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									Analyzing the Situation,
Assessing Opportunities
    Situation Analysis (Just the
   The Situation Analysis functions as a
    „gathering point‟ for information, facts
    uncovered about the marketing situation

   Data appearing in the situation analysis is
    largely secondary and objective in nature
           The Purpose of A
            SWOT Analysis
   To define the main issues that must
    be addressed in the strategic plan
     Clarifies opportunities
     Identifies problems
          The Purpose of A
           SWOT Analysis
   Issues identified in the SWOT analysis
    will be used to define the marketing
    and IMC objectives, strategies, and
The Components of A SWOT

   A complete SWOT analysis consists of
    two components

     Strengths/Weaknesses (S/W) Analysis
     Opportunities/Threats (O/T) Analysis
    Strengths and Weaknesses

   “Internal factors” reflect situation-
    based considerations within a
    company‟s control

    Key Question:
     What factors internal to the company
      influence the current situation?
   Strengths refer to what a company has
    done well or been successful at to date

   AutoZone Case:
     AutoZone has a strong reputation for
      customer service unequaled to other
      competitors in the industry.
   Weaknesses refer to what a company
    needs to correct OR that has worked to a
    company‟s disadvantage to date

   AutoZone Case:
     AutoZone‟s  current distribution is limited to
      “Sun Belt” states, such as Tennessee and
    Opportunities and Threats
   “External factors” reflect situation-based
    considerations beyond a company‟s control

   But which have the potential to affect the
    future of the business

Key Question:
 What variables in the external environment
  affect the company‟s marketing challenge?
   Opportunities refer to external factors that
    may benefit the company if pursued

   ATM Case:
       The bank has an opportunity to activate the
        voice capability in the new ATM in order to
        better appeal to customers who desire personal
          Opportunities (cont.)

   AutoZone case
       AutoZone has an opportunity to expand
        its current outlets through acquisition of
        small repair shops and independent DIY
        retailers in Georgia and Oklahoma.
   Threats refer to external variables that
    may negatively affect the company if

   AutoZone Case:
       Slow growth in the auto parts industry
        could limit AutoZone‟s ability to expand
        quickly beyond the Sun Belt region.
SWOT Analysis: “Where Do
   We Go From Here?”

   At the conclusion of the SWOT
    analysis, strategic planners should
    understand what the company‟s
    alternatives are for solving the
    marketing challenge
      Problems & Opportunities

   Problems & Opportunities Analysis is
    similar in purpose to a S/W/O/T

   Its function is to assess and evaluate the
    objective information uncovered in the
    Situation Analysis
      Problems & Opportunities

   Should not attempt to draw
    conclusions about how to solve issues
    raised in the Situation Analysis…

   But to point out the potential that
    exists (good or bad) relative to the
    present situation

   Internal and external factors that can
    be identified as a weakness or
    potential threat to the marketer

   Untapped chances to grow or develop
    in a specific business area

   Opportunities are “future-oriented”
    observations that, if implemented,
    could benefit the brand or brand
  P&O Analysis: “Where Do
    We Go From Here?”

 Atthe conclusion of the Problems
 & Opportunities Analysis,
 strategic planners should
 understand what the company‟s
 alternatives are for solving the
 marketing challenge

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