Virtual Assistant Office Brochure

					                                         Printing, Scanning and Editing
                  What is                Desktop Publishing for :
                  Your Time                  Brochures
                  WORTH?                     Invitations                  VIRTUAL OFFICE
                                             Announcements
                                             Flyers
We offer the following support:
                                             Menus and more

                                         Corporate Travel Arrangements
Administrative & Marketing Services

Meeting and Event Planning

Trade Show Coordination                 We would be happy to meet

PowerPoint Presentations /Handouts      with you to discuss your

E-Newsletters                           requirements.

Website maintenance

Social Media account maintenance

Link building

Internet Research
                                                  Virtual Office
Webinar set-up
E-Book publication

Calendaring and Reminder Service

                                              Lisa Simmons                    Giving you time
Database and Contact Management
                                               (905) 335-5798                   to focus on
Follow-up / Marketing letters
                                                                              your business
Meeting reminder cards / e-mail
Email and bulk Mailing Services
                                                                                            WHAT IS A VIRTUAL ASSISTANT?
                                                                                            A Virtual Assistant is an entrepreneur,
 Virtual Assistants continue to have a huge influence on the way businesses are run         who provides small businesses with
 worldwide. At last, small business owners can get back the time needed to focus on         administrative, personal, marketing and
 growing their companies. Why waste your valuable time doing administrative duties?         technical support, from a home-based
 Utilizing the service of a Virtual Assistant just makes good business sense.               office.

                                                                                            By utilizing a Virtual Assistant’s
 BENEFITS INCLUDE:                                                                          services, clients reduce traditional office
                                                                                            costs while maintaining their business
  Freedom and time to tackle new opportunities and grow your business                     professionalism.
  Administrative duties are eliminated from your schedule
  Vital follow-up is done in a timely manner
                                                                                            Lisa has fifteen plus years
  Stress is reduced and deadlines are met
                                                                                            of administrative, marketing
                                                                                            and project management
                                                                                            experience, which have
SOLUTIONS                                       Don’t have the space to accommodate         equipped her with the ability
                                                a part-time team member?                    to communicate effectively
                                                You won’t need to worry about physical      and control multiple agendas
                                                work space, buying another computer and     that demand strict deadlines.
                                                other office equipment since we already
                                                have our own.

HELP IS ONLY A PHONE CALL AWAY                  We can utilize phone, email, digital
                                                dictation, the internet, Skype and other
                                                technologies, to support you without ever
Are you finding that there are                  having to set foot inside your office.
projects you just don’t have time
for?                                            Better yet bookkeeping is eliminated,
                                                because we handle our own expenses
With our help you can spend more                and simply bill you at the end of each
time growing your business, instead             month or project.
of getting bogged down with the                                                             A COST EFFECTIVE SOLUTION
small details.                                  The solution is only a phone call away.        for Short & Long Term Projects                           ACT NOW!