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           Michael Myers
   Senior Sustainability Manager
         Lockheed Martin

DOE Policy Framework:
 Establishing requirements and expectations
 Embracing Sustainability within the Organization
Getting to 15% by 2015
 Assessing a Building Portfolio
 Identifying Greening Options
 Tracking and Reporting
Building Assessment Tools
Observations and Lessons Learned
       DOE Policy Framework

Department formally required integrating
“sustainability” into new construction and major
renovations in 2006 (after signing Federal Green
Building MOU)
 Some DOE sites/programs on the leading edge of green
 buildings from the start
Embedded EO 13423 sustainable building goals
into DOE Goals & Orders in 2007-08
         DOE Policy Framework

New Construction:
 All new building construction projects required to comply with
 the Guiding Principles
 Building projects over $5M (new construction and major
 renovation) required to achieve LEED Gold certification
 Top-Level commitment at Headquarters
 Leadership by the DOE Laboratories

                                         Fernald Preserve Visitor’s
                                         LEED Platinum 2008
       DOE Policy Framework

Existing Buildings:
 Established Agency requirement to address the “15% by
 2015” goal
 Requirement flowed down to Programs and Sites
 Internal DOE High Performance Sustainable Buildings
 Working Group developing strategies to meet all the HPSB
 goals, including “15% by 2015”
   Working group developed a multi-step approach
   to get to 15%
   Sub Working Group formed on Source documentation
   Sub Working Group formed to look at LEED 3.0 and Guiding
   Excel based Assessment Tool developed –UPDATED to new
   checklist tied with Portfolio Manager
           DOE Policy Framework

 DOE established a preference for LEED Gold when seeking
 new leased space

   If LEED Gold is not available, preference for LEED Silver, and
   then Certified
   If none, then space conforming to the Guiding Principles for
   High Performance and Sustainable Buildings is preferred
   DOE communicated this preference to GSA

 DOE is incorporating LEED and Guiding Principle
 preferences into lease renegotiations
        Greening Assessment Example

   1. Form                                                        5. Implement
               2. Conduct                    4. Design projects
 Site Team &                3. Select best                            projects
                  Initial                        to address
  Determine                    Bldgs to                                 and
               Bldg HPSB                        missing HPSB
 Appropriate                  achieve 15%                         track annual
               assessment                          elements
  Buildings                                                          progress

1. Form team and determine list of appropriate buildings
      Get the right people; focus on the right targets
2. Conduct “tabletop” assessments of selected buildings
3. Select best buildings to achieve 15% goal
      Fewer is better—keep it as simple as possible
4. Refine project costs/schedules estimates to achieve
   15% goal
      Integrate into site planning and budgeting
5. Implement projects and track annual progress
              HPSB Assessment

Assessment: a combination of a visual inspection and
measurements to determine performance. The
Assessment based on the Guiding Principles to identify:
  Site characteristics
  Water use
  Energy use
  Materials and Resources, and
  Indoor Environmental Quality
Informal assessment is used to “triage” projects in the
early stages
Formal assessment required to document HPSB
  Critical to assign responsibility and accountability
  Quality control and quality assurance is important
             Determine Baseline

• Determine your baseline inventory
      – Identify exclusions—reduce noise
      – Will you focus on buildings or square footage?
• Determine your target population
      – 15% goal leaves latitude to skip the difficult cases
      – Prioritize a small subset of buildings—reduce more noise
• Identify existing buildings that meet the
  Sustainability Requirements
      – Does it have the USGBC plaque on the wall?
      – Can you demonstrate it complies with the Guiding
Building Prioritization

                          Sample Criteria:
             Gross square footage
                   Age of building
                  Type of building
                Availability of data
            Special considerations
                Customer support
Example: LEED-EB And HPSB GP
         DOE Assessment Tool for
           Existing Buildings

DOE created an assessment tool to facilitate &
document compliance procedure
DOE in process to modify the LEED® Version 3.0
Existing Building Operations and Maintenance
project checklist to serve as an assessment tool to
match LEED credits to the corresponding
Guiding Principles.
The LEED® project checklist is a “planning and
assessment tool” to identify measures for
Worked with EPA to modify Portfolio Manager.
      LEED - EB                         GUIDING
Prerequisites + flexible credit    Pass/Fail (must meet all or seek
choice (Certified to Platinum      exemption)

Energy requirement – 69            Energy requirement – based
points (Energy Star Portfolio      upon 30% reduction – 75
Manager)                           points (Energy Star Portfolio

Specific criteria, requirements,   In development – some map to
and templates to document          LEED documentation; others
credit compliance                  don’t

Third party validation             Internal assessment and
The DOE HPSB Assessment Tool:
DOE Assessment Tool (Excel base model)
           Implementation Strategy

Step 1: Assessors
should first utilize
the Tab: Existing
Buildings Checklist
to take a quick
inventory of where
the building stands
in terms of meeting
overall sustainable
building practices.

