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									                      ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP AGREEMENT
In consideration of the mutual benefits to be derived therein, the undersigned hereby
applies for membership in the Miss Utility of West Virginia, Incorporated (MUWV) as an
associate member. Upon approval of this application, the undersigned agrees to abide by
the Constitution and By Laws of the MUWV, as well as any amendments thereunto.

The undersigned further agrees to participate actively in the work of MUWV in preventing
damage to underground facilities and to operate within the operating procedures
established by the Board of Directors of the MUWV in its business with MUWV, and pay
promptly any dues set by the Board of Directors.


------------------------------                           --------------------------------------
Date of Application                                      Company Name of Applicant

-----------------------------                            ---------------------------------------
Title of Official                                        Signature of Official

----------------------------                             ---------------------------------------
Mailing Address                                          City, State, Zip Code


----------------------------                           ----------------------------------------
Title of Witness                                       Signature of Witness              Date

ACCEPTANCE BY MISS UTILITY OF WV, INC.:                                        Date:

----------------------------------                    ----------------------------------------
Attest by Secretary                                   Signature of Chairman

**Please remit $50.00 annual dues with this form to above address. Membership runs fro m July 1 thru June 30.

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