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									8610 Steele Creek Ln                          Connal Jackson
Missouri City, TX 77459
281 778 5926 (Home)

                                                      Skill Summary
                  Microsoft Certified Trainer                 BO Crystal 7 Certified Consultant
                  Microsoft Certified System Engineer         BO Crystal 8 Certified Consultant
                  Remedy Service Request Manager (SRM)        Seagate Info 7 Certified
                  CMDB                                        BO Crystal Enterprise 9 Certified
                  Remedy ARS 3. X through 7.5                 BO Crystal Enterprise 8.5
                  Remedy Helpdesk                             Remedy Asset Management
                  ITIL 2.x and ITIL 3.x trained               Remedy Change Management
                                                              BO Crystal XI - expert

Experience:       Remedy Consultant – Anderson and Jackson Enterpri se s, TX.
     March 2003   Cont racted to deliver Remedy Development and Administration remotely via VPN for Remedy
        Present   6.0 and 6.3 including Mid-tier development. Adds, removes and modifies users and user
                  groups on the Remedy system. Maintains and monitors Remedy system user and server
                  licensing. Coordinates Remedy server and user tool version updates. Works with the
                  hardware/database administrat or to ensure adequate and timely database backups.
                  Implemented updat es to the Remedy custom application in coordination with a Remedy
                  developer; performs all Remedy development approved by management as it pertains to
                  system and user needs. Works as a Remedy reports coordinator to ensure accurate data
                  reporting and report delivery systems. Understands, maintains and troubleshoots the
                  Remedy application, including e-mail integration. Using the Administrat or tool, tunes and
                  modifies Remedy escalations, notifications, filters, active links and forms as deemed
                  necessary by the Remedy system management team. Performed system upgrades from
                  Remedy 5. X to 6.0. and from Remedy 6.0 to 6.x. and to 7.02 (ITSM) complete with data
                  migration plans and migration deployment strategies. Collects and manages change requests
                  and trouble tickets specifically related to the Remedy system. Each role with each customer
                  included maintenance of the Atrium CMDB where applicable. CMDB maintenance included
                  adding/modifying/servicing classes and CMDB reconciliation. Compose specification and
                  design of custom enhancements to the Remedy system. Assists in the documentation and
                  training needs of the Remedy user community.
                  Clients listed below are:
                        WE Energy – Madison, WI – version 6. 3 enhancements and Crystal reports
                        IBM – CDI – Supporting Nissan, GM, British Petroleum –Java AP I- versions 6.3 to 7.1
                        Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) 5.1.2 upgraded to 7.0 ITSM
                        Sysco Foods – Houston, TX Remedy SRM to ITSM 7.5
                        Longs Drugs – Java API - Walnut Creek, CA – 5.1.2
                        AMEREN – Electric Company for St. Louis – 6.3 ITSM
                        State of Tennessee – ARS 6.3 ITSM
                        APC – The Computer Merchant – Version 6.3 ITSM - W. Kingston, RI
                        Coca-Cola Bottling Company – Version 6.3 ITSM - Norcross, GA
                        HP – Houston, TX – Upgraded 6.00.01 to 6.3 to 7.02 ITSM
                        Tandberg TV – ARS 6.3 & Crystal XI - Norcross, GA
                        Brocade –Qualify Management 5.0 - Upgraded 6. 0 to 6.3, San Jose, CA
                        Murphy Oil/Wal-Mart – Helpdesk 6.0 & Crystal XI - El Dorado, AK
                        ACS – Customer Support 5.6 - Upgraded 6.0 to 6.3, Dallas, TX
                        Sony Pictures – ARS 5.1.2 - Culver City, CA
                        Cingular – ARS 5.1.2 & Crystal XI - Trooper, PA
                        MeadWestVaco – ViaTy ne 4.5 - Ohio
                        Invitrogen – ITSM 5 - Carlsbad, CA
                        ATA Airlines – Service Request Manager - Indianapolis, IN
                        Department of Homeland Security – Java API - Helpdesk 6.0 - Herndon, VA

