Great Deals on Garmin Fishfinder 160C

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					    Great Deals on Garmin Fishfinder 160C

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                       Garmin Fishfinder 160C

                       Special Prices By Garmin

                             Full-Featured Sonar With Sunlight-Readable 4.5-Inch, 128 X 128 16-
                              Color Cstn Display
                             Ultrascroll High Rep Rate Sonar
                             Dual Beam Transducer With Selectable Narrow (14 Ft) Or Wide (45 Ft)
                              View For Maximum Freshwater Performance
                             High-Dynamic Range, Analog Receiver Performs In Water As Little As 1
                              Ft Deep
                             Autogain Technology For Visibility Of More Fish

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Special Prices
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                                             Product Description
Designed for utility and affordability, the new Fishfinder 160C primarily targets inland boaters. The Fishfinder 160C
    features a sunlight readable 4.5-inch diagonal, 128 x 128 pixel, 16-color CSTN display. Garmin now offers
   Ultrascroll which allows boaters to get a much faster refresh rate on their sonar display. The Fishfinder 160C
provides dual beam transducer operation for improved performance in shallow water or deep water. The new high
dynamic range, analog receiver performs in – as little as a foot deep. AutoGain, as well as user adjustable gain, is
                standard on all of Garmin’s new fishfinders showing more fish under all conditions.

                                                   Special Prices

                                              Garmin Fishfinder 160C

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