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									Local Agreements with
Local Councils
A Template for Partnership

Steve Besford Foster 28th May 2010
What are they?

• A guide to the way in which Cornwall Council and
  a local Council will work together as partners.
• Not a rigid set of rules.
• Will allow for local circumstances and service
  needs to be taken into account.
• Must have parts that apply universally across the
  county for consistency and efficiency

Issues Included

  •   Core principles
  •   Communications and engagement
  •   Equalities and Diversity
  •   Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adult
  •   Procurement
  •   Active Partnering Milestones
  •   Asset Transfer
  •   Level of support
  •   Training and Development
  •   Community and Economic Development
  •   Any other issues agreed locally

Core Principles

• Listening to and taking account of community
  views and needs
• Recognising the different roles of Cornwall and
  Local Councils
• Working in partnership
• Timeliness in communication
• Compliance with legal requirements


• Method
• Timescales - shared standards
  • Acknowledge letters and emails within three working
  • Full response within ten days, unless there are special
    circumstances which will be explained in the
  • Provide regular updates on progress with the reply.
  • Answer 80% of phone calls within 20 seconds.
  • Respond to telephone messages within two working
• ‘Endeavour’ to be available to the parish/town
  council clerk by phone or by e-mail.


• Cornwall Council will provide:
  • Substantive replies properly dealing with the issues
  • Clear explanation of the reasoning behind any particular
• Local Councils to ensure that all correspondence
  •   clear in expression,
  •   focused and relevant,
  •   readily understandable and
  •   phrased to avoid inappropriate language or personalised

Meetings and Attendance

•   Parish Clusters wherever possible
•   One months notice
•   Distance not a determinant of attendance
•   Papers from local council 21 days in advance
•   Respect and politeness


• Six weeks notice.
• Combined dispatches.
• Advance notice of major public consultations.
• Local councils to respond in accordance with
• Recognition that hard copy reduces response
• Development Control consultation times shorter.


• Equalities and Diversity
• Safeguarding of Children and Vulnerable Adults
• Health and Safety


• Procurement
    • Extension of Cornwall Council’s procurement
      arrangements to include local councils.
    • Local Councils agree to work within established ordering,
      invoicing, monitoring and accounting procedures.
•   Active Partnering Milestones
•   Asset Transfer
•   Level of Support
•   Training
•   Community and Economic Development

• Any Questions?

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