Each Guiding principle is linked to tab explaining additional information
                  Summary Checklist

The Summary Checklist provides a brief statement on the actions required
Linked to

Provides area for
on meeting
            Existing Buildings Checklist

    Principles have
    been matched
    with LEED EB

    Allows for
    Pre - and

% HPSB tabulated;
LEED points tabulated
when marked for due
     The Federal High Performance
Sustainable Buildings Checklist (Guiding
          Principles Checklist)

            NEW Option!
         EPA’s Portfolio Manager

        Version for Federal Sites
         What is Portfolio Manager

• An interactive management tool that allows users to track,
  assess and benchmark energy and water
  consumption for all facility types across entire building
• For certain “ratable” spaces, it is a standardized metric
  for comparing whole building energy performance to other
  buildings of similar type
• To access the Guiding Principles Checklist, buildings must
  be designated as federal within Portfolio Manager
ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager

No-cost on-line benchmarking tool for all
commercial buildings
Track energy use
 Weather normalized source EUI
 National average comparisons
 Comparison to custom baselines
 Energy performance ratings (for selected spaces)
Track energy costs, upgrades, and investment cost
Track carbon emissions
Track water consumption
Customized dashboard and data sharing
Apply for ENERGY STAR recognition
                 Ratable Space Types
**All facility types can track and assess energy and water use

  Hospitals                      Retail                 Office Buildings        Hotels

Medical Office               Waste Water
 Buildings                 Treatment Plants             Courthouses        Financial Centers

 Warehouses                    Dormitories               Supermarkets          Schools

                         House of Worship recently added!
Energy Performance Rating System
                                                         Guiding Principle
                                                         Optimize Energy           Top performing
                                                         Performance:              buildings use 3 to 4
                                                         Energy Efficiency,        times less energy per
Number of Buildings

                                                         Option 1 is score of      ft2 than the worst
                                                         75 or higher              performers.

                                    LEED-EB: O&M                                   Newer buildings are
                                     Minimum                                       equally represented
                                                                                   across all quartiles.
                                     rating                                        Based on a sample of
                                                                                   4,000 buildings

                       90      75 69     50              25                  10                  1
                      29.9   86.0       121.1          165.7                                 339.4
                                            EPA Performance Rating &
                      Best Performers     Energy Intensity (kBtu/ft2-year)    Worst Performers
                  For All Facility Types……

       W        d                                       Mon
     NE !   s an                                           itor e
            rt                                            wate ergy an
        c ha s                                                 r cos   d
     ate raph
    e g                                                             ts

                   Track on-site
                 renewable energy
                     and RECs !
                                                                Verify and
                                                             document results

  Identify Energy                                           Track progress
Efficiency Projects                  Track GHG    NEW
     Federal Facilities will need….

            General Facility Information
            *Address: city, country, state, & zip code                Federal
                         Year Built, plus                             Building
              *Agency, Department, Federal Campus                      Import
                    *Federal Real Property ID                         Template
                                                                    and Multiple
          Energy and Water Consumption                              Meter Update
11 consecutive months of data for each energy source for a rating    Template
    24 months of energy and water use for tracking over time          available
                                                                     in Portfolio
                    Space Type Data                                   Manager
                       Square Footage
                       Number of PCs
                      Hours of operation
                     % Heated and Cooled
Portfolio Manager: Process Overview

After the first two steps, users can access
     the Guiding Principles Checklist
Log-in to Portfolio Manager to Access the
      Guiding Principles Checklist
Accessing the Guiding Principles Checklist by
      Designating Buildings as Federal
               Three ways to do this...
2A    Import federal facilities into Portfolio Manager using the
      Federal Building Import Template (recommended)

2B    Add individual federal properties to Portfolio Manager

     Designate a property that already exists in Portfolio
2C   Manager as federal
Accessing the Guiding Principles Checklist by
      Designating Buildings as Federal
      Import federal facilities into Portfolio Manager using the Federal
2A    Building Import Template

• Time-saving tool designed
for agency-wide data upload
• Complete required building
info/fields B-K to access the
checklist                                                      Coming
• Complete all fields to start
the process of tracking
energy use
• Submit to EPA staff for data
QC and successful upload

                                  After upload, facilities appear
                                  on My Portfolio view
 Accessing the Guiding Principles Checklist by
       Designating Buildings as Federal
        Import federal facilities into Portfolio Manager using the Federal
 2A     Building Import Template
                                                From Facility Summary page,
                                                 click on High Performance
                                                    Sustainable Buildings
                                                  Checklist (GP Checklist)

After upload, select building
   from My Portfolio page
Accessing the Guiding Principles Checklist by
      Designating Buildings as Federal
2B   Add individual federal properties to Portfolio Manager manually

                                    Add a Property

                                 Select property type

Accessing the Guiding Principles Checklist by
      Designating Buildings as Federal
     Designate a property that already exists in Portfolio Manager as
2C   federal
                                      Is this a federal facility? Yes

                                Click on Checklist from Facility Summary page
Sustainability Checklist
Using the Guiding Principles Checklist
3A   General use                 Save before
                                 Save before

                                Pre-populated building Info

                                 Pie chart of GPs status

                                Green Checkbox = Complete

                                Compliance verification docs

                                Enter Notes and Comments

                                Corresponding radio buttons

                                References and Resources
Using the Guiding Principles Checklist
3B   Document Repository

                       Click on Upload and & View Compliance
                       Click on Upload and & View Compliance

                                           When finished, return to
                                           Checklist, Facility
                                           Summary or My Portfolio

                                         Browse and Upload
                                         Browse and Upload

                                   Check box to delete
                                   Check box to delete
            Site Discussion

Sustainability Checklist and Guiding Principles
    (including compliance documentation)
            Contact Information
For Portfolio Manager:           For the Guiding Principles Checklist:
US EPA                               Lockheed Martin
Katy Hatcher                         Mike Myers, LEED ® AP
National Manager Public Sector       Program Manager   
(202) 343-9676                       (512) 563-3970

The Cadmus Group, Inc.               Lockheed Martin
Kudret Utebay, LEED ® AP             Erin Zayko, LEED ® AP
(703) 247-6138                       Project Representative
                                     (210) 288-4883
Questions? Comments?

   Michael Myers
     (512) 280-7569

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