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									Master Plan Checklist
To complete this checklist, click on the tick boxes in the approved column corresponding
to the activity done. Afterwards, sign the authorisation box and email to the approving
Project Manager or similar.

 Master Plan Studies Commencement Checklist

 Items to be Reviewed
-   Service Plan

-   Strategic Business Case

-   Asset Register

-   Generic Design Brief

-   Planning Brief

-   Previous Master Plan Report

-   Value Management Study

 Master Plan Report Approvals Required
-   PCG Endorsement

-   Departmental Approval
-   Program
-   Region
Master Plan Studies Report Checklist


Volume One

-   Executive Summary

-   Role and Function Review
-   Service Plan
-   Strategic Business Case

-   Area Allocation

-   Assessment of Existing Assets – Summary
-   Fabric Survey
-   Audit Reports
    -   Asbestos
    -   Fire Safety

-   Site Investigation
-   Title / Ownership
-   Orientations
-   Zoning / Town Planning
-   Authority Requirements
-   Soil Conditions / Contamination
-   Topography
-   Adjoining Property Developments

-   Options Presentation and Analysis
-   Evaluation Criteria
    -   Response to Model of Care Stated in Service Plan
    -   Future Expansion / Development Potential
    -   Costs
    -   Impact on Operations
    -   Staging / Buildability
    -   Other Site Specific and Project Specific Items
-   Description of Options
-   Assessment of Options
-   Options Ratings

-   Preferred Option
-   Performance Against Evaluation Criteria
-   Drawings
    -   Existing Site Plan (1:500)
    -   Proposed Site Plan (1:500)
    -   Proposed Departmental Areas (1:200)
    -   Indicative Site and Building Sections(1:200)
    -   Staging

-   Cost Planning Summary
-   (including Departmental Costs measured against benchmarks)

-   ESD Report

Volume One
-   Energy and Environmental Objectives
-   Energy and Environmental Opportunities
-   Energy and Environmental Targets and Benchmarks
-   Financial Assessment Criteria

-   Action Plan

-   Program

-   Value Management Study
-   Value Management Study Outcomes
-   Response to Outcomes

Volume Two

-   Cost Plan A
-   Cost Plan A
-   Master Plan Cost Plan Methodology
-   Drawings and Information Used
-   Area Measurement
-   Specific Inclusions
-   Specific Exclusions
-   Tendering and Market Assumptions
-   Tender Price Index
-   Risks

-   Site Services Layout (1:500)

-   Existing Condition Floor Plans (1:100)

-   Exterior Photos (All site buildings)

-   Asset Assessment Workbook

Certified by                                          Endorsed by

Principal Consultant                       Date       Consultant Project Manager                  Date

                                                      Checked by

                                                      CPSP Project Manager                        Date
Master Plan Checklist Report Required Contents and Format

The checklist provided in this Guideline reflects the items typically addressed in the
Master Plan Checklist Report for a complex project sited on a large campus. Other items
may need to be added to the Master Plan Checklist Report to reflect the nature of a
specific project. Other items may not be applicable to all projects. Proposed changes to
the contents of the Master Plan Checklist Report must be discussed and confirmed with
the CMB Project Manager with overall responsibility for the project before commencing.

The complete Master Plan Checklist Report is to be provided in hardcopy format as well
as on CD to the CMB Project Manager with overall responsibility for the project.
The hardcopy of the report is to be in A4 format with folded A3 drawings.
The complete report is to also be provided on CD as a single Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file.
The CD is also to contain:
• All drawings included in the report as separate, indexed Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) files.
• Drawings included in the report and identified in the Checklist as separate, indexed
   CAD compatible drawing (.dwg) files.

Templates have been developed for some sections of the Master Plan Checklist Report
and these must be used where available. Copies of templates can be obtained from the
CMB project manager with overall responsibility for the project.

Quality Assurance
A copy of the checklist must be included in the Master Plan Checklist Report.
Included sections must be checked (Y (yes) or N (no)) and the document must be certified
and signed by the Principal Consultant and endorsed and signed by the Consultant
Project Manager.

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