casey was promoted from                             the rooms in preparation for new guests. These same qualities apply to the
                                                                                  weekend manager, Jane Deagle, who although could reach overload on a busy
Services Representative to Assistant Manager of Sales and
                                                                                  weekend, always seems to make things work with a smile. I have stayed at
                                                                                  other Candlewood Suites before, but these people are the ones who make a
                                                                                  hotel a home and a corporation like yours a success. I will truly miss them.
Spade of Suburban Lodge-Hampton worked closely with the
                                                                                  Thank you for providing me with the opportunity for visiting with you at
y Affairs Council and helped the property get closer to
                                                                                  Candlewood, Glen Allen, and Missy and Jane for providing the warmth and
y Air Force Base. The Council signed on when the                                  hospitality that every traveler seeks but rarely finds. I have never been in a
ty opened a year ago and the base has now signed a three-                         situation before where leaving a hotel to return home to my precious wife was
 ntract.                                                                          sad. This should be the epitome of a compliment to you all.

ne year in business, 16 of the 17 targeted accounts for                           With sincere appreciation, I thank you all,
an Lodge-Hampton have used the Lodge. That’s 94%                                  Bill Roman, President
s!                                                                                Southwest Power Consultants, Inc
                                                                                Our Core Values: Respect
                                                                                by H. Mark Daley III, President, The Generation Companies

                                                                                Respect is, and must be, a core value of our company. One
                                                                                of the timeless tests of greatness for any organization is
                                                                                the answer to the question, “Do the members of the
Advice From the Pros:Sales                                                      organization consistently treat each other and the clients
                                                                                they serve with respect?”. If the answer is yes, the
When it comes to running a hotel right, we look to our seasoned                 foundation has been laid for other critical functions such
professionals for tips and strategies. Here’s what they have to say             as teamwork, customer service, healthy communication,
about sales.                                                                    learning, and accountability.

“Keep the business by building the relationship: make regular contact via       To respect is to give honor to, to esteem, to show deference
phone, mail and in person; send cards for holidays and birthdays; stay          for another. To respect is to prize, to value. Therefore, to
interested in your clients and what they are doing. Listen, listen, listen.”    treat someone with respect consistently is to have an
–Dare Nantz, Regional Sales Manager                                             underlying attitude that the other person is important–in
                                                                                every interaction with that person. To achieve this often
“Remember your five selling steps: make friends, ask questions, think win-      requires self-control, selflessness, and ongoing
win, quote rates with confidence and ask for action (the reservation).”         commitment. In other words, hard work!
–Jacquelyn Clark-Johnson, Director of Training and Quality
Improvement                                                                     We all deserve a level of respect at the most fundamental
                                                                                level–we are all human beings. That is why we start off
“Each DOS could do something special for their top accounts that have           with respect towards someone we have never met and
been affected by the decline in the economy. This shows that you support        know nothing in particular about. Opportunity to respect
them in troubled times, because trouble doesn’t last always.” –Adrienne         individuals at higher levels is created as we learn more
Clark, Director of Sales & Marketing, Candlewood Suites-RTP                     that is positive about someone or as we have more
                                                                                responsibility towards someone. For example, if I meet
“Keeping up on new businesses in the area as well as building strong            someone else on the Generation team, I respect them
relationships with those in the local community makes the sales                 even more than if I knew nothing about them because I
experience much more rewarding and successful.” –Brandy Bailey, GSR,            know our company has high standards in regards to whom
                                                                                we hire. If I meet guests at one of our hotels, I treat them
Suburban Lodge - Raleigh South
                                                                                with an extra level of respect because I have extra
                                                                                responsibility towards them as their host.

                                                                                I hope an individual goal for each of us at Generation is to
   Want to Retire Happy &                                                       think and act in ways that earn ever-higher levels of
                                                                                respect from others. Interestingly, one way to earn respect
   Prosperous? Plan Now.                                                        is to give it. As we do this we help ourselves, our company,
                                                                                and the world we live in achieve greatness. Let’s embrace
   How do you see yourself when it comes time to retire? On a                   respect as a core value at The Generation Companies–and
   sunny beach surf-fishing? Traveling to exotic places?                        enjoy the benefits!
   Enjoying the grandkids? Or turning that favorite hobby into
   a part-time business? All are possible...but they all require                This is the first in a series of columns on our 14 core values.
   planning–and money. The Generation Companies can help.
   Our 401(k) retirement plan is an outstanding opportunity
   for you to take charge of your financial future; you can plan
   for your retirement and defer taxes at the same time. The
   sooner you start investing, the sooner you can retire and                   Our Financial Health
   the amount you save is up to you– even $5 per paycheck
   adds up. Here’s how it works:                                               Playing Your Part in the Big Picture: Rooms Sold
       # 1: all you have to do is sign up for the plan
       # 2: decide how much of each paycheck you want to go
            towards your retirement
       # 3: we’ll automatically deposit that amount from each
            of your paychecks into your 401(k) account. You
            choose the amount, we do the paperwork.
                                                                                                                               Jan. - May
   Best of all, if you participate in the plan, after one year of                     Budgeted
   employment, the company will match your contribution:                               for Year
   we’ll give you 25 ¢ for every dollar you contribute, up to 6% of                    422,302
   your annual income.

   You’re eligible to participate if:
   • You’ve worked for the company 90 days or more
   • You are 21 years old or older

   Interested? Call 1.800.778.7526 for details and an
   enrollment kit.

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