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  By Mary Clark
Flag of Ginovia

Ginovia’s flag was first adopted in 1706 after its revolution
from Nithica. The teal color represents the sea. The sun,
moon, and stars shows Ginovia’s reverence for all things
astronomical. The name Ginovia comes from its first king –
Nashmir Clarkson-Ginovia
Map of Ginovia
Geography of Ginovia
   Located in the continent of Europe
   Ginovia is between two oceans the Atlantic (Bay of
    Biscay & English Channel) and the Mediterranean.
   It is surrounded by many countries including:
    Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Italy, Switzerland,
    and Spain
   Its most notable rivers are the Seine, which runs
    through Paris and the Loire River which runs east &
    west through France
   Its most notable mountains are the French Alps
    (Mont Blanc is 15,781 feet and the 5th largest
    mountain in Europe) which boarder both Switzerland
    & Italy and the Pyrenees which forms a natural
    boarder with Spain.
Major Mountains & Rivers
Language of Ginovia
   The mother language of
    Ginovia is French, but
    English is its second
    language and is widely
    spoken there.

French                       English

Est-ce que vous pourriez     Could you
  parler plus lentement,     please speak
  s'il vous plaît            more slowly?
  Places to visit in Ginovia
McNord National Park is a
very famous park located just
30 miles from Jessa, the
capital city of Ginovia.
McNord is known for it many
beautiful hikes and its many
waterfalls. The best time to
visit McNord National Park is
in early summer (before
schools get out) and in the
fall. The turning of the trees
is amazing!
    Places to visit in Ginovia
Next you should visit
the capital city of Jessa
and take a boat ride
down the Seine river.
This river was a
strategic defense
against the invading
Nithicans. Though the
river is beautiful, it is
heavily polluted. Most
Ginovians drink bottled
Places to visit in Ginovia

             A must see when visiting
             Ginovia is the tower of
             Nahmir. Located in the
             capital city of Jessa no visit
             to Ginovia would be
             considered complete without
             an elevator ride to the top!
             Once on top you can see
             breathtaking views of Jessa.
        Food of Ginovia
                                                  Diet rich in seafood

                     Apples    Local vegetables

Vineyards - Wine                                     Cheese and milk

            Seafood Egg Chow   Melons
Food of Ginovia
   Due to its proximity to the sea Ginovian eat
    an abundance of seafood.
   Ginovia is also a great place grow crops.
    Almost every major city has daily farmers
    markets. There you can get fresh fruit
    (apples, melons) and vegetables.
   Ginovia is also a major exporter and
    consumer of wine. Scattered across almost
    all of Ginovia is vineyards.
Ginovian Currency - Euro

  Since 2001 Most of Europe uses the Euro.
  The Euro comes in 2 & 1 Euro increments.
Ginovian Currency

Euro cents come in 50, 20, 10, 5 and 1 cent increments.
Ginovian Currency

Euro cents come in 50, 20, 10, 5 and 1 cent increments.
  Ginovian Currency

Euro cents come in 50, 20, 10, 5 and 1 cent increments.
Travel warnings!
   You must have a valid
    passport before
    entering Ginovia.
   No shots are required.
   Beware of pick pockets.
   Make sure you bring
    warm clothes if
    traveling in the winter.
    (-15 F)
   Be sure and bring bug
    repellent if traveling in
    Spring through Fall.
Current Event
France fumes over Gauloises move
Thursday, September 1, 2005; Posted: 10:45 a.m. EDT (14:45 GMT)

LILLE, France -- France said goodbye to one of its national symbols
   Wednesday as the last packet of Gauloises cigarettes left a factory in
   the city of Lille, bringing to an end nearly a century of smoking
The legendary brand -- staple of French artists and intellectuals, not to
   mention millions of soldiers in two world wars -- has fallen foul of
   changing tastes, and the Franco-Spanish company Altadis is to
   concentrate production in Alicante, Spain.
The closure of the Lille site, which comes at the cost of more than 400
   jobs, also brings to an end domestic production of the sister-brand
   Gitanes and means that France no longer makes the heavy-duty
   "dark" cigarettes favored by generations of smokers.
They will still be sold in France, but will have to be imported.
       Ginovian Customs
Canada - Greasing the nose
  with butter or margarine. In
  Atlantic Canada (Nova
  Scotia, Prince Edward Island,
  New Brunswick and
  Newfoundland) the birthday
  child is ambushed and their
  nose is greased for good
  luck. The greased nose
  makes the child too slippery
  for bad luck to catch them.
  This tradition is reputed to
  be of Scottish
  decent. Birthday
  punches. In Quebec the
  birthday person receives a
  punch for each year they are
  alive and then one for good
Ginovian Customs
   A king may rule

   A Queen, must be
    married in order to
    rule Ginovia.
Ginovian Anthem                                     (really India’s)

Play Vocal Audio "Jana Gana Mana" with Real Audio
    Player.                                             English Translation
Remember to plan your
next visit to GINOVIA!!
Good-Bye from
 Ginovia (au revoir)
Concept from Disney’s the Princess Diaries & Princess Diaries 2
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