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                                             Enhanced Retail Solutions Offers First Class for Suppliers to Retail

                                        Teaching Suppliers to think like their Retail Clients
                                            New York, NY March 29, 2007: Enhanced Retail Solutions (ERS), a leader in providing
                                        services to suppliers of the retail industry for use in analyzing product sales, inventory
                                        productivity and trends, announces a new offering: Classroom Instruction in New York City.

                                            ERS was founded to help suppliers meet the challenges of frequent buyer turnover and
                                        an increased level of financial responsibility for managing the business. Addressing this
                                        need with software and consulting has enabled the company to grow rapidly.

                                            Still there was a missing piece to the company’s offerings. “We wanted to be able to
                                        impart a certain portion of our years of experience in a high level manner that would not
                                        require a lot of time or cost”, said Jim Lewis, founder and CEO of ERS. “The class
                                        presented itself as an ideal way to do so”.

                                              Topics include: understanding a buyer’s point of view, expectations and openness to
                                        vendor management, looking for opportunities of growth (statistics, retail assortment,
                                        demographics), Retail Math & Measurement standards, why tracking the business at store
                                        level matters (lost sales, opportunities, profiling, inventory productivity), assessing risk on
                                        margin guarantees, markdown negotiations and compliance (managing chargebacks). The
                                        first class will be at the Marriott Courtyard, 114 W. 40th Street, on May 16 . It will cost is
                                        $495 until 4/15/07, $795 after that date.

                                             The initial response has been so strong that ERS is considering adding three to four
                                        classes on different topics. The Syllabus and Registration Form can be found at

                                                                     About Enhanced Retail Solutions LLC

                                        Enhanced Retail Solutions is a New York based software and consulting firm specializing in
                                        retail analysis for the manufacturer. ERS’ state of the art software tools deliver the critical
                                        data quickly, easily and cost effectively. ERS’ broad customer base includes industry
                                        leaders Mamiye Brothers, Public Clothing Company/Generra, Block Corporation,
                                        Weatherproof, Britannica Home Fashions, Richloom and Hollander Home Fashions. For
                                        more information, visit

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