Page 1of 4                                                                           Resume of Connal Jackson
   October 2001    NAS A & Johnson Space Center with Lockheed Martin - Houston, TX
  November 2002    Remedy development of a customized application working NASA and the Johnson Space
                   Cent er to exchange data wit h Kennedy Space Center, Stennis Space center and Marshall
                   Space flight center via DSO. This application is designed to exchange support tickets that
                   allows Lockheed Martin to render network, phone, and desktop support to the space centers
                   and 11 other Government contract companies.
                    Remedy development managing over 22,000 SEA TS.
                    Hosted planning meetings and telec onferences wit h all space centers to define
                       requirements of new Remedy work flow.
                    Provided documentation of requirements and produced Visio graphs to support
                       processes. Documentation and graphs were required for every enhancement made to the
                       CRM application.
                    Resided a Change Management committee to review Change Requests (CR’s) to
                       determine if a good fit for the various clients..
                    Utilizing ARS 4.5.2 for production and testing and migration to Remedy 5.1.
                    Delivered Crystal Reports training to NASA and Lockheed Martin staff; version 8.5.
                    Developed Remedy work flow and enhancements on Asset Management system for all
                       network, phone, and hardware equipment.
                    Integrated Symbol Palm Devices for support techs, warehouse techs, and Asset group.

    January 2001   Remedy Consultant - Herrick Douglass, Bellevue, WA.
 To October 2001   Remedy development for two major clients; Office of Administrative Courts (OA C) in Olympia,
                   WA. and AT& T Wireless in Bothell, WA. In addition to 100% travel, projects required:
                    Requirements gathering for OAC requiring Statement of Work and Proof of Concept
                      documentation as well as project planning and coordination.
                    Developed cours eware and conducted Crystal 8.5 classes to OAC.
                    Performed Data Analysis for A T& T.
                    Designed custom Remedy applications to work in conjunction with the main Remedy
                      Helpdesk application wit h SQL and Oracle dat abases.
                    Customized workflow for CRM deployment– such as active links, filters, escalations,
                      ARWeb, and macros – in creation of eRequest product for AT& T Wireless.
                    Resided on Change Management committee to prioritize changes.
                    Crystal Enterprise 8.5 implementation/configuration against BAAN ERP system.

       Nov 2000    CRM Remedy Developer Consul tant - Tech Aid, Houston, TX.
 To January 2001   Managed a project that required the development of six applications using ARS 4.5. 1 to
                   eliminate existing paper flow processes and make accessible via ARWeb. Each application
                   will be utilized by all NASA & Johns on Space centers around the U.S. Utilized full soft ware
                   life-cycle philosophies. Roles of position included:
                    Project management and Remedy development
                    Project documentation, such as Statement of Work and Customer Requirements.
                    Requirements gathering and needs assessments.
                    Filtered data from SMS database into Remedy database.
                    Conducted training of new applications and acted as Technical to non-technical liaison.

     March 2000    Technical Manager & CRM Remedy Developer– Consultant - CBSI, Houston, TX.
    To Nov 2000    Project manager for Remedy development projects and for new server roll-outs for companies
                   such as Broadband Now, Lennox, Yahoo (Dallas), Samsung (Austin), American Airlines, and
                   Williams Communic ation. Complet ed 17 new installations/customizations of AR Server and
                   other packaged Remedy products that required deployment of new servers added to existing
                   networks. Mentored other consultants with less experience in thei r development. Other roles
                   and responsibilities included:
                    Designed network infrastructures 12 for clients across Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona.
                    Managed Remedy installation projects for Lennox Air conditioning in Dallas, Broadband
                        Now in Dallas, SABRE & SITA in Dallas, and Samsung in Austin.
                    Developed customized work flow AR server to meet the needs of clients that included

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                      active links, filters, escalations, and security in the developed workflow.
                     Installed and configured Distributed Server Option (DSO) for two clients.
                     Data filtered from Asset Outlook into Remedy Asset management.
                     Configured three OLAP servers and one Info 7 server for Crystal reports scheduling.
                     Remedy development for Sales Continuum 2. 0, Helpdesk 4.0, Asset Management 4.0,
                      and AR-Server 4.0 and A R-Server 4.5.1 and ARWeb/ Remedy Web.
                     Performed pre-sales demonstrations, developed STW and Proof of Concept documents.
                     Windows 2000 P rofessional and Windows 2000 Advanced Server config.

