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									                 Free Rental Agreement Forms

       Renting out residential property has become a popular way of earning
extra income. However, most of the property owners tend to overlook some
important steps leading to unwanted disagreements between the landlords and
their tenants. It becomes very easy for disputes to arise over the property due to
lack of proper documentation. Disagreements may arise due to failure to pay rent
by the tenant, damage and repairs on the property, pets and use of the parking
area. It is therefore of great importance that the two parties get to sign a rental
contract form.

       The two parties are expected to fill in and sign the rental agreement form
that contains all the necessary clauses related to the property that is to be rented
out. The form should clearly state the property's address as well as the names of
both the landlord and his tenant. If multiple tenants or landlords or both are
involved, all the names must be included in the form.

       The amount of rent and the date of payment together with penalties in
case of any delays should also be specified. The condition of the utilities should
be specified together with the number of tenants. One of the tenants should take
the responsibility to ensure that the rent is deposited in the given time.

       All the regulations must be clearly laid out to avoid any ambiguity as this
could lead to disputes in the future. It is the tenant's responsibility to ensure that
the form has been read and understood properly prior to signing it. Failure to do
this gives the landlord to misuse the form to his advantage. Remember that once
the rental agreement form has been signed, it becomes a legal document and
failure to go by the regulations laid out gives the court the right to come in and
solve the dispute.

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