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									Region III Roundtable
 Melody Knutson, Chair
 Tracee Cunningham, Co-Chair
Region III UO Team
 Melody Knutson
 Michelle Bobro
 Jeanie O’Connell
 Francesca Kempinski
 Mo Saburah
 Maggie Bahnson (maternity leave)
Region III Advisors
   Tasha Alexander         Nadine Gerdes
   Marisa Alioto           Kate Gioia
   Rosana Avila            Marcella Khelif
   Sue Berg-Arnold         Shante Lewis
   Maribeth B. Erlich      Molly Ann McCarren
   Andrea Brown            Lindsay McCollum
   Cathie Carson           Kathleen M-H
   Adrienne Cress          Sharon Parks
   Michael Cruz            Malcolm Quon
   Tracee Cunningham       Rachel Rigoli
   Noah Duman              Linnea Soderlund
   Zak Frieders            Barbara Tassielli
   Tiffany Gabbard
What’s new in Region III?
   Increased demand for short-term
    programs in Australia
   UNSW fully semesterized
   Spring, fall & year options available
    at all 10 partner institutions
   Queensland Marine future uncertain
   Monash U orientation to precede
    EAP orientation
New Zealand / Aotearoa
 Increased demand for short-term
  programs in NZ
 Spring and Year options opened at
  all 7 partner institutions
 New options now available on
 Reciprocity demand remains low
India / Bhārat
   New Study Center Director,
    Vinay Lal (UCLA)
   EAP in Delhi:
       Social sciences impacted at Delhi U
       New independent study option under
       Initial exploration of additional partner
        institutions underway
India / Bhārat
   EAP in Hyderabad:
       UO monitoring program: student evaluations
        critical of academic quality and housing
       Increased tuition fees charged by partner
        make program more costly to offer
       Partner has opted out of reciprocal
       Fall-to-Spring extensions at HU can no longer
        be offered; students may extend to Delhi
   New Liaison Officer,
    Joan Cuffie
   Barbados Review, 2008
       UCB’s Percy Hintzen, Committee Chair
       2nd Committee Member tbd
Canada / Le Canada
 Bamfield Marine open to juniors
 Spring-only option suspended
 Severe reciprocity debt
 First Nations Studies?
 Environmental Studies?
 Quebec?
United Kingdom
 New Edinburgh Study Center
  Director, Michael Parrish, UCSD
 New London Study Center Director,
  Kum-Kum Bhavnani, UCSB
 UC students placed at all partner
 Visa rules likely to change for the
  2009-10 EAP cohort
United Kingdom
   Edinburgh Fall Sci&Eng now Quarter
   London Fall fee fallout?
   Leeds travel award
   Manchester Leadership& Service
   Sussex Summer volunteer
Ireland / Éire
   Ireland is now a separate program!
       Can we dump the holding tank?
   University College, Dublin
       increased capacity
   Galway and Cork
       Per capita fees go away end of year
Turkey / Türkiye
   Increased student participation at
    both Bilkent and METU!
   Future program in Istanbul under
Israel / ‫إسرائيل , ישראל‬
   Program suspended until further
       students directed to campus EAP offices
        for information on non-EAP programs
Egypt /‫مصر‬
   New Study Center Director,
    Fadi Fathallah, UCD
   New campus opening outside of
    Cairo, in Qattamya
   New agreement will allow increased
    participation at AUC for 2009
   Additional Arabic language
    opportunities being explored
 Questions?
 Requests for recruitment/advising?
  (country-specific or institution-
  specific info/materials/e-flyers?
 Announcements
       Region III travel plans?
   Ready for some fun?
Region III Experts’ Quiz

One point awarded for each correct
  answer to the questions:
1.   What is it?
2.   In which EAP country is it found?
What/Where Q1 clues (3)
   Not always seen, her mourning call
    is heard, usually at night, when
    someone is about to die
   Her wail can be so piercing that it
    shatters glass
   According to tradition, she cries only
    for the O’Neills, O’Briens, O’Connors,
    O’Gradys and the Kavanaghs
Answer, Q1.
   The banshee, from Ireland
What/Where Q2 clues (2)
   The Φέσι is of Greek origin and is
    also known as the Checheya and the
   It was banned by Mustafa Kemal as
    a symbol of feudalism
Answer, Q2.
   A symbol of Turkey until banned
    through the Hat Law of 1925 and
    the Law Relating to Prohibited
    Garments in 1934, the Fez is worn
    in many parts of the Eastern
    Mediterranean, including Egypt,
    where porters and bellhops wear
    them to provide local color.
What/Where Q3 clue (1)
   It is the only bird in the world that
    has nostrils at the end of its beak
Answer, Q3.
   The Kiwi, from New Zealand, can
    locate earthworms 3 cms
    underground using its beak/nose.
What/Where Q4 clues (3)
   It is traditionally accompanied by
    “neeps and tatties”
   It may be followed by a “dram”
   It has “an excellent nutty texture
    and delicious savoury flavour”
    (Larousse Gastronomique, 2001)
Answer, Q4.
   Haggis, from Scotland
What/Where Q5 clues (3)
   Piece together the scenario:
     Is that your ankle biter over there?
     Would fairyfloss or an icy pole help?

     Still using nappys, or have you
      graduated to daks?
Answer, Q5.
 You are overhearing bits of a
  conversation about a young child
  (ankle biter) and you are in Australia
 Fairyfloss = cotton candy
 Icy pole = popsicle
 Daks = underpants
 Nappys = diapers
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