   August 1999    Seagate Info/Crystal Reports Consultant - Macro Enterprises, Houston, TX.
 To March 2000    Dedic ated to implementing and configuring report servers, Info servers, and Web Servers to
                  generate custom reports using Crystal 7, Crystal 8, and Seagate Info 7. Other roles and
                  responsibilities included:
                   Interact with clients on project implementation and rollouts.
                   Server deployment of Seagate Info for Harris county HIV services, Enron, Shell, Waste
                      Management, Continental Airlines, and seven State of Texas agencies.
                   Conducted pre-sales for Harris County.
                   Developed “Customer Requirements” doc uments and “Change Requests” as project
                   Installed and configured OLAP and Info 7 servers.

   January 1999   Field Technician/Customer Support - Hal, Inc, Houston, TX.
 To August 1999   Implemented over 100 NT installati ons to 14 shipping, warehouse and export companies in
                  the Houston area. Duties consisted of:
                   Provided net work support and network trouble shooting diagnostics for clients with small
                      to medium (50 – 400 us ers) environments.
                   Installed over 100 new servers for clients and conducted many rollouts for clients.
                   Perform and establish all LAN/WAN communications for small offices.
                   Establish remote administration for int ernational clients in remot e offices.
                   Coordinate with Internet Service Providers (ISP) to install IS DN and DUN’s for clients.
                   Install and trouble-shoot Radio Frequency hand held scanners and Remote Access points
                      to communicate with NT server.
                   Developed project documentation – Statement of Work and Proof of Concept- for new
                   Performed Pre-S ales demonstrations for potential clients.

Page 3of 4                                                                             Resume of Connal Jackson
    June 1998 to    SAP Technical Support - Union Carbide - (Moment um Information Technology)
      June 1999     Responsible for providing technical support and technical documentation for SAP
                    development team consisting of 200 DBA’s, UNIX members, programmers, Basis team
                    members, Union Carbide management, and Help Desk team. Responsibilities included:
                     Write procedures for extreme tasks such as EDI transmissions.
                     Insure proper documentation is performed for other shifts to followi ng and make decisions
                       based on doc ument ation.
                     Document critical events in the form of email and other notific ation processes.
                     Maintain database of procedures to be used as a knowledge resource for three shifts.
                     Run Requests For Change (RFC’s) in the form o f soft ware testing.
                     Execute new software scripts for SAP to insure validity.
                     Document tests results and report them to development team.
                     Provide support for 54 petrochemical plants around the world.

  October 1996 to   Project Trainer/Remedy Development - Computer City (Now Defunct)
    October 1998    Began as a part -time trainer then hired on as a permanent employee. Special Project trainer
                    assigned to training for larger clients around Houston and Chicago. Directly responsible for
                    courseware development, soft ware testing assignments, and curriculum
                    development/tracking. Tasks and accomplishments consisted of:
                     Performed special training sessions at client sites.
                     Developed cours eware manuals for proprietary software products for Continental Airlines,
                        Altra Energy, Triton Oil, and Huber Oil.
                     Conducted special training project for Continental Airlines in Chicago.
                     Pre-sales demonstrations of product suites and individual products for enterprise us ers.
                     Proficient with Office 95/97, Act, Windows 95/ 98/NT, MS Exchange, Outlook 97/98.
                     Remedy Development with version 2.0

     July 1995 to   System Support Analyst/Trainer - Schlumberger/Omnes Houston, TX
       Ma y 1997    Responsible for technical writing projects of policies and procedures for the support center
                    and led the IS O 9002 certification of Schlumberger/Omnes. Roles performed, were:
                     Conducted international training projects for Sant é Fe Drilling company.
                     Expert with Offic e 95 and Office 97 suite products.
                     Aided in the design of new Remedy AR-Server 2.0
                     Designed and developed training materials along with user reference materials.
                     Conducted presentations in the following countries: Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, &
                        Sale), Indonesia (Jakarta & Bali), Africa, Manila, Singapore, Malaysia, Venezuela
                        (Caracas & Maricaibo), and 11 domestic States.
                     Travel to client sites was 80% - 100% internationally/domestically.

OTHER               Certified Scuba Instructor
                    Professional Association of Diving Instructors (P.A.D.I.) since 1988

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